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  1. Jared_Lee

    atlast&co , butcher products , timeworn clothing

    @MJF9 you know what I like.
  2. Love the style in your pics @jsn. Looking very cool.
  3. Jeans got the old S&S on-body treatment today.
  4. Jared_Lee

    Shoes that look better with age...

    Those look great, @Broark! I'm excited to see them worked into your outfits.
  5. Quick pic from month five, week one.
  6. Jared_Lee

    Mister Freedom

    That's the one @Hopethisoneisnttaken.
  7. Jared_Lee

    What are your jeans doing today?

    @pomataexcellent LP.
  8. Jared_Lee

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

  9. Jared_Lee

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    @shredwin_206, from the size charts posted by Ooe, yes, that's what I'd recommend.
  10. Jared_Lee

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    S&S sends out a launch date/time to its e-mail subscriber list. If you treat it like a Roy launch and have the page up to order as it goes live, it's very likely you'll get your size.
  11. Jared_Lee

    Ooe-Yofukuten & Co.

    @AlientoyWorkmachine, that's not really a question anyone can answer for you. It's a matter of preference. If you want the most fitted look at the possible expense of being very tight out of the wash, choosing the smaller when in between is advisable. I prefer a little too loose after stretch than a little too tight after wash, so I select the larger when in between. Aho's sizing is spot on. I always look at 31" as my starting point, then find the raw waist that is +2" from there - 33". It has never failed across any unsanforized fabric I've bought. Given the choice between +1.5" and +2.5", I'm going +2.5". In the case of these Ooe's, that's size 33 for me.
  12. Jared_Lee

    Shoes that look better with age...

    I agree with @Duke Mantee. Give em a quick wipe down with a wet rag, a brushing and add just a little conditioner. It'll spruce em up, feed the leather, but not overdo it. They look great, @chicote!
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