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  1. Yes, it's the wide version of 0105. I have them in 31. I have the old tapered version of 0105 in a 30. I would guess that the 31 in actually spot on at about an inch bigger in the waist, so they're sizing the same. It stretches the same too, quickly, easily and a little more than a half inch. I tried on the SS24 11.5oz 0105 and Type 1 the other day. It's unbelievably soft and drapes beautifully. I have one of each on order for their release this spring. I don't know what sizes as the samples fit perfectly and I just said "whatever those sizes are."
  2. @vIGGiou riou They've probably got about 5 months of daily wear over those 10 months. I think I've washed them about once for every month, maybe once more than that so 5 or 6 washes.
  3. Some 0105's that have been in rotation about 10 months. Still the best fabric I've worn over the last 15+ years.
  4. One thing to consider as well is neurodivergence. It's complete speculation, but the behaviors described by @chicote aren't necessarily as simple as "an artist's genius" or whatever. It's not about giving a pass for poor behavior to a person because of their creative eccentricity. It's about considering that those eccentric behaviors may be part of a bigger picture neurodivergence that can absolutely prevent one from behaving in social settings according to neurotypical standards. This may not be the case at all, but often we dismiss neurodivergent people incapable of socializing according to neurotypical standards as assholes, discompassionate, self involved, cold, etc. when the person is none of those things.
  5. As far as the hype goes, I don't care. At all. If someone is making something the way I want it made and I can't easily find it done that way elsewhere, I will make effort to buy it - either because there's no hype and it's obscure and difficult to track down or because it's super hyped and I need to be on the computer at 9:15 am San Fernando porno time to cop. At its worst, it's just not that complicated. I love my Roys. I'm not thrilled with the fit on my Ooes, but the fabric is lovely. I also love my big, bad, bully, western-market-price-gouging Full Counts. They each offer something desirable that the other does not and cannot easily be found in other jeans elsewhere. As for pattern, if you haven't handled them and tried them on, you cannot speak to pattern. Measurement charts can give you a good idea of general dimension, but cannot tell the story of how the subtlety of pattern will affect the fit. The BS Straight is a perfect example. It has identical measurements to my Roy jeans, but fits completely differently due to the front rise being drawn out flat and straight and the seat seam pulling a strong curve along my butt. The Roy has the same measurement FR and BR, but the front curves earlier and rear sags lower.
  6. All this thread activity reminded me to wear mine today, @julian-wolf. Would love to read your thoughts on them.
  7. Congratulations @srudy and @mousemouse! Lovely results all around. And yes, thank you to @Signet and Warehouse for hosting. Excited to see what you two select for you prizes!
  8. Here are the front and back flat lays for judging. More to come.
  9. @chicote, they are pretty and that 2-into-1 is just right - mellow at steady throttle and barks when you whack it. The only other classic British style twin on the market that compares in looks is your W650. As for the valves, I haven't found them more than two thousandths of a mm out of spec yet and always on the loose end so I could probably leave off annual and just stick with every 6,000 miles at this point. Were the valves a problem on the Himalayan?
  10. Did my annual oil change and valve adjustments ahead of the final wash to close out the contest. Been working on product flats at work the past few weeks , so I'm going to try my hand at that for the final submission. Here's a few shots from the last week.
  11. Yes, that's been my experience with a couple Type I denim jackets as well. The rivet does its job.
  12. @cultpop 0217, my favorite fit I've seen you in. A fitting tribute. My condolences to you and the community. The elders there are fewer and more precious and their loss will be deeply felt.
  13. Yeah, the White Oak Saddle Pant is exclusive to S&S. You won't be finding that stocked at other shops. I passed on them and having handled them, regret it. Oh well. Currently wearing my OA01XX-0522 as a consolation. Haha. Great pair of jeans. Nearly identical to the Warehouse 1001 '47 cut.
  14. It looks to be intentionally misleading to me. They clearly omit that this fabric is woven at White Oak. The labels they show are not White Oak labels. Yet they tout the heritage of the White Oak Mill and the Draper X-3 in the next section. It also feels fishy that they include "representing the American denim all over the world." Looks like an intentionally vague statement to create the argument that they never misrepresented where this Cone Denim comes from. I wonder what shuttle looms they're running in China.
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