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  1. Live in my P-17s, anybody know if will they be in the first drop?
  2. Hi.

    Did you see any variants of the P-17?  

  3. Thank you people, all try rubbing grangers on the back of the collar and then give it a machine wash.
  4. I know its been covered but cant find the info. I need to wash my J50- WS and id be grateful of any suggestions about cleaning the whitening off the back of the collar. Im going to wash the shell with Grangers and then tumble dry as suggested in the Arcteryx video. Just want to know how to clean the marks on the collar.
  5. I haven't seen any scans for Aw17. Don't they show in Paris? I thought something would have been up by now
  6. Visvim 04, 32/30, Black damaged 5 Unworn with tags and bag £400 c
  7. FBT coyote, light brown, US 9, unworn, boxed. £550, postage dependent on location. T shirt 3 pack, white, size 2/m. Unworn in pack £180 Beacher shirt, button down, grey/white stripe, size 2/M. £80 c
  8. Wonder if it will close down like the HK store. People just went there to try on and then bought through proxies.
  9. Thanks man
  10. Does anyone know the retail for the J58 WS off Acronym s site?
  11. Is there any consensus on whether not the liner is an October release? It sold out on the site, is that just because its in the second drop? Surprised that more people aren't carrying this.
  12. Anyone know the fabrication on the upcoming P10 s ? Hoping on DS
  13. Thanks i m a US 9 and apparently i need a m
  14. apparently according to Nike the prestos run small? Anyone can confirm this?
  15. Thanks, i think the small will still be too long in the leg unfortunately. I am right in thinking they only do do the P17 in SS?