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  1. around a £250 price increase on the J58-WS from last winter
  2. SS-J2 size large great condition with no flaws includes original green sling £275][/URL]
  3. Up for trade P9-S - Large - Black or green have both in 8/10 condition for P10 Size large in Green
  4. At £1200 a half sheet it's not worth the hassle
  5. All very true! still one bad ass logo and will happily hange from my car keys or many years
  6. go buy some titanium sheet , CAD/CAM package, a 100K EDM machine and bead blaster then ship worldwide £50 seems pretty reasonable to me
  7. its a one off and no mention of acronym anywhere
  8. not sure but will try lol pretty strong and wont ever bend it
  9. keyring 6mm thick aircraft grade titanium alloy bead blast Matt finish edm machine cut $50 delivered worldwide][/URL]
  10. I quite like the used look but do try to resist a machine wash for the first few then there classed as old lol well used p9-s near the end of there life(these are real thick material)][/URL]
  11. I find that restoring with nikwax/grangers seems to restore some colour after a wash,only issue is the smell lol i always dry outdoors and proof when on the line never had an issue recently but have learned the hard way with stotz ,very delicate fabric and less washing the better but I also think they now use lighter weight material and handles water a lot better dont ever machine wash IMO on new pants i do on older pants that show real age and these look even better as they get older
  12. Remember stotz shrinks once washed
  13. SOLD - Acronym T6 t shirt size large 9/10 condition no][/URL]
  14. How much?
  15. Looking for some info on the j34,how did these size up, seem pretty big on size chart any advice