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  1. Lazerr


    Seems like Bears got a 66/66XX restock today, just in time for the Resolute fair that's going on there.
  2. Lazerr

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Hey @UkeNo, these are on grailed : https://grailed.app.link/tSL4op23Emb Not mine, but noticed them earlier this week.
  3. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Oof thanks for that! Link was fixed
  4. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Hey guys, I have a few tops for sale on my mainly in sizes L-XL. Pictures and measurements on Grailed Warehouse Border Stripe Tee in Blue - Size 42 3 Sixteen Shaggy Blue Flannel - XL 3 Sixteen Lesiure Shirt Black Floral - L Warehouse Flannel Shirt in Charcoal/Red - XL Pherrows Flannel Shirt in Red Ombre - XXL Gitman Vintage in Blue/White Stripe - L Feel free to ask any questions about any of the items you see! Always open to bundling when possible. Thanks
  5. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Hey Y'all, planning on moving soon so trying to get rid of more items that are just not getting use. I put all info on a Google Sheet and all pictures on Imgur Feel free to reach out if interested in bundling any item, reasonable offers, or just general questions. Prefer to ship to CONUS Thanks
  6. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Updated some of the items and some of the prices for the stuff I have for sale. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions/offers on stuff
  7. Lazerr


    Definitely appreciate this. Unfortunately I live in an apartment building so sunlight can sometimes be hard to come by, but there some good days where the sun shines through and I am able to get a good light. I'll make sure to post again once these are past the 6 month mark
  8. Lazerr


    Got into SuFu about the same time the Pandemic started last year and one of the brands that I really got into was Warehouse. I was lucky enough to get a pair of the 1001 25th anniversary edition pairs and they have easily been my most worn pair recently. In total, I have about 3 months of wear on these however, I mainly wear them either to work from home or from an office setting. Interestingly enough, I never hemmed these but with each subsequent wash the inseam has shrunk to the point that it is at a ~29.5" inseam. I'm not that tall (5'11") but I'm glad that I never hemmed these as I do with most of my pairs. Overall, I'm loving the fabric on these. The denim weight isn't too light nor too heavy, and it has that perfect amount of roughness that makes the denim unique. Over time I've been able to pick up other pairs of Warehouse denim, so I'm hoping I can properly rotate them once I get a few more months of wear on these. Apologies for the bad lighting, the camera kept causing a tint to appear on most of my pictures, so I had to play with what I had available
  9. Lazerr


    @JohnnyUtah247 No worries man! I have a new pair of 36's that I haven't worn ( so there is still room for stretch ). However here are the measurements: Waist: 17", Thigh: 12.75", Inseam: 32", LO: 8.75 Looking at the fabric, they should be getting a be getting more attention, but the 1001's have been my focus for now. Also, they do have the 5 buttons!
  10. Lazerr


    @JohnnyUtah247 I have the 800's and typically wear a 34 in most brands. I had to size up to a 36 for the 800xx, however in older models I was able to fit into a 34. If you're getting the pair from either SxS or Self Edge, i'd recommend sizing up. It does seem like the main difference is the inseam for the Self Edge models, hopefully this helps.
  11. Lazerr


    @julian-wolf Similar to Chris's, mine shrank to about a 32-32.5" after a hot wash/dry. If these are similar to the 25th anniversary 1001's, then I'm expecting more shrinkage as I keep washing them. My 1001's went from a 32" after the first wash to about 30.5" after a few more washes. Definitely glad that I didn't get a hem on them.
  12. Lazerr


    @beautiful_FrEaK Thanks for that! These make way more sense and would definitely put me in the 34 range. I might get these through Bears instead since Denimio does not carry the any other size besides the 36.
  13. Lazerr


    Hey Guys, curious to know if anyone has had experience with the newer 66xx models? I was looking at the charts on denimio and compared them to other sites and sizing seemed to be all over the place. Some seemed to point me towards a 36 ( which I wear in the resolute 710 ) while others pointed me towards a 34. Would anyone happen to have any feedback on that?
  14. Lazerr

    Roy. (expurgated edition)

    Sorry for the shameless plug but I figured people on here would be interested. I decided to sell a pair of Roy Indigolover jeans that I had bought from another user a while back. I only worn them once, and it was a tight fit. Hearing how much Roy's tend to shrink, I figured it would never really be comfortable in the waist for me. Feel free to message me about any questions, it's currently priced higher just because it's on grailed. On the same topic, I have some OOE's, PBJ's, and SC on there
  15. Lazerr

    Superdenim community sale thread

    Have quite a few things to sell. I've posted on Reddit but figured I should also post here just in case . Link to pictures All prices include shipping for CONUS. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. PBJ XX-013 in size 36 $170 Waist: 18", Thigh: 12.5", Inseam: 30", LO: 7.5 - Waist is too big, and the lower leg is too tapered for my liking. Only worn once. Sugar Cane 1947 Type III in size 34 $140 Waist: 17.5" , Thigh: 12.5", Inseam: 30", LO : 8" - Worn a couple of times, just not my desired fit. The Strike Gold Loophweeled Sweatshirt In Oatmeal in size XL $160 P2P: 23.5”, length : 27.5”, shoulder : 21.25 - Tags were removed, but this was only tried on. Just not my color. 1st Pat-Rn Kodiak Jacket in Black Corduroy , size L (42) $180 Nice boxy jacket that I just can't fit with what I currently wear, only tried on. Chest: 24.5". Shoulder: 21", Length: 28.5" Iron Heart 555OD in Size 34 $180 Bought from midblend, would prefer the same jean but in the 888 Fit. Waist: 17.6", Inseam 31.5", LO: 8", Thigh: 12.5" TCB Jean Jacket 30's Type one in size 44 $145 Only worn a few times, but have another jacket that I prefer P2P: 21.5", Length (from area right next to collar) : 25.5", Sleeve: 24.25", Shoulder: 18.5" IH 634 21 Oz in 34 $290 Just arrived in the mail, but smaller than expected. Still has tags on Waist: 33.5”, Thigh: 12.5”, Inseam: 31.5”, LO: 9” , FR: 11”
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