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    Superfuture Running Club

    Do you hold your phone out of habit or convenience to check your time/pace or is it because you have no where else to really put it? How are you keeping your keys in your pockets without them jingling the entire time? I know most of the running shorts/pants out there only have small key pockets made for 1-2 keys, which is a pain in the ass for me since I live in an apartment in the city. When I saw little flurries this morning, I knew it was going to be freezing today. I ran at night wearing my usual 3 layers - a short sleeve compression shirt, long sleeve waffle knit thermal, and a half zip mock neck fleece - and was still freezing. It was low-mid 30s - with wind chill it was below freezing tonight.
  2. Phrost3

    Superfuture Running Club

    I don't know how some people are still running in shorts and t-shirts in November. It's getting pretty cold here in NY (low to mid 40s at night with wind chill) and I'm still cold wearing 3-plus layers. What are you guys wearing to stay warm? Also, where are you guys keeping your keys and phones while running? The velcro arm bands are a pain in the ass - the get sweaty and throw me off balance.
  3. Phrost3

    GYAKUSOU : undercover lab + nike

    For those who have tried on the F/W 2012 mesh lined pants, how do they fit? 1 or 2 sizes smaller than labelled? I'm about a 33 inch waist and deciding whether a L or XL would fit better. Also, are the pockets big/secure enough to hold keys and a phone?
  4. Phrost3

    Superfuture Boxing Fans?

    canelo barely throws enough punches as it is. against mayweather, he's going to get frustrated and clam up as he continually gets countered, like they all do. don't forget canelo got tired and visibly slowed down half way through his fight with trout. it's interesting that marquez's trainer, nacho beristain, was quoted saying that mayweather canelo would be an even fight. he's one of the few who picked rigondeaux over donaire, saying rigondeaux would outclass donaire pretty easily.
  5. Phrost3

    Superfuture Running Club

    I'm tinkering around with the idea of making my own pair of running shorts. Other than the Niike Undercover shorts, I'm having trouble finding a pair that have at least 2 zipper pockets to comfortably keep my phone and keys secure without flopping around. I like the styling and functionality of the Nike Undercover shorts, but not the price. Would any of you be interested? I'm thinking of something with a 6-7 inch inseam in a breathable water resistant fabric with ~3 zipper pockets to hold essentials.
  6. Phrost3

    Superfuture Running Club

    which flyknits do you have? i've had durability issues with my flyknit lunar 1s with the black rubber pods on the sole wearing out very fast. i've emailed nike about them, and they said that if you purchased them from an authorized nike retailer (footlocker etc), it would be more convenient to deal with the retailer for returns/exchanges due to issues
  7. Phrost3

    Superfuture Boxing Fans?

    2013 update rios alvarado 2 was more of the same, but alvarado definitely earned the win. canelo trout was good, but the judges were obviously paid off. canelo needs to learn to throw more punches. i remember canelo giving away at least 2 of the middle rounds cause all he did was pose and slip punches. bradley provodnikov was a beatdown. fight of the year for me so far. bradley marquez is a lot more intriguing now that we know bradley can be consistently hurt. even though marquez is a smaller fighter coming up, he's still a puncher. exciting matchup martinez's middleweight reign is done. in my eyes, he looked pretty much the same as before, but he just can't move as well and can't take a punch now. i think golovkin will rise to be the standout of the mw division mayweather looks sharp as ever, much better than in his fight with cotto. after the first round when guerrero landed a few left hands, including a heavy left to mayweather's body, i thought it would have been competitive match up, but i was wrong matthysse just shows how much of a puncher he is at 140. hopefully he gets his shot against garcia. i think it'll be a close fight.
  8. Phrost3

    Superfuture Running Club

    i'd recommend trying on the nike pegasus. they're supportive, have good cushioning, and retail for $100 but can be purchased for much less on sale (especially the previous pegasus 28 model, which you can ebay for ~$50)
  9. Phrost3

    Superfuture Running Club

    thanks for the help. any specific models you can recommend? the shorts i've seen seem to only have 1 small zip pocket near the rear waistband. i'm still on the look out for ones with 2 or more zip pockets to secure my keys and phone. re: running sneakers nike flyknit lunar 1 pros: they're incredibly sleek and lightweight. they really do fit like a sock. soft but responsive cushioning, similar to zoom air but less springy, and the flywire really helps lock down the foot. they're really a pleasure to run in. cons: durability and cost. the sole wears out very fast. i've had these for about 1.5 months and ran ~35 miles in them on paved roads, and the rubber is close to being worn out. for $160 sneakers, they're not durable enough for me to justify the retail price. nike air pegasus 29 i've only had these for a few weeks, but i really like them. coming from the flyknit lunar 1s, they felt a bit more heavy/clunky, but i've come to appreciate the secure fit and soft cushioning. the waffle sole is looking a lot more durable than the flyknits, which is a huge plus for me.
  10. Phrost3

    Superfuture Running Club

    recommendations on inexpensive (~$40) running shorts? looking for knee-length or slightly above knee-length shorts with at least 2 zipper pockets to comfortably hold my phone and keys. i was looking at the nike undercover ones, but i am not spending $70-80 on them
  11. Phrost3

    miharayasuhiro mens F/W 13 - Paris

    this makes me want to put my two arms up, touchdown best collection this season. it's a shame that he isn't getting the recognition he deserves because he continually puts out great collections. i just wish he had us stockists so i can see the clothes in person
  12. Phrost3

    MA-1 Jackets

    yea the uniqlo ma-1 this season fits well for a slim jacket, but it's definitely cheap feeling and way too thin and light even for a spring jacket. i hoped they would release a more substantial, insulated version of that jacket this past fall/winter
  13. Phrost3

    Black/Mixed Girls Appreciation Thread

    i'm dreaming of a black x-mas....
  14. Phrost3

    MA-1 Jackets

    yes that's a margiela cwu-45 margiela has some interesting interpretations of ma-1s margiela fw 09 margiela pre-fall 2012 margiela pre-fall 2012 i wonder if the margiela above was an earlier recycled signature dating back before this yohji one yohji yamamoto fall 2002 back
  15. Phrost3

    Urban Techwear

    What are your thoughts on high performace cotton fabrics (ventile, etaproof, outlier's "supermarine" cotton)? Do they work as advertised? What are the drawbacks? I have an idea of using a natural water resistant fabric for a jacket, but from what I've gathered, this stuff is expensive to source