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  1. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    depends on the price range you are looking for. cassina, bal, hhstyle, acme. also, depends on the style. most OG furniture stores are located on Meguro-dori between Meguro Sta and Gakugei-daigaku.
  2. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    https://www.residentadvisor.net/features/2724 Inside Tokyo's audiophile venues
  3. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    What's next Tokyo culture story http://www.hi-vision.net/posts/1807449 For Beams 40th anniversary. Must be decent b/c it's by magazine house.
  4. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    interesting. all i know is that blacows is for people who just don't give a shit
  5. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    bout that scrump life
  6. herpsky


    just bought the 13 inch with touch bar. I didn't want the touch pad but low end one has far fewer ports, slower RAM, 2.9 ghz (vs 2.0 ghz). I've always bought the cheapest mbp but i decided to go with their high end one. it was like 1850 with tax included. lol
  7. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    firehouse in 本郷。 i think the place put an end to the whole burger debate. i've never been. from what i heard from "burger blogs" and random people, its the best
  8. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    Itoya in ginza. Loft in Shibuya/Yurakucho. Muji flagship in yurakucho. Tokyu hands in Shibuya. I usually pick up stuff in random department stores and book stores.
  9. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    naksu soaplando
  10. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    you just blew your chance lol
  11. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    i just came back from FUK. what do you want to do know?
  12. herpsky

    GYAKUSOU : undercover lab + nike

    are they really fake? i thought it was either the mainland or pinoy resellers who go to the clearance outlets and get a shit ton of gyaku
  13. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    daita area. it's where some of the more independent coolguy things spill over from shimokitazawa. Fog linen, fever, bossa nova ramen, barber sakota, and etc
  14. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    was it the b-mobile one?
  15. herpsky

    japan :: tokyo :: general

    Thanks. I was aware of Tmobile's international coverage. But, I'm not a Tmobile user. I might get IIJ's sim card because the line quality of bmobile is pretty horrible. The "Japan" SIM cards available on American Amazon...Any one with experience?