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  1. And jacket slings, bags, Velcro tabs... it's surprising how many there are!!
  2. Yep, Edition only had the 62 and the tee's.
  3. Holy shit... no pun intended.
  4. Just searched 'J61-GT' in google haha.
  5. Really? About 3 weeks ago I remember seeing someone here received contact from End confirming there was no stock and it was a bug, haha. Oh well...
  6. What X.bee said... This set of crimson stock has made the rounds about 4 or 5 times now over the past month - 6 weeks.
  7. Whoa.... www.phaeton-co.com Search acronym...
  8. It's a bug on their site, there's no actual stock...
  9. Your welcome.
  10. Good to know... would buy it if there was XL, feels great on.
  11. The small belt loop still lives... underneath the big belt loop of P10A.
  12. I don't think it was. Edition staff here in JP said to me there wasn't an XL, but possible thats only JP. Had the J62 at the t-shirt launch, I tried on L, it was slimmer, half way to J46-WS M - the length was no problem but the sleeves are too short.
  13. It's called a 'Kedama Tricky'! Elsewhere, a lint remover.
  14. Had a few Q's about what the 'special display' was for the Acronym X Edition X Blame! release, it wasn't a special display as such - but they did have a really big sticker on the wall, and some J62-PB's.
  15. That is woeful customer service.