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  1. Update & CP2 price drop to 1,7k€
  2. WTS, everything XL. Free shipping within Europe. - CP2-SS FW20/21, 9/10, full pack, 2k€ - P23a-DS, FW22/23, 8/10, full pack, 450€ - J1b-gt, 6/10, full pack minus orange hood, 400€ - this one has seen a lot of wear. Faults: some unremovable stains in the neck & collar area and the Gtx Logo has flaked off during washing in some places. Still no Delam or structural damages tho.
  3. IMO it's not, I sized down and it's still baggy and long. Just for fun, here's the J117 in L under a J36 in XL (my usual size)
  4. Bump & further price drop from 2k
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