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  1. THE PERFECT LUXURY TRAVEL BACKPACK Purchased for $1250 last fall/winter season. Gorgeous black Phillip Lim backpack in pebbled leather. Bag has served me well in numerous international trips but it is in absolute mint condition. No scratches or scuffs on the leather. Very very minor scratch on the buckle on the bag straps from natural wear, but it's not visible. Clearing out closet space for this upcoming fall. Selling for $OLD Bag features: CAVERNOUS interior space. Can Easily hold a shoe box A small interior pocket Outside pocket perfect for an iPad An outside pocket on the bottom of the bag for pens, maps, etc. Reinforced top handle Comes with original dust bag and tags.
  2. Cycling Pack $OLD http://jamesrmcnally.com/2011/08/nanamica-%E3%83%8A%E3%83%8A%E3%83%9F%E3%82%AB-herringbone-cycling-pack/ http://www.present-london.com/nanamica/nanamica-cycling-pack-grey-herringbone/ Curated by Nanamica, the Filson Red Label tote. $OLD http://millmercantile.com/Filson_Filson_Red_Label_Tote_Bag_in_Navy_11540.html
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    I can say from personal experience that unless you are an ibanker, it's pretty difficult to get a job in HK if you are not an HK resident. As downtilimunderground says, it's better to get a job at home and get sent to HK with an expat package. Then you can live it up. Other than that, it's pretty depressing living in HK with low salary, long hours, working half days on Saturdays, and slowly rising costs as mainlanders buy everything up. I'm a US citizen, but I did end up working in HK for a summer at HK Disneyland. I had a specific talent that no local HK person had, so HKDL hired me and took care of my work visa and everything. Before that, I had a very hard time trying to get a job there, especially since I couldn't speak Cantonese.
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    10 MAWR DAYSSS!! I can't wait! lol
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    check sites like time out hk and hongkonghustle.com. they should be pretty up to date
  6. bump. happy holidays! its leather season now!