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  1. Vampyrvargfesten

    slim black jeans

    this is a thread for slim black jeans only. post pics and discuss... this thread is probably inappropriate for superdenim, which seems to be more overall more focused on heavyweight/heritage jeans slim / skinny? how much taper? pitch black / over-dye? stretch- 2%, 5%? 100% cotton? coated? raw? size up 2 slouch? size down 4 sufu fit? are there extra fucking zippers on the pants?? thread criteria (obvious, but worth restating so no one fucks this up): - slim (or skinny) - black (any shade of black; no dark-grey jeans, no dark-blue jeans duh) - jeans (denim; no chinos, work pants, corduroy, or shorts duh) edit:
  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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