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  1. cottonskinblues

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    Quick and dirty pics.... caught myself in the toilet. Sugar Cane hat/SDA type II/Thirfted Levis/TCB Baker Pants New chain from Pailot River. @eeejayaich I heard in a podcast once that Mezcal is an an easy substitute for gin-based cocktails. Hence, I indulged in a Mezcal Last Word and Mezcal Corpse Reviver #2 last night at the bar... ‘‘twas delicious!
  2. cottonskinblues


    Would love to interject with some pictures of my recently acquired TCB Baker Pants. The fit is roomier than I thought, but I've grown to love them and have been wearing them over my 20's. Pictures are from my recent trip to Iceland and Poland!
  3. cottonskinblues


    Good call. Thanks for the info!
  4. cottonskinblues


    Hello everyone, I'm having a small situation in regards to ordering directly from Inoue. I purchased a pair of Baker pants last week. I'm still waiting for them to be shipped, but when I went on the website today, it said overseas shipping is not supported. I sent Inoue an email a couple days ago and still no reply. Should I continue waiting? Will I get my pants?! Anyone have experience with wait times and ordering directly through TCB? Would appreciate any insight.
  5. cottonskinblues

    Waywt 2018 (denim version)

    What model jeans? @Papa_Kaisuki
  6. cottonskinblues


  7. cottonskinblues

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Haven't seen a pair of these on here yet... My summer shoe, handmade in Upstate New York at the Aurora Shoe Co.. Still breaking them in and they're getting more and more comfortable. Horween Leather I believe. 2 months wear on these.
  8. cottonskinblues


    50s have seen better days....
  9. For all your NYC folks, I will be heading there for a day trip this weekend. Any places (other than Self Edge) I should hit up? Vintage stores? I dig Americana/Heritage style. If anyone has other recommendations for coffee, booze, food, or music stores as well it would be appreciated
  10. cottonskinblues


    The worn ones are mine, im size 30. The crisp ones are new one my friend bought, he is size 38. Really flattering I agree, the fit turned out perfectly. Sorry about the double post! Migrating from reddit, they are bullies XD.
  11. cottonskinblues


  12. cottonskinblues


    @Bobbo much appreciated @heavydoom I agree, and I think there may be credibility to this top/front loader theory. I've noticed a lot more marbling and pronounced contrast using top load as opposed to front load. It is the reaction of the fabric under full submersion of hot water, perhaps? The front load doesn't allow the jeans to be fully submerged under water at all times. The "funky" creasing I could live without are the super straight lines that shoot from the hem really close to the out seam and inseam. They look so unnatural and interfere with the natural wear I find. I am assuming this is what y'all meant with funky creasing.
  13. cottonskinblues


    Coming in with another 50s update! 4 months wear 3 hot wash and hot dry. I find the fabric reacts better when washed in a top load as opposed to a front load washer. Does anyone else find that? Or am I crazy. I converted a friend to the 50s. Also included some day one pics. W38.
  14. cottonskinblues

    Superdenim Instagram Community

    @volvo240thebest Oh no! Sorry for the loss. At least you're saving the a**es of the rest of us.
  15. cottonskinblues

    Superdenim Instagram Community

    @volvo240thebest How did the Taobao transaction go? I'm looking to order from Labour Union soon! Any crazy fees?