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  1. What size u after? have a few in size large
  2. I'm interested what price u looking for? Would need pics of neck area and where zip connects at bottom to show wear
  3. WTT P9-S black, green - large P9-e green - large P9-ch grey - large all worn for P10 in green or other RAF green pants size large new or used
  4. New drop but no sizes what is the point!
  5. What's the going rate for a pair of green p9-s and e
  6. I've felt shackdry and it's very soft and not harsh at all This looks more like active shell inner laminate used over a cotton fleece
  7. I think it is a variation of shackdry with a backer best pics so far
  8. Have these been released anywhere yet? Think I will try a gore bike wear one ,thanks for the heads up
  9. Wanted neck buff any style , cash waiting
  10. Anybody know when the next drop Is? and anything interesting , Softshell etc
  11. Sorted
  12. its the internet , nothings private
  13. a bit suspicious when I offered $2000 and never heard back
  14. SS-j2 Size large Up for swap
  15. wanted j58-ws - large cash waiting