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  1. Ah, thanks!
  2. They get washed right side out but I think the fades are more pronounced from rubbing up against climbing walls. I'm actually a little concerned that, that area will be the first to blow out.
  3. vintage Rat Fink shirt tcb 60's chucks and yes I'm a 33 year old man camping in a backyard.
  4. Monthly 129 update: i mostly climb in these so they get worked and washed often and are getting crazy. I just went climbing so some of the white is chalk but they generally are pretty close to what you see.
  5. I've had them since December 2015 but have maybe worn them a year? They have been washed countless times (30-40?) but did go the first 2 months before a wash.
  6. SD-307 December 2015 until now, washed often:
  7. Just started wearing these again, since at work tighter pants are seen as more formal.... Anyway they have been getting some great wear but the moment I get home I throw on my "comfy pants" Also, this is what happens when you wash the 18.5oz fabric often!
  8. Hey all, I'm gonna have to bailout, just dumped a bunch of money to get my car running again so it's not in the cards right now
  9. Yeah, my 60's were one washed, no complaints from me.
  10. TCB

    Looks similar to mine, and I get the self-conscious thing with the Canadian tuxedo. The first day of work in LA I wore the tux and was immediately known for it from that point on, It quickly made me realize I was no longer in Portland...
  11. Pants are in the mail! here is what they look like after their final wash with me:
  12. A taste of what's to come from the man himself:
  13. Great, I'll send them your way this week!
  14. TCB

    Fresh from the wash and fully dry in about an hour, gotta love the LA sun!