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  1. films you're looking forward to seeing

    Is blade of the immortal out?
  2. Im new here

    All the fashion people moved on to 4chan...
  3. No Euro dealer, these look really good...
  4. General TV show discussion

    Is Bloodline any fun?
  5. which sufu users are the most pussy

    Flip Owens is a good name though...
  6. Recent Purchases 2016–2017

    Didn't you also get the all white trail response II?
  7. Super...Smokers?

    Mevius is just a name change, they taste the same because they ARE the same. Lame as fuck name though :'( I like seven stars when I can find them but for some reason last cartoon I got wasn't the same taste.
  8. WAYWT destroyed my life [2017]

    Jacket: Vintage Levi Scarf: Schneider Shirt: Uniqlo Sweater: Malo Jeans: Margiela Trainers: Muji
  9. WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

    Dropped by Springcourt shop and got the classic q2 canvas,very nice. 79 euros is a little steep for made in vietnam but then cheap trainers are so expensive these days,not too sure why.
  10. WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

    They're Muji canvas trainers, tried to replace them but they didn't make them this season. I've been through two pairs but should have bought more (they're not very solid). I guess basic vans could be another solution. Brands: Paul Stuart cashmere coat Stephan Schneider candle print scarf Margiela elbow-patch sweater Uniqlo button down Peir Wu slacks Muji canvas trainers Bonus pic with Dries jacket and tie, uniqlo shirt, Branquinho flares, hokusai "wave" socks and vintage cuban heeled boots:
  11. japan :: tokyo :: general

    "Burger blogs" LOLILIOLOOLL
  12. Halloween Ideas

    Sexy safe space costumes?
  13. Black Metal Saved My Life

    This is a good book: http://tenderbooks.co.uk/products/the-death-archives-mayhem-1984-94-jorn-necrobutcher-stubberud?variant=21156757635
  14. Superawkward

    Buy her a new fucking tree.