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  1. undercover73


    I also bought the J59-GTand can whole heartedly agree with peoples opinions. I didnt get the TS version from last year so was excited to cop this. year. I love the over sized fit and the shock cord really does change the profile; I prefer it cinched in tight so it fits more profile from the back. To my shame ive only worn it twice because of the heat, but it will be getting a lot of wear come September and on. super nice piece with a lot of nice touches and I like the crinkleness of the GT pro. I prefer it sans hood as an MA-1
  2. undercover73


    Any one know if there is going to be much difference in waist size between the P10A- DS and E. I have a medium which is a little big but maybe the m in the black will be trimmer ? Any idea guys?
  3. undercover73


    in some ways kind of true....
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    I guess he's just a cunt.
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    schooled- thanks
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    I have a question- on the J47TS there is a 1 inch gap at the top of the zip- there are teeth on one side but on the opposite there is nothing, can anyone shed light on the purpose of this? Also the teeth on the opposite side of this short gap are a different calibre to the rest of the zip.