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  1. DavidMN


    This makes me really worried about mine. Sad to see it happened to others.
  2. DavidMN

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    HTC VIVE (Just because it's more interesting than censoring my face with a block) Acronym EJ-1A. Brutal Systems 3A-like with Brutal Systems pouch. 1kcorp t-shirt. Uniqlo U Wide Fit cargos. Acronym Presto CG's. PSP 2000. Indoor picture cause I didn't get the chance when I was out.
  3. DavidMN


    @ray. The jacket cut really does affect sizing a lot, and I have long arms and a fairly "regular" chest. I've had luck with the J32 and the J1A but jackets like the J44 (and because of that, I'm assuming J29, J38, etc) don't sit right with my proportions and it took me a good while to admit defeat and sell it. You're not alone when it comes to "weird" proportions and any time you have questions don't be afraid to ask. Most of the people here would rather help someone find out their sizing rather than listen to the complaining (not targeting you on this comment) that often follows. I've noticed a lot of Acronym jacket sleeves are fairly short so more info on your build would help.
  4. DavidMN


    They could ask for a small payment...or at least ask for the consumer to cover shipping. I'm sorry but if you can't offer solid customer service I don't think you should be running a business. Brands get away with it all the time and it's wrong and irresponsible. My ACR customer service experience wasn't terrible but I had to send 3 emails to get a response, and that was just for a jacket sling so. I really hope they can improve their customer support.
  5. DavidMN

    Urban Techwear

    @Dolphinski have you bought their 100 year pants? It seems like a well thought out pair of trousers but I'm skeptical of the brand since they seem "click baity" so to speak. But those pants remind me so much of the original, golden beige ACG cargo pant.
  6. DavidMN

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    Wasn't sure if I should post it here or Acronym BST, but wtb ACG Cargo pants 2015-2017, size M-L any color.
  7. DavidMN


    @wexler I've been considering P10 but they're somewhat price prohibitive- guess that comes with the territory though. I'm not very good with pants measurements, and like you say the rise on ACR pants are so varied (drop crotch, high waisted, etc) it's kind of difficult for me to interpret. Basically I'm size 30 waist (hip really) 34" inseam. The lack of any real archival for Acronym products makes me finding reliable measurements for older releases especially difficult, though I often assume older = bigger, at least that's true for the more skater "baggy" fit styles of like 08. Again, appreciate all the replies!
  8. DavidMN


    I don't think Acronym is going anywhere (out of business), at least not anytime soon. Brands have to evolve and Acronym seems to have evolved into a bit more of a flashy, overt brand rather than the more subtle "anti-consumerism" brand it was before I got into it. I noticed it mostly with the release of the Volt jackets, but I don't think it's much to complain about. I think the new stuff is great, steep price but I can't speak for the quality. All I'm waiting for is a "throwback" J-1A with the old style flak pocket and in Stotz, I love my EJ-1A but time has not been kind to the Epich fabric in certain places. A quick question, does anyone know of any Acronym trousers with an inseam that is longer than 32 inches? I'm way too tall for most of them, my P9-S are about 3 inches too short so I have to wear them with my DAF-1's or I look ridiculous, might get them tapered so I can just wear them a bit below the waist and look okay. Also, anyone know if there's a method to restore the "hook" on aged velcro? The soft side is okay, but the hooks are a bit bent outwards. I was thinking maybe carefully applying heat and pressing down? Thanks, hope we all get something cool next release.
  9. DavidMN


    Heh, I never had issues with the sling on my J32-GT or J44L-GT but I think the issue lies in how the loops are on the EJ-1A. Mine is exceptionally old (2005ish?) and the loops are flipped the opposite way around from newer jackets. When the sling is done being used and I put the jacket on, the sling is just too long and the buckle too heavy for it to return to its "correct" position. Both my other ACR jacket slings always did, so I'm kind of assuming the sling has been changed slightly iteration to iteration. I do have the original sling so I'll compare them. I know it's kind of a stupid issue. Maybe I'm wrong, but here's a simple shot regardless. I appreciate the help. Edit #2: nope, the jacket slings have the same length so I guess this is just something I'll have to learn to compensate for.
  10. DavidMN


    Does anyone mind taking a photo of the correct sling setup for the external points (I'd imagine internal are the same) on the J1A? I'm having issues with my EJ-1A with a new Acronym sling and I'm starting to wonder if it's because they've changed the length of the sling over the years. But I won't lie, the correct setup has always escaped me, the sling doesn't really like to return to correct position without me having to do it myself. I've tried looking through tons of the release photos and I haven't really found anything concrete. Thanks!
  11. DavidMN


    Haha, this is sick dude. You work quick! Where'd you get the stencil/sticker at?
  12. DavidMN

    arcteryx veilance

    Veilance buy sell trade is within the Urban Techwear Buy Sell Trade thread, man. Anything that isn't Acronym and yet fits into the "techwear" definition will be included in that thread. Hope this helps.
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