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UNDERCOVERISM general discussion thread


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I had put a bid on this and then forgot about the auction and of course someone ended up outbidding me.

This is an amazing 3way jacket.

UC makes some of the best outwear stuff i've seen. i love the parkas with the round circle of clear material at the bottom of the sleeve so u can see your watch.

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anyone seen/tried/handled this ma-1/bomber? wondering how 'filled'/ padded the body is, plus sizing


also is there a list of online stockists anywhere?

I've tried it. Really great jacket - padding is not crazy thick but quite heavy/dense. Fits a little larger for UC, I'm almost always a 3 and this is a little more relaxed than usual but I wouldn't size down.

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Out of curiosity, has it always meant that or did he attach a meaning to it once the collaboration was announce? Seems like an impossible question to answer but maybe one of you is a super-nerd.

i do recall seeing "GILA" embroided on the back of some sneakers that predate nike gyakusou... bacon can prolly chime in here.

and your jeans are fucking awesome.

edit: they are from fw09, but "GILA" actually stands for "Grace of Industry and Luster of Ashes." still dope as fuck.



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sorry for the double post, but thought this was pretty cool:

"This season Takahashi notes that he was inspired by white, fluffy creatures with luminous eyes called "Graces." These creatures, invented by Takahashi, keep their distance from humans. A secret organization called Gila, he says, has succeeded in breeding and protecting the Graces. Gila also has played a crucial role in fostering a relationship between both the Graces and the human species. To illustrate this notion, Takahashi made dolls (which looked somewhat like a cross between an alien and a monkey with luminous eyes and a light on the tip of their tails), which rested on the shoulders of a few of the mannequins that were set-up in the center of the gallery space."

pics here.

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