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  1. Most reliable place to get measurements for the washed '47?
  2. TCB

    Ah, good. Front rise is lower than I'd like so I can scratch these off the list of viable jean options. Thank you.
  3. What a steal...
  4. Douche because of his pricing?
  5. TCB

    Anyone with a size 34 505 "pre-shrunk" mind going over some things with me via PM?
  6. Pretty sure Sporting Life only ships within Canada.
  7. ^ but with a much more comfortable rise.
  8. @branespload thanks for the video. Any shots of the interior?
  9. lol ok, bud.
  10. Rooks get negged. C'est la vie. It's part of figuring out what flies and what doesn't in a new environment. Don't bitch, learn and go from there.
  11. I'll be surprised--and disappointed-- if someone is willing to pay that price here. Best bet is to stick with grailed.
  12. The stash and the earring completes the look, though.
  13. Will Clark Street Mercantile be receiving a shipment of LF goods anytime soon? If so, any chance it will include some denim in the Greaser cut?
  14. I've been curious as to how it would play out if ever I refused delivery of a parcel...Am I responsible for the return shipping fee? Am I entitled to a full refund? Is someone responsible for covering brokerage fees?
  15. lol