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  1. e0d9n0b5

    Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    interesting that styleforum is still doing fine then. if what you were saying was true, wouldn't styleforum also be dead? no, this site is dead because the people who were in charge took their users for granted. and its not coming back, sorry.
  2. e0d9n0b5

    Unintentional WAYWT / pro-creeper thread.

    hahahahaha holy shit
  3. e0d9n0b5


  4. e0d9n0b5


    please remove the auto-kick from the chat for idling, theres no point really in joining if i can't idle in there for longer than ~10mins without being auto kicked
  5. e0d9n0b5

    best albums 2016

    princess nokia - 1992 wormed - krighsu
  6. e0d9n0b5

    Do you have your foreskin?

  7. https://www.grailed.com/users/401407-ordinarylunch/wardrobe Lazy grailed link post SORRY LOL
  8. e0d9n0b5

    WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

    filson hat facetasm coach stussy x champion fleece reigning champ tee calvin klein slacks vans slips werkstatt jewelry/dita frames
  9. e0d9n0b5

    3,000,000 POSTS

    thanks wayne
  10. i would ask in the visvim thread or the visvim community sale thread, this thread doesn't get a lot of traffic
  11. e0d9n0b5

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    pixel XL is very good
  12. e0d9n0b5

    WAYWT destroyed my life [2016]

    thanks. eddie is selling them (transfinitism on tumblr), and not long/well. haven't worn them much at all and they're ready to fall apart. shit quality.