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  1. Damn!
  2. Their prices tend to be higher than anywhere else and if you live in CA you have to pay sales tax.
  3. Yeah pretty sure
  4. FS: J49-SS w/ bag and spec - $800 edit- it's large
  5. Same as the J47/47A- it's access to a concealed pocket array (think sisp stealth jackets) and the bottom half is a hem expansion.
  6. Oh that's the whole site? Damn
  7. FS: J49-SS L - $800 comes with bag and spec, pm for pics
  8. Sure just hop in a time machine
  9. You'd probably have more luck on the bag if you just said what material. Not everyone still has the spec sheet
  10. Honestly I doubt it. There's a big bucket on Grailed fwiw
  11. 16% off on outlier.nyc using code "NoReturns,NoRefunds,NoExchanges"
  12. FS: J49-SS L - $800 J58-WS L - $900 WTB: NG3-PS offering $300