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  1. P23A - also comes with an upgrade - the same belt system as the P25.
  2. XL lads of sufu represent: WTB: P10(insert all the numbers/letters here) in XL any colour. Have: P10A-S Black L 9/10 full kit to trade, but will also buy if your willing to straight up sell.
  3. Absolutely... was thinking the same. Interesting that the top bidder has no previous sales, buying or selling. Hope they actually pay, haha. And, the top 3 under that are gaijin bidding companies.
  4. Awesome review, cheers for taking the time to do it. Is it anything like the J46 in terms of insulation - or is it simpler/thinner with a outer stotz layer and lining?
  5. WTT: P10A-S Black - L 9.5/10 cond. For your P10X-XX in XL of equal or better cond. Open to Black/RAF and all fabrics. If it's -CH, I might be L. Worn only a few times, comes with everything.
  6. I trust my source. Just check my prev. posts for last SS and this FW.
  7. Not sure which/new/old but, some ACR bags coming SS18.
  8. Or... Putzbrunn, Bavaria? (PB) Do you know which town the factory is in Switzerland? Could explain the DS too...
  9. Cheers @CARLOOA He's well and truly thrown the cat amongst the pigeons with that! S could very well mean Switzerland then? Because that tweet now rules out Stotz. The P24-S is made in Switzerland, and LA6B-DS is also made in Switzerland (on acrnm.com). So the D then... supplier or type, not sure. Then the S6/7/9-C is made in Italy - so the C is a supplier/factory? Mind blown!
  10. Time to re-write the info posts... This also explains the P25-DS -> H then I guess..
  11. No, same fabric too - DS. Exactly as per SS17.
  12. Just got the word on P25-H - despite the name change it is identical to P25-DS.
  13. @Voyager Yeah that hahahahaha.
  14. Was told heavyweight... but not 100%.
  15. If only they were L or XL... Looking for: P10 (open to variants) in RAF in L or XL. And if anyone has a black tank S8 DS or NMN in L.