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  1. Thanks for replying. If I wear my p37-ds a little low on my hips, the length would be perfect. If p23a is a little longer than p37-ds, I might stick with M Can you compare p37-ds and p23a lengthwise side by side for me please? If you have the time
  2. Thank you! I'll get M for p23a then since length is not an issue for our height. Can I have your fitpic in p30a S size please? How does it look in 3/4 mode? Does anyone know Erollson's height and the size of p30 he's wearing in acrnm product image?
  3. Guys, I need help with sizing of p23a and p30a now.. I have p41-ds and p37-ds in M size which is a tad short on me. I'm planning to sell them. I'm 180cm, 78kg (5'11", 172lbs) But my p34-ds in M size fits perfectly on me lengthwise I was planning to size up to L for my next pants but after reading this post, I'm starting to have doubts.. Can I get away with p30a or p23a in M size or just size up to L?
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