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  1. lol ok, bud.
  2. Rooks get negged. C'est la vie. It's part of figuring out what flies and what doesn't in a new environment. Don't bitch, learn and go from there.
  3. I'll be surprised--and disappointed-- if someone is willing to pay that price here. Best bet is to stick with grailed.
  4. The stash and the earring completes the look, though.
  5. Will Clark Street Mercantile be receiving a shipment of LF goods anytime soon? If so, any chance it will include some denim in the Greaser cut?
  6. I've been curious as to how it would play out if ever I refused delivery of a parcel...Am I responsible for the return shipping fee? Am I entitled to a full refund? Is someone responsible for covering brokerage fees?
  7. lol
  8. Do you use torrents or do you have a spot where you stream all your shows?
  9. Ask for sufu references. I know there's a lot of newjacks around here now but, there's still a good chance that someone looking to buy Acronym on sufu has made a transaction of some sort with another member at some point.
  10. Picked up the Triple Aught Design Raptor Hoodie (New fit for 2017) and I'm really not sure how I feel about it. I will come out and say that the customer service at TAD is pretty poor. (It's 2017; find someone to answer your emails.) International shipping is steep, as well. Also, the policy that you can't make an exchange and can only return, be refunded and then re-purchase the jacket is curious. Normally, when an international buyer wants to make an exchange, you can request that the seller highlight this on the customs paperwork once they ship out the exchanged item and, if you've already paid duties on the original purchase, you won't be dinged again. Unfortunately, as per the TAD policy, it appears you'll have to pay duties on both shipments and then go about reclaiming the second charge. (A two month process, as per my previous experience with reclaiming duties.) Anyway, to the jacket. It'll make for a decent beater but, I get the impression you're paying for the fact it's made in Canada. Arm holes are cut too low and the lack of structure through the collar leads the jacket to fly open when undone. Ultimately, once done up, the jacket provides a decent enough fit. I will say this, they nailed the hood design. Here's a few fit pics (I'm 5'10" 175 lbs and this is a size Medium)
  11. Don't underestimate how much some of these guys beat their shit to this stuff.
  12. Na, that fit ain't beasty enough to be Acronym.
  13. Cmon, wtf man? edit: lol this thread.
  14. Really? Wow, that's really something these days.
  15. Stop quoting all your pictures. We know what you're selling.