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  1. That sure is true. It was super hard to find accurate fits on my 60's (in small sizes) before I purchased them and honestly before I saw the Nifty post I was a bit on the fence with my full commitment to regularly wearing the 20's.
  2. This fit is getting me excited! Great to see what I assume is a 29 on a build similar to my own.
  3. After some thought, I'm gonna need to change my length to 75cm post wash.
  4. TCB

    If your a 32 you should get a 32 one wash.
  5. Update on my 129's
  6. We are rather spoiled here with climbing gyms. Touchstone has 3 gyms with one more on the way, and there are 3 more gyms from other companies in the area. LAB the one I went to today is actually the smallest of the Touchstone gyms in Los Angeles, the largest, Cliffs of Id has 26,000 sqft of climbing.......
  7. So today I went to LA Boulders for the kickoff of the Los Angeles Touchstone climbing series. Basically, the way the comp works is it's an open free for all scored on the honor system, ie first attempt = higher points than the subsequent attempts afterward all done on a scorecard. It's a really great way to get a bunch of people on a bunch of climbs and have it go all day without much logistics. Anyway today I climbed in the Roy's which gave me a bit of trouble (thigh is a bit snug) but all in all, I was fairly happy with my performance, flashed a couple v5's and finally managed, not one but two v6 problems.
  8. ^just started to get back into it in the last 6 months and spend most of my time in the gym bouldering. I'll be competing in a comp today so I'll post up some pics of that. in the mean time here are the Roy's with my big E jacket and Contax:
  9. Screw it, I'm in! Size 29, 76cm inseam, no suspender buttons. My wife will hate the wide fit but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. edit for cm's
  10. You don't eat vegetables?
  11. Last up I took the time Sunday to spend some time in the bouldering gym. I headed in early to see if I could beat the crowds but being Memorial Day there were a ton of people there. The Roy's did fairly well but I'm used to the much wider thigh of my Tenders, or my stretchy climbing pants, so I felt a bit restricted.
  12. On Sunday we got the chance to get out of the city to Switzer Falls up in the San Gabrial Mountains. Switzer is about a 25min drive away from our house in Silver Lake and it could almost be a world away from the massive city of Los Angeles: It's a really long drop..... Made a friend! Was really surprised how close I was able to get to this little guy.
  13. Alright, guys time for an update after the long weekend. I started my weekend Friday night with a few friends in from Berlin, but sadly I have nothing to show from that (a bit too many beers). Anyway, Saturday started out with a BIG breakfast to fight away a massive hangover. We went to a local dinner in Echo Park called Bright Spot, where I ate this a massive breakfast quesadilla and ~5 cups of coffee. Next up my wife and I felt like a hair of the dog so we headed out to Highland Park to grab a beer and do a bit of furniture shopping. We went to a nice beer bar called Block Party, where we sat out on the porch enjoying the sun and a bit of relief from our hangovers. Next up we walked a bit down the street to go check out some furniture at a place called The Hunt, sadly nothing was purchased After The Hunt we went to Col-Lab gallery to check out the tail end of an art show they were putting on. Sadly most of the art had been purchased and pulled from the wall but they had these great birthday cards based on famous serial killers:
  14. TCB

    I have not really paid attention but I usually dry them when we have sheets and towels to dry so it's probably at a pretty high temp. Also in the beginning I washed them on the hottest my machine would go.
  15. TCB

    I guess the magic is the dryer, it does wonders for the crinkles on the 60's and no leather patch to worry about getting puckered and destroyed.