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  1. @gmn, I have not experienced significant shrink on their 13.75oz one-wash inseams. Less than a half inch, if anything. I machine wash and tumble dry. On the 11.5oz, the inseam shrank another .75" or so. I don't have a measurement, but they went from a three roll for length to a two roll after wash and tumble.
  2. Baja Shirt arrived. It's exactly what I wanted it to be.
  3. Is that the XSR700 or 900? I rented the 900 for a week once. Stupid fast bike, like dumb that people even want to ride bikes like that on public roads. I'd really like to try the 700 some time. Going to give the engine a try next month on the Tenere 700.
  4. @super-thermite, I mean the vertical lines that don't follow a fold but have washed out lighter than the rest of the leg due to some kind of crinkling in the wash or detergent settling into wrinkles. It happened pretty heavily on my last Warehouse pair. I didn't really care much for that denim all around and particularly disliked the heavyweight pocket bag material.
  5. @Sympathy-For-The-Denim, they are the standard 13.75 oz. I usually wash right side out after the first two or three washes. There's no deeply thought out formula to how I wash. I wash when I think they need it. I use the machines and detergents available to me at the moment (sometimes travelling). And honestly, it doesn't make any difference. I have some pairs that end up with rivers. I have some that end up with deep creases. I have some that don't. It's antithetical to the garment to treat it any differently than underwear or a tee shirt when it comes to how you wash it. I just wear and wash and let what happens happen.
  6. Yeah, I think the thing with styling a vest like that is to not work it into a "heritage" or "workwear" style. I think it would look great with an oversized military fatigue or cargo paired with sneakers. Paired with denim and/or boots, it will certainly look too folksy for my taste. I would also love to see it with something like the Good Ol' What's-Her-Face Freedom Flight Trouser or some sort of linen trouser and then a lug-soled moc from your choice of brand or a loafer. It's really just a matter of styling it outside of its origins and it will look super cool.
  7. @AlientoyWorkmachine thank you. I couldn't really say what the wash schedule has been. I can't wear them at work (for the past 12 months anyway) and I have worn some Roy's, Warehouse, Mister Freedom and other chinos all throughout as well. I just wash them when I feel like it's time. I couldn't really even guess as to how many washes beyond saying more than 6 and less than 15. I only have access to a laundromat so I wash and tumble these on "Colors" and "Low" whatever that means on those machines.
  8. 0105's with about 18 months of wear.
  9. Mine should deliver to me next week along with the 11.5 oz Type I. I'll try to post once I have them, though I guess you have already seen that fit...
  10. Two sizes up will fit great with some stretch. If I was going to get another pair, I would go up three sizes because I prefer my jeans a little loose. I have a 33 and it's a "perfect" fit meaning I can break it in and wear it without a belt after stretch. I prefer the feeling of a waist and thigh that don't require stretch and just fit comfy right out of the wash. I also prefer an 8.75" LO minimum. For that I would go up three sizes to a 34 rather than the 33 I own.
  11. The jacket is killer. I would be reluctant to buy that pant without trying it on first. It could be great. It could be one of those styles that even in the right size, it still doesn't fit. I think I could find the fit with the luxury of playing with a few sizes, but I don't have that luxury.
  12. @heyson, Roy said to contact Tilden directly. Not sure if that's via email or DM, but whatever's available I'm sure would be fine.
  13. @shredwin_206 I saw those. They also have that odd U-shaped belt loop. They're not for me, but happy to see Roy getting in there and contributing to jeans manufacturing in ways that are still fun for him.
  14. @Bowler Even when TCB made matching jackets at the launch of the S40s jean and contest, they were not interested in a fade contest for the jacket.
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