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  1. How does that fit if you don't mind me asking? What's your size/weight? Been thinking to cop... M looks huge on Errolson in the photos.
  2. Actually there is one at Union online store, S.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Ahhh yes, sorry!
  5. Still 1 brand new at Forward.
  6. Each and every, i'm looking at getting some more gear... 196cm and 89kg here. Generally i'm an L - for reference e.g. I have a J1A-GT and P10A-S in L, S14-BR in XL, pants are perfect 100%, sleeves on GT are the tiniest bit short (S14 is too big, but I like it). So... Can any J50-X and J46-X owners offer some advice on sizing? Cheers.
  7. It says 'Posted 2016-11-17'... for me. That video was posted at a strange time when it came too, not coinciding with any release.
  8. Shocking. Maybe sold to a mate to raise hype...?
  9. Haha, boom. Actually looking at the pic again, those pants look like P23 w/o TS...?
  10. Really? That J46 is in a second drop soon?Man you have good intel... has to be said.
  11. You can try, but they'll all be 1.5x or 2x the price of anywhere else sadly...
  12. Yeah, that grey hoodie is the one I saw.
  13. Haha, I wrote about much of this back in Feb in this very thread! Don't forget there is also a grey zip hoodie! But as has been said, this drop is certainly not on scale with the winter drop coming. @yankees19032002 is right, it's thinner and uninsulated J46U.
  14. Thats all Eliminator is getting, the other stuff is too 'hard' for their looks. (i.e. not getting the RAF/Black combo piece).
  15. I didn't see the sheet for next FW, but in what I saw of SS, the leather isn't in this drop.