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  1. Ha! Sweet! ... I stand corrected
  2. Yes sir Also use the BLACKHAWK! Speed Clips. They're pretty strong and light, come in different colors/lengths
  3. oh, and while I'm at it.... I picked up the Haven x Headporter waist pouch, and I really impressed with it. Any X-PAC fans looking for a bag, I'd give one a shot. No modular capabilities without some extra work, but still dope 8TS vs.
  4. opps, and here is it on the J1....
  5. Here is the Outlier attachment with the P10ts ...the provided clips aren't ideal, but all my other ones are in use. fabric is pretty nice, its supposed to darken with age and lose the waviness, stay tuned!!
  6. Will let you know tomorrow!!
  7. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but we are spending more time discussing the thread itself than the actual thing that brought everyone together. Ya, I remember when I recognized every person one here and the thread was a handful of people with sizing advice, care instructions, proxies, etc. but I do feel like an old man on his porch shaking a carbon fiber cane telling the kids to get off my lawn. We were all new to ACR at some point, but I think the "OGs" are just looking for more appreciation for the brand. Yes, they're just clothes, but the level of technical proficiency and attention to construction is something we discussed and respected, not just " where to cop". I think my general feeling was embodied when walking down the street in prestos, p10-a, ss-cp2 and 8ts, and I hear a "yo, sweet acronyms"... I turn around and think I can have a conversation with one of y'all, and the dude looks bewildered with a "acronym makes clothes?" That's it, I'm off my goretex soapbox. P.s. J1ts came today, armhole feel a little higher and tighter, waist fits loose, but overall mad happy. New detached pockets are small but sweet.
  8. Haha!! Screw you bodega, I gave Darkside my $$$!!! ....unless it gets cancelled too
  9. Darkside initiative is up!
  10. So ahhh, jumped on the J1 from bodega, order confirmation at 9:01pst, money taken out at 9:02... 11:30 I get a oops, we don't have enough to stock for your order.
  11. ..and like that. POOOF... There gone
  12. How's the fit... Compared to j1b, and GT variants?
  13. Used to happen every year... however, I was in talks with bagjack about getting a few X-PAC accessories, they told me all they're "working" closely with acronym and only use X-PAC for their products. Not sure what that means, if it's a licensing thing or actually production. Guess only time will tell.
  14. Its interesting to see the dynamic shift particularly from the old ACR webstore, with how things are now. I remember 3rdArm accessories on there for YEARS, even a few of the 5tsr's sat unsold for a year or more, now look at them. I remember mulling over the J36 and deciding to pass, oops, but I think recently people tend to buy what they might want asap with the assumption it's going to sell out then resellers are the only other option.... 30sec isn't enough to time to go over a collection and decide on 0, 1, 2 pieces. Seems to lead to a slight feeling of dissatisfaction with your investment when you get your hands on it.
  15. They did, along with both p24's, and a few other pieces. They seem to only keep ACR in back now, last few drops I've went in and nothing was shown but had it in back and on the website. ...and the markups last season were BIG