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  1. Will is 100% right in terms of the hype cycle. I don't know about y'all but I was wearing ACR 10 years ago and I assume I'll be wearing it 10 years from now, doubtless some of the same pieces. Respect to the Acrhive people for doing their thing, but I personally wear it in a drop in, non-cosplay, outerwear focused way - a sharp-looking microclimate that gets taken off once inside.
  2. I'm a buyer for that Poutnik stuff, esp the pants. Hope there's a US/NA stockist soon.
  3. I have and love Mykitas - expensive, but the titanium ones are nigh-industructable. Handmade in Germany and not part of the Luxottica group.
  4. So is the top flap is held with those Fidlock nipple things, or are they for something else?
  5. Great transaction with Sypron, who I just relieved of a 3A-11TS. Thanks again!
  6. Good question. Sheds light on why Errolson might not want a complete high-res archive of his work in a public database, though.
  7. Is this what we're talking about?
  8. Also in
  9. Got it. Thanks for the dimensions! I'll check with Bagjack. Since all their stuff is made to order, I wonder if you can request X-Pac as a material.
  10. Actually super helpful, I was looking for impressions as well. As for a Bagjack analog, the Skidcat looks like a backpack as opposed to a small messenger with a handle? Is it the Little Jack that's similar?
  11. Has anyone seen a 3A-8TS for sale in the last 12 months or so? Do you have one and like it? I've moved to smaller computing devices and increasingly that bag looks like a winner, but I can't even remotely find one to buy.
  12. Danii- Looks great. As for the who-gets-access issue, I'm not comfortable in any kind of a gatekeeper role. Maybe a note with your sufu username would be sufficient?
  13. I can take a crack at it, certainly. Although - does anyone know why Acrhive was shut down? Was Errolson uncomfortable with having a comprehensive public archive of his work available?
  14. Thanks for the updates on the bags, everyone! Recently I've been using Airtable for stuff like this - the free tier includes 2GB storage and team editing, and it's convenient for spreadsheets that include images.
  15. So I was looking longingly at the 3A-1-BLK and I noticed that all the new foil bags are apparently made in the USA - does anyone know anything about that? The new 3A-5TS is made in Italy; either way it seems like maybe Bagjack isn't involved?