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  1. everyone seems to be late, but it's okay. the group in this superswap seem a lot cooler so i'm sure everyone will get their package soon, and they'll be good.
  2. I'm going to be a bit late too. I already have a ton of good shit in the package, but I'm busy/lazy to do it this week. I'll probably add more stuff later on. btw, u a nerd swap partner.
  3. i already had some stuff on deck when the first feeler about this came out. i'm sure it'll be neato
  4. i plan on going to n/naka this year or next
  5. how many of the swappers are asian? like 50%?
  6. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2015/02/28/science/white-or-blue-dress.html?_r=0
  7. i'm in
  8. they're from taiwain
  9. the sfb sole is slippery on slick or flat floors. it works well on outdoor terrain.
  10. the nice thing about those batteries is it's a 510 thread so many brands are interchangable with it.
  11. he got the same wall as playtapus from suspension point
  12. waiting til it's safe to post. safe=dead
  13. ^place the work "inventory" on that pic and you wouldn't even know the difference
  14. people do it with guitars, nails, helmets, etc