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  1. Love the various sizes and modularity of the pouches. I dig the new duffle variant most though!
  2. Urban Techwear

    Hmm, not sure I agree with you on this one. Ofc the movie was not even close to how amazing the original is. However the artists involved in the production of the movie did a fine job, be it my heroes Vitaly Bulgarov, Maciej Kuciara and Ash Thorp (all three being the greatest fans of the original) or the craftsmen at WETA workshop. I can still appreciate the individual prop pieces even if the movie as a whole wasn't great.
  3. Urban Techwear

    hahaha, love you man! btw. Tested is my alltime favourite youtube channel, perfect for that nerd blood of mine
  4. Urban Techwear

    Also drooling over some pieces >_> https://us.propstoreauction.com/view-auctions/catalog/id/126/lot/24622/?url=%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F126%2F%3Fpage%3D11
  5. Congratulations to this very successful endeavour! Also, thanks for documenting and sharing your process in such great detail. I'm happy to see that you were presented with a great job offer within these few weeks and very rightly so. Can't wait to see how your career will further progress and what products you will come up.
  6. Your biggest issue with techwear is ?

    True, there is too much acrnm look "inspired" brands popping up and even if those sell for far less than Acronym, it feels overpriced given the materials/production quality they sometimes offer. If anything I hope that the techwear-look hype will truly inspire new brands to emerge, make them stick and commit to proper techwear. It's as Errolson said in the interview lately, it will be interesting to see whether after the look-hype has passed the true aspects of techwear will be acknowledged by some brands and completely new styles will appear.
  7. Urban Techwear

    Agreed, I really enjoy Enfin Levé's design language. I love how Acronym looks and I have highest respect for what they've done and are doing now, however, sadly I can't afford their stuff... especially not now for what they are sold, be it new or used (four ACG products is the closest I got to Acronym). Maybe because I haven't owned Acronym pieces and because I don't know all of their products in an out I don't see the blatant plagiarism that @Dolphinski is refering to. And even if a single piece strongly resembles an Acronym product I still feel like Enfin Levé has their own direction/style, much more so than some other brands within the techwear(look) spectrum.
  8. Urban Techwear

    Enfin Levé's new collection coming soon:
  9. Wow, congrats dude! And you already planing a production of it with a major factory is fire!
  10. Urban Techwear

    Thanks a lot! You are probably right about the fabric, I might also go for dryskin since the pants I want aren't as baggy.
  11. Urban Techwear

    Thanks! Do you have both a schoeler and stotz fabric one? I'be interested in stotz but I think I've never had any piece of clothing made of stotz. And with it being zero stretchy I'm even more concerned about their fit if made to custom size.
  12. @the-intern I see. those two main interests of yours truly are best suited for tech wear then! And the way you describe your experience at that school reminds me of some universities I experienced as well. I'm a design student myself (integrated design programme) though more focused on work right now. My university is more theoretical, so while it doesn't have the best equipment it's actually all about discourse and interdisciplinary projects. However I did have the oppurtunity to study abroad in Hong Kong and Japan at two respectable schools and their systems, at least where I went to were quite the opposite... much closer to what you are describing. The bigger the name the more they charge, the more they charge the bigger the names of lecturers. The bigger the names of the lecturers the more those lecturers talked about themselves instead of teaching/working with the students. I'm not trying to generalize, only refering to what I expenrienced at those particular design universities. As always, you could be at the "best" university, pay a shit ton of money and graduate being lazily useless. That being said, you are showing here how it should be done properly! Keep it up
  13. @the-intern Oh wow, that does sound complicated. Btw. this might be a silly question but I really have little knowledge of fashion design education. Does every student at your university learn or even has to learn such advanced patterning and sewing/bonding techniques? Obviously, the proper skill comes with proper motivation and practice but I'm curious to know if you were taught all these techniques in your program or if you taught most of them yourself.
  14. Urban Techwear

    Can anyone share his experience with Enfin Leve pants? I'm interested in these: https://store.enfinleve.com/collections/bottoms/products/sestao-cargo-pants-black It was mentioned here before but maybe by now some of you have bought a pair. Would be grateful to hear any thoughts on quality, fit and whether some of you have ordered a custom size from them.
  15. @the-intern Thanks a lot for the insightful process description. It does make a lot of sense to start with arms up. This the same stance (t-pose) that is mostly used when rigging a 3D character model for later animation. Similarly this helps preventing weird pinching/stretching of the 3D mesh and applied textures. The pattern looks incredible! Just as a 2D artpiece alone... this would look even more amazing if printed large for let's say an exhibiton especially if you'd use dark-grey tinted paper, the anatomic reference simply printed in black on top and then the pattern outlines themselves screen printed in a lighter color on top of that. Sorry... mind's going astray