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  1. Taking Care of the World Tour

    Hey dudes, apologies for the absence. Documenting my life this last month and uploading it to the internet has run at odds with my personal headspace. The jeans are great. I love everything about them. I have a couple photos to upload later. For now, I know my time has come. Volvo or Ooms, if the jeans are in fact destined for Ooms next, can one of you please message me his address? I'll get them in the mail tomorrow.
  2. TCB

    oomslokop, thank you for your kind words. The Morgues are doing well. We're playing a show tomorrow night. The Bombay // '69 Ranchero 7" record has been out for a little while now. All analog, nothing digital. It's available through us, The Morgues. I appreciate you asking.
  3. TCB

    gnomes, mine are 32. They are roomy when I button them and that's just how I like it. The TCB measurements are post-wash. They shrink a little in length after a hot wash and warm tumble at the laundromat, not much in the waist. The waist will stretch about an inch like any others and quite quickly in an active lifestyle. I wash them every week or so and after five or seven days, they feel much bigger in the waist. I would size up to the 34 and wear them LOOSE. That's the look.
  4. TCB

    I've been steady on the TCB Seaman's Trousers this summer. I was walking down Green Street past Blue In Green when I was stopped by a photographer. He asked if he could take my picture. I consented. He gave me his card and said if I e-mailed, he'd send the photos. The highlight is definitely those damn jeans. NE corner of Green St. and Canal St. New York City, July 16, 2016. Photo: Alejandro Garcia. That denim... Finished out my front with Chuco Moreno wearing the same trousers. And grabbed a fun one from Bert Krak. Design from a 1983 National Design sheet drawn by Crazy Philadelphia Eddie.
  5. World of denim shops

  6. World of denim shops

  7. World of denim shops

  8. World of denim shops

    I didn't really know where else to put this. Blue In Green just underwent a massive remodel and expansion. When I walked in and saw it on Friday, I knew I wanted to photograph it for you all. I asked Naoki if it would be all right for me to come by Sunday to do so and he graciously agreed. Here are the results. I won't clutter it with words, but if you have questions about anything specific, please ask.
  9. RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    You know, strangely, yes. My TCB Seaman's Trousers are roomy all over and a size big in the waist, but I still notice a considerable difference in fit after a wash. The waist shrinks down, the rise feels a little lower and the seat is more snug.
  10. TCB Happy Jeans contest: final submission thread

    A fitting end. Congratulations, Volvo. This was a true testament to labors of love from the brand to the contest to the pants and on to the contest submissions and results. Thank you.
  11. TCB: happy jeans contest

    Oh, HELL YES! To answer PaulT's question about what we're wearing in the meantime, I spent a couple days in some vintage 1964 army field pants. Then for the last two days I've been splitting time between my Devi's S01 and TCB USN seaman's trousers.
  12. TCB: happy jeans contest

    Happy to see 2018. By then, I'm certain I'd like to participate.
  13. TCB: happy jeans contest

    I can read, but sometimes fail to. Apologies. Edited.