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The Evolution of Jeans: Pictures, Scones and Tea

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My trusty nudie RRDS after about 1 year of regular wear. The photo is a little over exposed, so they're not quite as white in real life. Don't have any "before" photos, but you all know what they look like. Enjoy!


--- Original message by choice_genes on Mar 15, 2006 10:10 PM

HOLY CRAP! THOSE RRDS are possessed! Check out the right knee bulge. Looks like the "face on Mars." Hahah. I need that on my RRDS.
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Before Front

http://img53.imageshack.us/img53/290/mocrawjg0217272jv.th.jpg" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us" /></a>

Before back

http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/3533/mocrawjg0217366qg.th.jpg" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us" /></a>

Pics from acnejeans.com

After front


After back


I have worn this acnejeans for about 6-7 months, washed them once.

Sorry for the bad links, didnt know how to get the pics in correctley

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My camera's battery cut on me, but before i got a picture of my honeycombs that are coming along.

Once I'm able to, I'll snap a few more to give you guys a better idea of the jeans.


Edited by Pasty on Apr 30, 2006 at 06:17 PM

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* hint for any dudes that are going to post pics in the future, turn flash off, use natural light source or lamps or something else other than flash

alot of these pictures just look like crinkled up raw denim. I dont see any wear

--- Original message by lyingonyourdriveway on Apr 30, 2006 09:27 PM

good tip. if you are out of doors, align your jeans parallel to the rays of the sun.
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Heres a pic of my stf's that i got back in February. After about a month or so I ended up experimenting on it.



--- Original message by JohnXJames on Apr 30, 2006 09:47 PM

yeah, those do look really nice, care to elaborate?

honey, you're my religion

Even though you haven't yet expanded

To include a heaven after

Even though I have demanded it

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Quote: yeah, those do look really nice, care to elaborate?

When I first got them in February,I soaked them in cold water then hung it up to dry. Then I rocked it non stop, spraying starch every other day or so around the thighs and behind the knees. Then sometime in the middle of April, I got a sanding block and some sand paper and just started sanding down where all the creases and folds were. As for the holes, they were down using a knife. I just kept sliding the blade in the same direction until it started to wear out. Once I was done I threw it in the rinse cycle with some fabric softener. I'm happy with how the front came out. I wish the honeycombs would have come out better, but instead they look like crumpled up paper.

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Do you have any pics before your second "rinse cycle" wash? They seemed to have lost A LOT of its shiny indigo color with only 2 washes.

I'm planning to soak mine in hot water for about 8-10 hours but now I'm kind of scared to leave them in that long.

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this was my first experiment with raw denim. i picked up these crates about a year ago and had no knowledge of raw denim needless to say i wore them a few times then decided to wash them. when they came out looking gross i didnt know what to say so i took it as a loss and stayed away from raw denim until somehow i stumbled upon this site.




i got these crates next. wore them a few times but they feel to tight in the crotch for me. i try to wear them every now any then.



working on a pair of stfs because of my previous failed attempt at raw denim. i soaked them hot for 8hrs and they still had the dark indigo as if it was cold soak and pretty much fit my exact size. worn about 2 weeks.

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levis stf

s and most dry denim for that matter rea;;y loses its raw "luster" and color after you throw them into any sort of washing machine. The best way to retain that look is to either a) not wash them or B) cold soak them with a bit of woolite to retain as much of the original indigo as possible. You can try to dry clean them too if you really want to keep that rawish look to em and at the same time clean them





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