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  1. TCB

    Apologies for the mirror selfie but these 60's are really starting to come into their own.
  2. I'll second the thigh issue again. I feel like those pants shrank significantly between my first leg and second...
  3. I've worn these 129 wattles for about a month and they are already starting to fade, not a bad thing I've just always heard Tender is stubborn as hell. They do get washed pretty often since I mainly use them for bouldering and more casual days at the office.
  4. I'd be down for them after Ian, that way we can continue our streak of sending each other tour jeans!
  5. TCB

    I guess I'll post these while I'm at it. 60's pants worn since October, countless washes/drys: Forgive the iPhone pics, I can't find my memory card for my Fuji...
  6. TCB

    TCB 50's jacket is getting close to a year, so I thought I'd post some picks. I started wearing this jacket in Portland where the weather was more conducive to wearing it a ton but sadly I now live in Los Angeles so it gets less wear than it should. I've treated it to many washes and trips around the dryer and as most of you know this thing holds indigo like a champ, so the fading is rather subdued.
  7. I've been meaning to get around to taking some photos, so I'll snap some and put then in the TCB thread.
  8. My two cents on that jacket, wash it, dry it, it will stretch back out and hold its color like crazy. I've had mine just about one year and it's seen the inside of a wash/dryer more than I can remember.
  9. vintage pocket t Tender 129 Vans
  10. I can second this, Taylor Stitch makes some decent stuff, I have this: https://www.taylorstitch.com/products/maritime-shirt-jacket-in-navy-donegal-lambswool and love it. No experience with their denim shirts but I'm sure they are pretty nice. As for Gustin, I tried one of their shirts years ago and the fit was all over the place, I cannot recommend.
  11. They finally got back to me and I did get the job!
  12. Glad they made it! Also glad to hear it was not just my imagination on the tighter thighs.
  13. TCB

    Thanks, those would work really well for me. Something to think about when I get tired of my Tenders and TCB 60's, or just hold off for the 60's in that fabric...
  14. Spotted these at Inspiration LA: I don't have a kid but I considered buying them for when I do...
  15. TCB

    By any chance are these size 28? If so can you throw up some measurements? Also fit looks great!