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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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These are my RRDS after about eight weeks of total wear now. At about six weeks I had to wash them after an encounter with some breasts and my coffee, unfortunately. They're still fading, though, and I'm still a happy little camper.



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--- Original message by cryptoclastic on Mar 30, 2006 03:14 PM

Nice jeans, but I usually get my creamer from the refrigerator.
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A pair of japan made evisu worn for 9 month before first soak in Cold water.

will start washing theese mor often now i think.


--- Original message by Deus on May 3, 2006 08:15 AM

no matter what anyone says about this brand, the quality of evisu denim looks amazing once broken in like this..awesome!


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Yes they are the 2001 model. and no2 denim.

size 35w x 35

i have only worn theese in bathtub in cold water for a short period.

i will wash them in machine in maybe 2 months. i am just afraid they will become more deep blue. and i prefer the greyish color..

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Because of the positive comments on evisu i figure i may post theese Vintage Evis jeans.

Scovill rivets and 2501xx model. wonderful denim but you can feel that its old.





These are a true piece of vintage jeans art.

I love them.

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Damn fine job on the Evisu jeans. Even if it isn't, all of that wear looks completely natural.

It is really nice to see actual wear instead of pics of really dark creased jeans. I am not saying we should not post pics of jeans in process though, I like that too, but those Evisus are fucking masterpieces.

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i like them both as i said before.

all the wear are natural, remember, i never soaked them before i started using them, wich was a BIG mistage, it makes some placed really distressed due to too much fabric starch in the fabric when its new.

its like bending a piece tof toasted bread, but if you rinse them overnight before using them its like untooasted bread, flexible and softer, but still hard ebough to get the good wear.

i could post some more jeans if there is any interest for that???

got some more awesome jeans.

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Theese are probably not my best pair, but they still got some good charactrer.

they are so soft and bruise so easy. just a lot of patching and repairwork done.

alsö theese are worn by a friend after me, thats why they are strange worn,

two different bodies create different worn out areas.





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the patchwork on those is great. im starting to think all the evisu haters are just jumping on the bandwagon without actually knowing what they are talking about, like hating a band for selling out just because they get popular.

If you've lost your faith in superfuture, Oh the end won't be long

Because if it's gone for you then I too may lose it, And that would be wrong

I've tried so hard to keep myself from falling

Back into my bad old ways

And it chars my heart to always hear you calling

Calling for the good old days

Because there were no good old days

These are the good old days

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yes, evisu still has one of the best denim in my humble opinion.

i have 4 pairs of evisu jeans and that's what i wear everyday basically, it's nice to find a fellow evisu lover in this forum which seems to have lots of people not liking evisu.

yes, i also hate the evisu european mainline and evisu eu ed, but the heritage line is still doing good stuff. actually, the third pair deus posted is an european edition, so you can see there are nice evisu's europe.

i think denim heads don't care much about evisu nowadays because american mainstream jumped on evisu bandwagon, people whom don't really care about denim quality and are buying the jeans for the sole reason of those back pocket designs, therefore, there haven't been much photos of worn in evisu's like deus posted to show the denim heads what evisu quality is all about.

now, addressed to deus:

why do you say it was a mistake not to cold soak the first pair you showed before starting to wear it? i like the feeling of wearing raw denim a lot (probably the only on this board to think this way lol)

and do you think using starch really played a big role in that fading you got?

Stand tall or don't stand at all

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for the ones who wonder about the fit of the 2001 / 2501xx model.

2501 is same fit as 2001


Evisu Eu is nothing to hate, they fit quite good and fades OK if you wash them correct. they are quite basic, exept the new styles that are horrible. way to everkill.

I share the view that japan evisu is better quality, better fit and wear in best of all jeans i have used.

But my favourite pieces are from early Evis.

But unfortunally they ruin my economy :( .

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I basically rock my jeans like deus rocks his lol, low waisted and relaxed, i wouldn't call it baggy.

japanese lot 2000 and european lot 0331 are more fitted models, but since i don't like my jeans fitted and i love evisu vintage cut and lot 2001 since day one, i never tried on a pair, so i can't really tell you nothing about the cut on a personal view.

Stand tall or don't stand at all

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I can show you what happends with japan evisu when you wear them from factory new.

you get Cracks in the high distress points like whiskers and honeycombs, theese will eventually turn in to rips or maybe some loose threads. wich do look cool, but as it is now, they just look nasty.


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