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  1. best sufu disses, comebacks & zingers

    Finally some real content
  2. which sufu users are the most pussy

    that's my boy you still a pussy come fight me 2k17 bitch ass denim fairy doughnut
  3. lets all take a vote on which one of us are the most pussy i think Lukenstein and Cassava Piece are both the same level of pussy let me know your thoughts
  4. The Rite Stuff

  5. Bicyclettes

    get a car you fuckin weirdo
  6. The Rite Stuff

    that shit mad ugly aka the rong stuff
  7. Shout Outs

    shoot out my brother lobey, he a fuckin weird guy but he kool
  8. Shout Outs

  9. WAYWT destroyed my life [2017]

    you still a pussy
  10. Super...Smokers?

    fuuma smokes crack
  11. Acronym.

    sup hoop how u be