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    arcteryx veilance

    saw this on their IG. anyone has any info on the pants? thanks in advance
  2. Trim

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: 3A-1 Laminat L2 Black - $OLD - Use a couple of times and kept in bag ever since Comes with spec sheet and bag
  3. Trim

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

  4. Trim

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: BNIB 3A-MZ3-BLK (PAIR) $old
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    pardon, wrong thread.
  6. Trim

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    wtb: 3a-3ts black foil
  7. + all items listed are in usd and shipped from singapore with tracking + + all items are in excellent condition unless otherwise stated + + lowballers will be politely ignored + + thank you for viewing + _______________________________________________________ †carol christian poell visible meltlock frontzip trousers (46) $850 †paul harnden belted chamois pants (xs) x †paul harnden striped shirt (xs) $450 †geoffrey b.small linen chore jacket (m) $800 †bbs p13r-162pl (s) x †bbs p13-f176 (xs) $650 †bbs p11-f1112 (xs) $460 †bbs p16-f177 (xs) $750 †bbs p14-f181 (xs) x †bbs centered zipper ninja gloved hoodie (s) x †bbs ts1 (s) x †the soloist rough out jeans (44) x †the soloist fw 2012 jacket (xs) $600 †the soloist double zipper paint splattered jacket (xs) $500 †the soloist stripe pajama pants (s) x †raf simons redux book (os) x †raf simons 03 commodity sweater (46) $450 †carol christian poell pantograph ring (os) x †comme des garcons evergreen zipper jacket (ss) x †arcteryx veliance apparat pants black (28) x †paul harnden haymaker (59) x _______________________________________________________ †wtb/trade list †- geoffrey b small items - - horisaki hat - - ie items - - ccp breadsticks/belt/bracelet/rings/tornados/drips - - ma+ belt/biker jacket - - shin muruyama for soloist mask -
  8. Anyone know why is their service so slow recently? Quick to response when requesting for deposit. Once deposit is paid, didn't process the order, now asking for refund of deposit, 2 days in and no refund still. Apparently there are different departments. support -> buying department->->billing department.
  9. Trim

    Bro T's FS: WTAPS MA-1, DBSS, Junya, UC (Size 44/XS)

    Ah you're still around.
  10. Trim

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB P10-DS Black in size small thanks