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  1. showbiz00ditc

    TORONTO Meetup

    'Fade February' event at dutil. Submit your denimz for the contest, come out to chill and drink Flying Monkeys beer. More info at ItsWorn.com
  2. showbiz00ditc

    iPhone Apps

    Beluga for group messaging
  3. If anyone has these get at me. I saw someone had a pair listed about a month ago and was having trouble selling them, I think it was shopspace? Couldn't find the thread.
  4. showbiz00ditc

    TORONTO Meetup

    Anywhere in or around Toronto other than Nomad stock Filson? Specifically the 257?
  5. showbiz00ditc

    Hollows Handmade Leather

    The wear on that wallet looks great. Some of you may already know about a site I do called ItsWorn. It focuses mainly on denim and leather products that have worn in well. I'd like to feature some more Hollows products. If you want to SUBMIT or email (extrAndrew(at)gmail.com) photos of your worn Hollows leather goods I'll get them posted.
  6. showbiz00ditc

    writing instruments

    Rotring 600? Lava? Where?
  7. showbiz00ditc

    TORONTO Meetup

    Anyone tried Barchef? Seems gimmicky and I've heard drinks are ~$20 but may want to give it a shot just once (as in 1 drink, fuck a drink >$5) for the experience
  8. showbiz00ditc

    Pictures that make you uncomfortable

    yea, i've got those before
  9. showbiz00ditc

    TORONTO Meetup

    what's a good brunch/lunch spot? what's the place you went to and got that eggs benedict recently gaws?
  10. showbiz00ditc

    TORONTO Meetup

    anyone know when the Nomad sale runs till? Is it on at both locations? Is everything open tomorrow (Sunday)?
  11. showbiz00ditc

    iPhone Apps

    good way to find apps that are usually paid...for free: (for non appulous/jailbreaker's) Get AppShopper and switch the 2nd search field to Free and the 3rd to Price Changes. Then browse for whatever category you'd like. It'll show you apps that've had their price changed to Free recently.
  12. showbiz00ditc


    Is there any way to export a blog from tumblr to another platform? Also, I'm still looking to get a custom theme made. If any of you do themes holler at me. Looking for something simple, similar to Inventory.com blog
  13. showbiz00ditc

    Show us your leather

    I keep a blog that you will all appreciate... ItsWorn.com Everything that looks better with age. I take a lot of images from this thread anyways, if you have some good stuff feel free to submit! (if I have your photo up there already and you want me to credit you or add more info, backstory to it send me a msg and I'll be happy to add it)
  14. showbiz00ditc

    Show us your leather

    here: http://duluthpack.com/all-leather/money-clip-wallet.html
  15. showbiz00ditc


    ItsWorn.tumblr.com I'm looking to get a custom theme made for It's Worn, think a few of you have made some themes. PM me