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  1. Hey Everyone, I am looking for the 3rd arm sun glass attachment, I don't know the "Name" or should I say number of this piece but I know it exists because my friend sent me a link from Grailed. Unfortunately sold out when I tried to buy it. Let me know if anyone out there wants to part with theirs.
  2. I am now on a full fledged hunt for this shirt! I need it to complete the collection. Hit me up. Looking for new or like new, never washed.
  3. Huge shout out to Unmen for the ws-j25! Great communication, fast shipping, and a flawless product. Finally it is in my hands!
  4. Any one out there want to part with a WS-J25 in a size M or L. Still on the hunt for this holey grail of acronym items. I am very serious about copping one so hit me up if you want some fast cash.
  5. Hey Guys, I am on the hunt for some non-ARC tech pants. I am looking for a taper cut and something with stretch. Any ideas other than outlier, mission, SISP?
  6. Well I am back on the hunt for a WS-J25. The rerelease sold before I even was able to pick one up.
  7. Looking for some 3a pockets. Hit me up if you are selling any.
  8. Still searching!
  9. So, not continue to beat this dead horse but any idea if we will see a ws-j25 this season or what?
  10. Grail Item search. Looking for this t-shirt in size M or L. I have all of the other images just need this one in black. PM me with your price.
  11. So now I need pockets to trick out this bag. Looking for 2 3a-mk3 in xpac. PM me if you want to part with a couple. Or one, whatever works for you works for me.
  12. Huge shout out and thank you to Devilsdancer. Just bought his 3a-8ts. Fast shipping, insane customer service. Defiantly will be looking to buy from him again. I will post pics in the main Acronym forum later tonight.
  13. Hahaha yes def sounds like a win win. My tech wear life will finally be complete!
  14. Need money for SS-14 sell me your ws-j25! Medium or Large.