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  1. rep for xc-mtb item arrived quick, easy deal made
  2. does it work as a bottle opener?
  3. What a restock to wake up to. Funny to see those petrol p13-ch in xl still haven't sold since the old website. Not even hype can move them.
  4. tfw you don't shell out for whoisguard sadly an email a week from both my personal and work addresses isn't enough to get a response appreciate the help everyone, I didn't mean to gum up such a positive thread with this but no where else to ask really
  5. Anyone know of a good way to contact fernando ruinz/1000deaths? Dude has had $220 of my money for six+ months, wont respond to my (many) emails, deleted comments off his insta and blocked me on his private insta. Since it was my second order from him I sent it as a paypal gift and can't file for a refund.
  6. as a pretty big fan of both acronym and blame those tees do nothing for me
  7. Acronym R2-P3 sunglasses & case 9/10 condition $150 USD + shipping The case has tec-sys fastening and will attach to your 3A bag, pants, etc
  8. Anyone know the prices of the two new items yet? I'm expecting high
  9. WTT 3A-3TS (2017, 10/10) 3rd arm R3-P2 acronym sunglasses & case 9/10 LA5-MP olive size M 9.5/10 LA5-MP black size M 9/10 LF 3A-8TS
  10. 3TS and MK1 still sitting in stock This release schedule sure is exciting
  11. $2000 3A-1 grailed resellers saying "these aren't coming back this year" btfo
  12. Yo wanna sell me that 5tsr? Looks pretty beat but I could drop retail plus ship
  13. I machine washed and then tumbled dried my J50-WS and it looked as good as new afterwards, gentle cycle and etc, make sure to remove sling and zipper pull
  14. This is grailed dot com community discussion thread now right? Heres some gold from a 3A-1 listing thanks for the insider info yeeezy
  15. Anyone going to grab the new bagjack sniper bag? Not a huge fan of camo but I still think it looks dope I don't really get cobra buckles on shoulder straps though, theyre heavy enough as a belt buckle