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  1. thelion1856

    Pure Blue Japan

    The new chinos are awesome definitely recommend!
  2. thelion1856

    Denim books

    New high quality denim book on kickstarter 300 pages support with a copy in hard or soft cover. Just letting people know https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/333269709/supply-and-denim-book-v1/posts/1900670?cursor=16896510
  3. thelion1856

    Special Boot Project 2016

    Keeping an eye on this
  4. thelion1856

    Superswap v7 *NEW EDITION*

    Ya hit me up I'm down
  5. thelion1856

    Superswap v7 *NEW EDITION*

    When is the next super swap & who is running it?
  6. thelion1856

    WAYWT 2013 [pics only]

    Hello all, been a while... Fruit of the loom Oni Converse Leather belt by Equus for sufu Wallet by tanner Wallet rein by Obbie Goods Wrist band by Hollows
  7. thelion1856

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)

    Hello all, been a while... Fruit of the loom Oni Converse Leather belt by Equus for sufu Wallet by tanner Wallet rein by Obbie Goods Wrist band by Hollows
  8. thelion1856

    Corny White Girls Appreciation

    ahahaha! theme song of this thread
  9. thelion1856

    iOS 2D shooters bullethell games

    ^danii u are right on all the above! just downloaded bug princess finally. Also waiting on a few region free xbox360 games from play-asia, the iOs games are fun and great to have on the go but an arcade stick is still better.
  10. thelion1856

    San Diego Comic Con

    It's that to e who is going?
  11. thelion1856

    Socal Meetup

    Inspiration LA vintage fashion show at the queen marry in Long Beach feb 8th, 9th & 10th, ima be there for the saturday event 10-5pm this would be cool, i kno some of u are goin already. They got a bunch of vintage shops & japanese brands showin & sellin their goods, always a great time. Tickets on sale for 16 bucks on their web site Www.inspirationla.com
  12. thelion1856

    video games ruined my life

    I still have my dreamcast I play that more than my 360 ahh the good old days before "social gaming" & not to mention u can download all its games online for free & the new dreamcast games still being released in 2012/2013. As far as the 360 goes I love it for COD, fighter games and the 7 Japanese released shmups that are region free.
  13. thelion1856

    SUFU Ebbets round two

    I'm down for black and charcoal it would be dope for sure! Put me in on this!
  14. ^true vamp, but as you know the rout that a genre makes into its sub-genre branches i think its an interesting one this so called "trap" thats why i made this thread to hear some different styles as not all "trap" sounds the same. Trap is southern rap it always has been and i think its funny they call this neew style of music trap when it really is not. It should be called Dance Music DJ's emulating trap into their styles of music but i think some of it actually sounds good. I guess u have to listen to this from a different prospective. A lot of people only listen to a handful of particular genre of music limiting themselves to appreciate the artistic side of music. Listen to some songs from John Frusciante. A lot of people would thik wtf is this shit?! They come at his songs expecting it to be radio friendly or pop or even somewhat fit into a certain genre never appreciating the song for its artistic side. One of the greatest guitarists ever lived in my opinion btw.
  15. destructo dont know what u have against a certain genre of music, if u dont like it dont listen to it or better yet why r u posting in this thread anyways, glad to hear u hate this so much i guess or maybe u just had a bad day?