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  1. alavkx

    arcteryx veilance

    The hood is my only real gripe with my Arris. Kinda whack.
  2. alavkx

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB: SI:SP Knit Bomber, Large, Black FS: ID: Veilance Operand Shirt LS COLOR: Peat SIZE: Large CONDITION: 9.5/10 NOTES: worn 7ish times, washed once with grangers tech wash. Pics on request. PRICE: $165 + ship ID: Stone Island Shadow Project Short Sleeve Nyco Smock Parka COLOR: Olive Green SIZE: Large CONDITION: 9.5/10 NOTES: Really good looking piece. Haven't been able to find many situations where I get to use it as a commuter. PRICE: $375 + ship SOLD ID: NikeLab ACG Bomber Jacket ID: Nike "The One" Bonded Woven Pants COLOR: Midnight (with fading) SIZE: 36 US CONDITION: 7/10 NOTES: No stains, rips, or damage that I can see. They DID however seem to shrink a fair bit, fits more like a 33-34 now which is my actual size. I liked the oversized look. Definitely faded to a pale dark blue. Probably seen around 10 washes if I had to guess. Pics on request. PRICE: $30 + ship ID: G-Star RAW 3D Rackam Cargo COLOR: Olive SIZE: 35x30 US CONDITION: 9.5/10 NOTES: Collecting dust. The linked images have a white front zipper pull, the pull on mine is black. Pics on request. PRICE: $35 + ship
  3. alavkx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    1. Smock nyco anorak: I don't want to trash it too much cos I'm gonna have to sell this thing at some point. Here's a link to cordura's nyco descriptions. Basically, a very hard wearing nylon cotton blend. The material itself is fine, but why do I want my rain jacket to be made out of this? Without doing proper research, I went out with a nyco anorak expecting some level of protection and got completely drenched. And it dried slow to boot. I don't have a big bone to pick with the materials in these garments, just with how they seem to pick random materials without much thought of how it will be used. The webbing netting on the side also makes it the heaviest garment in my wardrobe, making it unfit for commuting with. It looks great, though. 2. Stretch moleskin cargos: just really meh for me. They didn't seem to give the coziness I was hoping for. My outlier og cloth pants are tougher, lighter, stretchier, and warmer. Just underwhelming for the luxury price point, even at half off. Sending this one back. Once again, love the silhouette (other than it being a little too drape-y for me) and color, looks great. 3. 10 year anniversary tee: Not really high exceptions, just a cotton tee. The only surprise here was that the material in white was thin enough to see my nipples through the shirt. Slightly disappointing. I love the graphics, and the sleeve detailing. The world can see my nipples, thats fine. Gonna keep this one. I consider this a very unseasoned and even possibly, naive review. But it's my perspective of trying out shadow project, and only getting half of what I expected. Form but no function. Looks great though
  4. alavkx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Very tempted to give a nice rant on my disappointment from every shadow project piece I've acquired. Which, admittedly isn't that many (3). Starting to seem less like techwear and more like flexwear. Edit: It's a bit of a mixed bag. There are good pieces, but you have to dig. A lot of this shit just plain doesn't perform (don't get me started on nyco). Probably just as much my fault for using the price point to gauge the usefulness of the pieces.
  5. alavkx


    The man with the fast fingers
  6. alavkx


    Anyone get their hands on the cargos that were dropped secretly a few days ago? Could only find a few pics on grailed. They didn't look awful. Edit: Just realized these are the SS19 cargos that someone got from the EU drop. The silhouette kinda sux. Zzz
  7. alavkx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    I love the sillhouette of the kimono hoody. Not a fan of the material. Would’ve loved to see this in a wool/wool blend and without the hood.
  8. alavkx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Does anyone here own the stretch moleskine cargos from FW18? Any comments on the piece or the fabric? Need a little push to commit to buying.... I'm buying them
  9. alavkx

    arcteryx veilance

    would love to see how it came out
  10. alavkx

    Techwear sale-steals

    Actually been waiting to grab that exact tee at a discount. Couldn't justify the retail. Cheers man
  11. alavkx


    if you’re trying to save a bit there’s non-acronym options like the arcteryx atom, veilance mionn is, acg metamorphis (this 1 will zip in i think)
  12. alavkx

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Generally speaking, the p23a will demand a higher price. If you're willing to flex to p23ts or p23 standard, you should be able to get it a few hundred bucks cheaper. Best of luck
  13. alavkx

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Got these within a few days of sending the money. Near perfect condition, and sold it for only a tad over retail. Great transaction. +1 Prolokid
  14. alavkx

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Just grabbed a pair of nearly DS DAF1’s for a very good price from @bboysparrow. Quick delivery and excellent condition as described. Absolute lad.
  15. alavkx

    Urban Techwear

    Been on the glove hunt as well. Tried on TNF infinium gloves. Cozy, good feel, easy to get on/off. The only reason I'm not 100% sold is that the branding is a bit loud. I've tried on the Alpha MX. It could be that I was trying a size too small, but being that they are climbing gloves they were pretty arduous to put on and remove, which was a turn off for me. Good looking/feeling gloves, though.