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  1. Jared_Lee

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    To @DoitsuJin's question, planning for a small single or a tight double roll. I included the extra 2 cm in the inseam to allow for additional shrink. We'll see where they end up. Hem length is definitely most tricky with these wide legs if you don't want to rock a wide cuff. I went based off two pairs I have that work well with a small roll and when single cuffed have enough length to stay down over the top of my boots when motorcycling. As for why I joined, my TCB '50s are my favorite pair of jeans I've owned, fit and fabric (Full Count 0105 a close second). When this contest popped up, it was an easy choice to join. I don't know if the fabric can live up to the '50s, the '20s fabric certainly doesn't imo. Only one way to find out - with full tux! Eyeing this to layer underneath the jacket during winter cycling.
  2. Jared_Lee

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Sadly, I installed the Mac OS that eliminated iTunes without knowing it beforehand. I am an iPod Classic enthusiast and have been forced to use Swinsian since. But yeah, I've used programs to create mp3 from digital video's audio before (great way to rip live performances that were never made into albums). I have the official DVD for A Visual Sound. I wonder if I could quickly and easily route audio from my receiver into my Mac and record it that way (probably just an aux line into my 1/8" mic jack). I don't know if that would be better source audio than the YouTube version.
  3. Jared_Lee

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    @Double 0 Soul, A Visual Sound is one of the best soundtracks in skate video history, fo sure. I think I actually watch/watched Tincan Folklore a little more. I never looks for the soundtrack as a separate document. If you'd be willing to link that mp3 for me in a pm, I'd be grateful. @MJF9, I have a 1978 Marantz cassette player that's in need of refurbishing. Just waiting for Covid closures to ease to take it into the vintage stereo repair in Manhattan. I still have every mixtape and underground rap tape from middle school onward. I did dump most of the major label cassettes a few years back as I have the mp3s and there isn't much nostalgia for me in the mass-produced, commercial cassettes.
  4. Jared_Lee

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    @Double 0 Soul, I decided to carry this over to "General Nonsense." I watched Beasts of Burden. It was cool. A nice time capsule of the early '90s. It led me to Proof of Delivery which might be a little more polished in its production, but also SF, this time 1987. The music is also great on Proof. I like going further back with these. Today's messenger culture is super self aggrandizing whereas these early heads just did it because they were fuck ups, disenfranchised, etc and it's just the job. As the culture evolved, that lifestyle became "cool" and the participants became prophets of "cool style," #messlife, and it's no longer the same place for misfits and outsiders. Same shit happened with skateboarding from the '90s into '00s. That's not a total gripe against it, but more an observation and a fondness for these characters on screen in these two documents.
  5. Jared_Lee

    Shoes that look better with age...

    As someone who deals in customer service and managing customer expectations, I have to thank you for your response and ability to think about the warranty sensibly. That person very well may have gotten the socks replaced under "warranty" because they wore out. That doesn't necessarily mean the damage actually fell under the warranty, just that the company did them the courtesy. I believe it was Columbia that changed their "lifetime" warranty a few years back because customers just wouldn't be sensible about what the warranty covered for the "lifetime" of the product. People abused the word lifetime to cover replacement of the product any and every time it was no longer functional in the "lifetime" despite that warranty only covering defect and manufacturer flaw for the lifetime of the product. Again, thank you for listening. I firmly believe in supporting the brands you like financially as it is possible and reasonable within your budget. And yes, Darn Tough socks are fucking great.
  6. Jared_Lee

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    I agree that the forum is far superior to Instagram for tracking and posterity. But facing the reality of the times, would you @volvo240thebest be willing to assign a contest specific hashtag so Instagram users can at least search the tag to see all the posts as we go along?
  7. Jared_Lee

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    Yeah, I've seen their ads and presence in chopper culture, but I didn't know Yasui's direct connection to TROG and by extension that crazy ice race from the article. Great stuff all around.
  8. Jared_Lee

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    @Double 0 Soul I've been meaning to check out Beasts of Burden for a while now. Maybe today will be they day! If you haven't seen any contemporary Hot Lines from Terry Barensten's YouTube channel, I highly recommend them, especially this Rough Cut.
  9. Jared_Lee

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    I don't know if this would interest the folks here, but I came across a little series of articles on the Crazy Eights motorcycle club to which Atsushi Yasui belongs. Great images and a fun little story published by Roller Magazine in January 2019.
  10. Jared_Lee

    WAYWT 2020 (Denim Edition)

    @justintk while riding in traffic is stressful to start, it gets easier. I have to remind myself to let go of emotional response to others' actions on the road and focus that energy on riding my ride and protecting myself. I've been bicycle commuting in NYC for 10+ years and it only gets more enjoyable as the years go on. I encourage you to stick with it and see if you can't find that place where the traffic becomes a moving puzzle your constantly solving.
  11. Jared_Lee

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Speaking of, happy Father's Day to all the forum denim daddies. Innuendo intentional as this really is a fetish property, isn't it?
  12. Jared_Lee

    Denim Blunders, Reflections and General Nonsense.

    Haha! Veagn to boot!
  13. Jared_Lee

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Would love to have you, Duke! Also, would @nycsurfer530 consider a name change to @nycsurger? So sick.
  14. Jared_Lee

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    Yes! Good to have you in, Gnomes.
  15. Jared_Lee

    Happy jeans: TCBxSufu S40s WW2 contest thread

    A little 50s contest nostalgia as we're all feeling the excitement of the WWII contest coming on:
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