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  1. Denpatou

    ATX! meetup?

    yelp is really of no help at all--where's a good place to get a protective sole added to my julius boots?
  2. anyone know of a good cobbler in the austin area?
  3. Denpatou

    ATX! meetup?

    whoops! totally should've bought tickets, looks like it sold out pretty quick--i'm probably gonna wander around a bit then hit up a house party instead~
  4. Denpatou

    ATX! meetup?

    def gotta try out evangeline soon, haven't had good cajun in quite awhile. and dope! i'm pretty hard to miss even in austin, so if you see a short guy w long hair in cdg/julius/lad, etc. be sure to say hi~
  5. Denpatou

    ATX! meetup?

    haha, not elvis specifically xP more excited to see holy wave as the beach boys, church shoes as the kinks, and the wolf as the byrds~ i went to their nye 1994 party last year, which is pretty impossible to top, but i really liked how the stages were set up--wandering between the volstead, hotel vegas, and the gypsy lounge is pretty fun and cuties everywhere of course~
  6. Denpatou

    ATX! meetup?

    moving to south atx in about a week, anyone else planning to hit up nye 1968 at hotel vegas?
  7. Denpatou

    ATX! meetup?

    gonna be in town for a buddy's wedding today, thinkin i might drop by hotel vegas afterward for the zoltars + sweet talk~
  8. Denpatou

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    should've emptied my pockets before this pic was taken, makes the silhouette look kinda odd from this angle. sweater diet butcher slim skin shirt julius tank rick owens pants black comme des garcons boots julius ring ann demeulemeester ()
  9. Denpatou

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    haha, just a habit i have of listing everything i'm wearing--guess it came off as more than a little pretentious. i wear this particular outfit somewhat often, i'll capture it properly next time i have my camera setup w me. just liked the silhouette and thought i'd share~
  10. Denpatou

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2014)

    blurry as fuck, but i thought the silhouette was interesting. i wasn't really in costume, but to appease everyone i just said i was the monolith from 2001. cardigan julius shirt ma_julius pants black comme des garcons boots julius ring ann demeulemeester
  11. Denpatou

    ATX! meetup?

    i'll be at a planetarium show at the museum of human achievement on thursday, still not too sure what i'm doing friday. lots of options. funfunfun approaches, got my party favours ready to go c: