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  1. Depending on fit, I could be in.
  2. The 30's could be an option, but those are much wider in the thigh than I'd like. Really, I'd just like for TCB to redo the black 50's, I have two pairs both the black and the standard, and by far they are my favorite cut out of all the pants I own... I might just wait to see what TCB comes out with this year and go from there. Just for reference, here are my black 50's and black Sugar Canes: TCB 50's 3 years of wear: Sugar Canes 7 years of wear off and on?
  3. Can anyone recommend some black denim similar to the black TCB 50's (mine are now falling apart 😞)? I've gone through the regular channels (the Sugar Cane's get to grey as they fade, I have the slim version) and can't find anything with a decent rise and a wider fit, so if anyone knows of any outliers, toss them here!
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