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  1. Good tip. I just came across these "Stone" Spellbound chinos at Son of a Stag and I really like the shade. It's a shame the fit is slim tapered. I'll take a look at Jack Donnelly!
  2. Thanks! The Khaki color does seem similar. Definitely a candidate for me. I searched for Sugar Cane's mountain cloth chinos and came across the SC41881. The color looks fantastic, but I unfortunately can't find my size. Seems like Sugar Cane hasn't done a recent run.
  3. That'd be helpful, if it's not too much trouble. Some neat color options, thanks for sharing! I'm not set on one particular grey-beige shade. A shade like one of the ones below would be great.
  4. Has anyone come across chino options that are more gray-beige (taupe?) than the traditional khaki? I find most khaki chinos to be more yellow or ecru than I like. Particular, I know!
  5. Picked up the 0105BK from Bears. Fabric is soft and the fit is nice and roomy. The fabric balloons out at the hips, but I think that will settle with some wear. Definitely the most fried patch I've gotten in a one-wash pair!
  6. Pre-orders are open for TCB's new M-41 chino. I've been eyeing a few chino options and am considering these. https://tcbjeans.myshopify.com/products/copy-of-stay-gold-chino-41-khaki-chino
  7. Dropping to $100 shipped CONUS! SOLD
  8. Ooe Yofukuten OA01XX-505B (made for S&S NYC) in a size 32 (fits more like a 30). $120 shipped CONUS. Cold washed and machine dried twice. Chainstitch hemmed. Very lightly worn. Waist: 15'' // Front rise: 11.5" // Rear rise: 15" // Thigh: 11.75" // Inseam: 28.75'' // Leg opening: 8.5" SOLD
  9. Picked up a pair of Okinawas. I eyed these when I first got into this hobby, but was too intimidated by the straight leg fit at the time Fit feels good and the details are a fun touch. The fabric is slubbier than I'm used to, but I'm looking forward to seeing how it fades.
  10. How’s the fit compare between the Sugar Cane 1947 (and Hawaii and Okinawa) and the TCB 50s? I have a pair of 50s I wore for some months, but they sat in my closet while I wore my S40s. The 50s unfortunately don’t fit well in the waist anymore, so I’m considering buying another pair in the right size. SC’s fabrics always interested me though, and the measurements look similar to the 50s. EDIT: Did some digging in past threads and seems like the Canes fit tighter in the waist and have a slightly different shape overall.
  11. Been a while, but I'm still wearing these! Repaired twice and washed many times.
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