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  1. Mainline Arc'Teryx is typically true to your North American size, but cut a bit generously.
  2. Ohhhh now, see, you've just gone and lost all credibility.
  3. For real? Ugh...their shit fits so much better than Nike though.
  4. The guy's got 10 posts and I'm pretty sure each one's purpose has been to call someone out. Leave him be. And let's not jump to conclusions about what we believe one's intentions are for selling an item. Buy or don't buy, that's up to you. There's enough information out there that can help you decide if you should jump on a purchase or wait.
  5. End and Revive usually give you the best heads-up. Just chill...things will drop when they drop.
  6. It's possible the model is, like, 6'5" A lot of these "luxury" boutiques like to use giants who weigh 120 lbs as their models, which makes zero sense to me Edit: Apparently the model is 6'0". Don't know what to tell you. He does appear to be wearing them pretty high on the waist.
  7. Maybe. Hope I helped.
  8. You guys don't need to quote the picture.
  9. If you can swallow the price tag and the size, definitely buy the ballistic pack. Nomin is cool but, I'd prefer to have a less dainty bag for EDC. Edit: I guess it depends on your personal style. If you're all about that slim fit, Veilance look, then maybe the Nomin is a better option for you.
  10. lol
  11. they come in under the US duty threshold. Makes sense.
  12. What's the retail on the bags these days? Are the savings that great once you factor in shipping and duties compared to what most of the Grailed bags finally sell for?
  13. No way he'll be able to do the buttons up after a wash. Might as well wear them until they fall to pieces.
  14. Still looking for a J27-GT in size Large. (Not XL, not medium or small. Large, please.)
  15. Wasn't a serious question. I've owned both bags. They're cool. Not worth anywhere near what they're going for these days, though.