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  1. dreamboatjustsoul

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS for a friend 21FW P10-E Black Large full pack unopen 870$ net, item in China, can do international shipping. WTT S8-DS Large 9/10 full pack plus cash for your NG7-PS or I can buy outright, based in uk
  2. dreamboatjustsoul

    Techwear sale-steals

    dont think it applies to acronym products
  3. dreamboatjustsoul

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    long shot but WTT J28-GT Large 9/10 full pack for your J54-LP Large or medium or I can buy outright based in uk
  4. dreamboatjustsoul

    Urban Techwear

    Maybe because the HY- leather and GTpro
  5. dreamboatjustsoul

    Kapital jeans

    Can anyone tell me the price of century denim N-9S in Japan? almost going to pull the triger on the one at todayclothing, but want to check if the price difference is huge. cheers
  6. dreamboatjustsoul

    Kapital jeans

    not sure if this goes against rule, but wondering if anyone could do a size36 N- 9S proxy for me or anyone knows where to get? cheers
  7. dreamboatjustsoul


    How you throw things into airport security baskets
  8. dreamboatjustsoul

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS two Veilance DINITZ COMP JACKET one in black one in clay, both in large and with tags. worn 2,3 times max for each. looking for $300. item based in China.
  9. dreamboatjustsoul


    I just looked and it's gone. It was on the website a few weeks ago, but it was out of stock. Maybe email them to try any luck.
  10. dreamboatjustsoul


    bagjack but oos at the moment
  11. dreamboatjustsoul


    might from this. a recent E's story.
  12. Thank you for the reply. Price wise, it seems 9-s and 1.2.3-s are more expensive. is $662 a good price for 1-2-3s? coz I've just seen them on todayclothing, or is it cheaper in Japan?
  13. Hi guys I am just new here and want to ask a question. forgive me if this have been asked before. I am just wondering what do the kapital century denim NO and Suffix (MONKEY CISCO and 5P STONE) mean? for example there are KAPITAL CENTURY DENIM NO.1.2.3-S MONKEY CISCO and KAPITAL CENTURY DENIM NO.7-S 5P STONE. I figure this might indicate a different process for the denim, and resulting at consumers ends to tell the different color, but want to learn more about this. Any ideas would be appreciated. TIA
  14. dreamboatjustsoul

    arcteryx veilance

    see haven and ANNMS all sold out XL Mionn IS overshirt, just wondering if there is any other Canada store selling them? TIA
  15. dreamboatjustsoul


    Last one is a sweatpants P39-BR
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342