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  1. idk, kinda looks like the OK Soda of clothing brands
  2. Just use a small brush and touch it up with the new Black 2.0 (Vantablack sub)
  3. Also, you can try Burton's [ak] line. I was able to pick up the Piston Crew half price. Last season's I think, but still Powerstretch w/ gun-slinger pocket. A small at REI
  4. Dyneema's been busy lately. They've been working on projects with denim too, Levi's Strong collection. They also acquired the company that makes cuben fiber
  5. An Amazon seller has a few ACG Wovens from last season for $99. I got both the black and Obsidian. Multiple sizes
  6. Good sale on some Qasas at Notre
  7. For shopping, I'm kinda out of the loop...but Notre up in Andersonville neighborhood may interest you. As for food, there are too many to list, really. Plus it depends on the vibe and price range. My advice would be to check out LTH Forums and look at their Great Neighborhood Restaurant list: Another recommendation would be to go to any of the Michelin Bib Gourmand places. They are all good, and the bib gourmand means that they're somewhat "affordable"
  8. St. Alfred has some jackets up
  9. lol, ACR sizing is today's version of 'what size APC NS should I get?'
  10. I got a pair of the Sk8 Hi reissues, nothing special but I like the minimalist approach
  11. The Reigning Champ 'Sea to Sky' collection looks pretty good if you're looking for standard cuts, styles and colors. Nothing crazy, but I like the Polartec tops
  12. They probably aren't in the ACG collection. In the past couple years they've released a few different models of sneakerboots that were in the regular Sportswear collection. They even do a separate "winter" version of some too. I ordered a pair of Air Max mid "Winter" last year. Unfortunately they were really narrow in the toe and had to send them back.
  13. I ended up getting some Imogene & Willie jeans back in the fall. The Charlie black rigid. I'm pretty happy with them, and they have sales pretty regularly
  14. I haven't used this brand before, but the price is not too bad
  15. Woah, that's an entrepreneurial spirit! I was able to find a place that just sold loose pieces and got a bunch of those for way cheaper. I didn't think there was that big a market for this