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  1. The irony here is that kamikaze is the seller.
  2. No this is bullshit I've been refunded before.
  3. Maybe P1TS-S or P5TS-S
  4. nvm
  5. Can't say I disagree. Fortunately for us the stuff they put out like that i.e. CP1/2 are gems. Anxious for a CP3!
  6. https://outlier.nyc/feature/meditationsonthematerialsofsummer.html
  7. WTT: J63-PB in medium for large
  8. https://acrnm.com/products/P24-S_SS17
  9. FS: J61-WS L - $900
  10. Damn!
  11. Their prices tend to be higher than anywhere else and if you live in CA you have to pay sales tax.
  12. Yeah pretty sure