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  1. Its interesting to see the dynamic shift particularly from the old ACR webstore, with how things are now. I remember 3rdArm accessories on there for YEARS, even a few of the 5tsr's sat unsold for a year or more, now look at them. I remember mulling over the J36 and deciding to pass, oops, but I think recently people tend to buy what they might want asap with the assumption it's going to sell out then resellers are the only other option.... 30sec isn't enough to time to go over a collection and decide on 0, 1, 2 pieces. Seems to lead to a slight feeling of dissatisfaction with your investment when you get your hands on it.
  2. They did, along with both p24's, and a few other pieces. They seem to only keep ACR in back now, last few drops I've went in and nothing was shown but had it in back and on the website. ...and the markups last season were BIG
  3. The demand will always follow the supply... and these kids will eventually be adults with jobs and more disposable income. I don't think the bubble will ever "burst" case, it doesn't evolve exponentially and just self-corrects for inflation.
  4. .....and then...
  5. ...that and I think the presto colab reached a "sneakerhead / reseller" market previously unaware of acr.
  6. ...come one, come smALLs.... FS: WS-j24 ,7/10, bag + spec, used frequently after drop, sparingly since -$400 +ppl&ship J29b-WS, 9/10, bag + spec, only worn a handful of times -$500 +ppl&ship J57ts-SS, 10/10, bnwt, tried on inside... Was hope for more 3rdArm -$1200 +ppl&ship ....will get pics up if needed
  7. I think we're all guilty of a little naivety.... There will always be supply/demand regarding private party selling, reselling. The ACR initial price point would generally preclude it from much of a resellers market. I could be wrong, but it seems once the first Nike collab dropped and ACR got to the hypebeast world, that's when the obvious "for profit" selling of ACR gear took off.
  8. Sorry just getting back guys, didn't expect all the offers... I replied in order. Thanks for all the interest.
  9. FS: p24a-ds small. Just got these in. Will try and get pics if needed. PM for details.
  10. Medium J43A availible on the website.
  11. I only have that colorway so far, but got mine today and it seems the "lava" portion is looser than the rest of the, maybe?
  12. Anyone interested in the volt/lava prestos in size Large? In all my enthusiasm to cop from End. I ordered 2 pairs... They should be here Wednesday, let me know.
  13. Did it fit pretty TTS? I usually size down for "straight" which its listed, but looks a little "profile" to me.
  14. Ughhh, there is literally 500+ pairs on eBay right now... Picked up the tec bomber
  15. Union too... But it's $820 there