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  1. Hey all, I’ve had some life events come up, so I’ll be selling off most of my ACR gear. I think the prices are fair and can negotiate for multiple items but also threw this together in a rush… I’m in the process of moving, so appreciate patience in awaiting my responses. I know it’s faux pas to not include pics or ratings, so I’ll try and get those up as soon as I can… just wanted to start getting a list up. I’ll be sure to reply with images to any messages specifically requesting them. Prices based on condition, all items are functional and with full pack unless otherwise noted. PP gift or Venmo preferred, free shipping in US, international with be additional. LA6B-ds - L - $600 HD2 - L - $600 S15-DS - S - $100 (tag peeling) S15-DS - L - $200 S6-C - L grey - $200 P10A-S - L Raf - $700 P10A-CH Night - $700 J50-WS - L - $700 DS-J5 - L SS10 version (cannot find spec sheet) - $750 GT-J29 - M - $800 GT-J29A - L - $1200 P30-CH - S - $1300 P9-CH - L - $600 P10-E - M - Olive epic cotton - $500 P10TS-DS - M (loose threads in crotch) - $500 NG7-PS NG9-PS - $150 NG4-AK - $250 3A-MZ3 (pair) foil - $150 3A-8TS - $400 (used daily for years, but no issues) Have J72-DS – L - black and white - considered for trades.
  2. I have the previous J72 in L, fits a little looser the my La6 in L… sold the La6 cuz it was a little too snug
  3. .. ACR on amazon now
  4. Just saying the waist in the P23s in XS is still too big on me and XL in the new J29 is too small… I get different fits, just been a little too drastic over the past several years.
  5. I’m sure I’m in the minority… but sizing is getting out of control. 1/2 chest for J29 XL is 58cm … same as half waist in p23. E out here trying to wardrobe Grimace
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