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  1. Danwise


    Many tries grappling with the raccangi on my J50 taught me how particular a zip can be - that said it’s since gotten a lot easier, not sure if it’s just technique or wear... ...but the 59 zipper seemed okay on the few wears I’ve managed. Only thoughts, I wish it were a raccangi purely because the thicc chunky zipper just fits the aesthetic of the jacket.
  2. Danwise


    Shows XS, never came in XS though.
  3. Danwise

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Think I might keep my trusty P23A after comparisons. WTT/WTS P30A-DS XL I’ll just put $2K but open to your offers. More interested in (but maybe not limited to) the following, all in XL where applicable: GT-J4 Grey P25H-DS/P25-DS S14-AM NG7-AM 3A-1
  4. Danwise


    Yeah, it's wonderful. Only managed a handful of solid wears, was lucky there happened to be a cold spell just before the rain season/hot weather kicked off here. It's the first GT I've been interested in in a while, apart from the J16 update. Getting used to the noise again was interesting. Last GT I owned was a J43A, about 3-4 years ago maybe and I sold it not long after buying. It has so many great features but still simplified and light. I'm normally an XL in Acronym but after a good measure (or 20-30...) of my J46-S it was clear the L would be sufficient. I could easily fit a tee/sweater/liner combo under there. J74 and J63A zip right in. It's very roomy, in the best way. There's a lot less skin contact inside so wearing with just a tee or a tank feels good. Used the snap closure almost every time (except during a good downpour one night). Looking forward to zipping up properly over next winter. The shock cord really affects the shape quite drastically. The cuffs are brilliant - I was worried about becoming steamy/hot in the sleeves - but they breathe very well. I'm reasonably tall - 191cm and the shape/silhouette looks good with a slimmer pant (P10A) or low/wide swag (P23A). In original config it's a unique piece - but versatile too, in the sense that if you whip the hood off it's a nice simple black bomber which changes the feel completely. So happy with it overall.
  5. Danwise


    J61, P26
  6. Danwise


    I didn’t get it haha, it was first in a different shop then bought and RE-sold on Yahoo for double by our new mate Blue dragon bla bla bla... sadly.
  7. Danwise


  8. Danwise


    The 3 patches of Infinium are there to stop the zipper heads making an impression/tearing the fabric on the front pockets. I got the same jacket back, pretty certain it was cleaned too (maybe steam cleaned etc). Very carefully packed so as to not wrinkle the front pockets.
  9. Danwise


    I liked this oldie.