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    official break up thread

    I want you to go to your nearest gym and lift. Lift your fucking heart out. Hit the bench press and hit some shit you never fucking hit before. I want you to go in there and hit every damn machine and free weight there is. Does it upset you knowing that this girl of your dreams is out there somewhere on her knees to another man? Does it upset you that the girl of your dreams is opening up herself so another man can fuck her? Does it upset you that she's placing another mans dick in and out of her mouth submitting her whole existence to this man? Does this not anger you? Submitting her flesh to another mere man such as yourself? Does it not upset you? Does it? I hope it fucking upsets you I hope it makes you rage. I hope you throw those 100 lb dumbells around like she's getting thrown around. Go to that fucking gym and give it your all. I want you to scream on that last rep. Scream and grunt your heart out. Failure won't get you the girl of your dreams to submit her everything to you. Lift that fucking weight. Rage. Become the best fucking man on the planet. Next time you see her whether it be at the mall, in person with her man you step the fuck up to her like the alpha man you are and push the squirt she's with aside and you take her home and you make her submit her everything. You make her suck your dick because she knows how alpha you are. She goes home and blogs about alpha you were and she blabbers to her friends. All the while you're in the gym banging her and every 8.5/10 through times square.
  2. gfunkdocta

    Working out in public

  3. gfunkdocta

    WAYWT destroyed my life (2013)

    why you gotta go and do that love, huh?
  4. gfunkdocta

    helicopter was brought out to shut down my afterparty

    how long until Ronnel goes to jail?
  5. gfunkdocta

    FS: Patrik Ervell Striped Seersucker Air Jacket

    and it chars my heart to always hear you calling calling for the good old days because there were no good old days these are the good old days
  6. gfunkdocta


    and we're still here
  7. gfunkdocta

    Half Asian Women

  8. gfunkdocta

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    it opened up at 11:36am and not 12noon est didn't cop but a couple hours later, i flashed 4.2 on my gnex should hold me down for bit
  9. gfunkdocta

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    actually i'm good with hspa+ still shitty batt life doe http://www.anandtech...exus-4-review/2
  10. gfunkdocta

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    ^beat me to it http://www.engadget....nexus-4-review/ sounds like 4.2 is causing it. hopefully they tweak and optimize it before the official release.
  11. gfunkdocta

    The Android Cell Phone Thread

    shit batt life, no LTE is holding me back
  12. gfunkdocta

    Bad New Hip Hop

  13. gfunkdocta

    Bad New Hip Hop

    also caught up on GBE 2 media files max? really doe?
  14. gfunkdocta

    Bad New Hip Hop