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  1. Jared_Lee


    @beautiful_FrEaK yes, I meant to mention this after my order. Apologies. I too received an additional invoice for shipping to US. The complimentary shipping is exclusive to Japan. @bartlebyyphonics unfortunately, it will be a little while longer before I can post pics. The 38 was too big. I have shipped it back for exchange to 36, but this will take a couple weeks in total, I would guess. I can say that the vest is awesome to handle. The fabric has a nice weight, beautiful color and soft hand. The cats on the buttons are also en excellent detail. I don't really understand how the 38 was too big. I followed measurements against existing garments and have never been 36 in any Japanese brands, but not a problem. I'll just be patient for the 36 to arrive.
  2. Jared_Lee


    @bartlebyyphonics, I'll try to get some pics after it arrives. The TCB insta has some pretty good pictures of the fit as well. I can also compare with an older Sugar Cane vest I have, if you'd like. They're both size 38.
  3. Jared_Lee


    Just ordered the TCB Tabbys Vest which reminded I should post a few pics of my USN Seaman's Trousers. Been running these in the mix regularly alongside some Buzz Rickson chinos and E Tautz trousers for the last 2+ years. One of my favorite pairs of pants.
  4. Jared_Lee

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    I know this is for another forum, but I'd love to get in on a 10oz work pant. I would dust off my contest legs and sign up for a new forum to get down for sure.