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  1. I got the black pair with the gum soles, my favorite release of the last year by far. Grab them if you can
  2. Agreed, the only reason it got out of hand in the first place is the fact you could scoop the lf1s and prestos for ~200 and get a quick turn around for at least double. Nobody is buying ANY proper acrnm jacket and flipping for double the same hour. I don't see a bargain tier of acrnm ever existing, ACG has enough proper acrnm DNA that I think it does a good job as a diffusion line already. Cutting corners on ACRNM branded products is not on the table for them.
  3. LOOOOOL wtf
  4. Acronym doesn't usually have bags every season. If anything, we've been spoiled with how frequently they've been restocking them this year. If you're in need of modular accessories I recommend looking at bagjack and some of the diy makers on this forum, Ʌoku and _coded, as well as the multitude of tactical accessories that are widely available for molle/pals. If you can find older acrnm pouches I encourage you to do so; I was VERY unimpressed with their most recent set of pouches, the quality and execution was substandard for what should be expected from such a prestigious and expensive brand.
  5. 1- Sell it and buy a different jacket? 2- just cut the sleeves off and have a dope ass vest 3-buy a BLACK e-j23 in the same size and swap out the halves, so you have 2 half black, half raf j23! Share one with a friend
  6. That's very common unfortunately... I would try emailing them.
  7. Concrete is great, it's the linoleum or any wet synthetic surfaces that suck... they're one of my favorite models, makes them frustrating to wear in winter/spring which is when you would WANT to wear them
  8. Double post
  9. That could be, I think it was only available in Japan and maybe one shop in Europe?
  10. I think ACG already is the diffusion acrnm TBH. As the price of proper ACRNM goes up, so is the price of ACG. For example look at the alpine jacket and metamorphosis liner that are clearly intended to go together, they're reaching that $11-1200 mark on their own. They are still the "affordable" alternative. I think it's as close to a cheaper line as is realistic or that he would be willing to have his name attached to. The only real difference is that it doesn't explicitly have the name "Acronym" on it but they lean heavily on injecting his name into every article or ad. Disæran was a nice cheaper alternative (for certain pieces) if you were around at the time it was available I'm not clear on the reason that they stopped working together.
  11. Ur sales? Cool first post btw /s
  12. If u really wanna reach him, twitter will be your best option
  13. Agreed lol ^^^ That said: Jimmy//@blahboahbkah//ɅDSR// live and work in the United States//full time operations manager at an industrial facility//parttime musician and adventurer// techwear sucks//acrnm collector i like all the animals, especially to eat//
  14. Im not 100% but I thought they dropped same day as the rest of the collection last spring... then they restock any returns roughly a month later. I imagine we won't see many returns in the future though.