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  1. symbebekos


    I should have held out for the right 8TS. The 13TS feels too boxy with the liner, and I lied to myself about being OK without the handle. I can't give a proper review because I stuck it in the closet and went back to my 3A-3TS with mods.
  2. symbebekos


    Sorry, I realize I didn't address your actual question. I don't have a 15" MacBook but I feel like it might fit if not in a sleeve.
  3. symbebekos


    I'm coming from 3a-3TSes with mods and the 13TS in X-Pac is not for me, unfortunately. Maybe it just needs to be broken in, but it feels like it sits boxy, even unloaded. I do like the white lining (so you can see your shit) and the overall size (compact), but others were right, the omission of the handle hurts the 8TS comparison. Right now I think my dream alternate bag is the 8TS in Cordura.
  4. symbebekos


    I love the 8TS and have been looking for one for years at a reasonable price (Casey tried to hook me up but I couldn't quite do it). Maybe I'll have a handle stitched on the 13TS!
  5. symbebekos


    Just ordered a black 3A-13TS. Judging from the photos, it looks to me like that stitched strip of fabric at the top can be used as a handle?
  6. symbebekos

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Thanks man. After all these years, that's something I've never seen!
  7. symbebekos

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Is there a photo of the Braun Red model?