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  1. dovo

    Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    There has got to be a way to bring this shit back. Have not been able to fill the void.
  2. dovo

    which sufu users are the most pussy

    Everyone on this forum is a probably a major pussy outside of Uniqlo
  3. Sufu dead and Ronn gettin married.
  4. Took me 5 long awkward years to be able to participate in superswap and now its dead. The Internet killed The Internet
  5. dovo


    You know it. everyone else is asian. Fat girl is latina.
  6. dovo


    Theres a fat girl in my office that has recently made it her life goal to make the office as cold as humanly possible. Although everyone in the office has complained, she refuses to let up. We all said somewhere between 73-75 sounds like a pretty decent temp for the office. She feels the office should be below 65 because she gets hot while wearing jackets and sweaters. I sit directly underneath the vent and today I just had enough. I suggested that she get a desk fan and that way at 73-75 degrees plus the fan she should be fine. She refused because she "likes the whole room cold". I looked her dead in the face and said "we shouldn't have to suffer because your..." as soon as I realized what I was saying I stopped myself. Everyone else gasped because they filled in the blank. But this chick, (we'll call her patty) either didn't get it or pretended to not get it and said "What? Because i'm an Ice Queen?!" "Because I love cold weather?!" then she sat down. Everyone scurried back to their desks and pretended like nothing happened. Its 62 degrees in here right now.
  7. dovo


    You a yung bitch in the hood. ima call you Annie. Dont touch a bitch unless she got a big bubbly fanny. Its a hard knock life so i don't pay for these hoes If they aint tryin to flop then its back to my room to lay naked on a pile of overpriced clothes. If the future is super then im lex luthor equipped with a pooper scooper, cause you (n)gas is shit, oh what I wear today? your bitches artsy muff on this dyick, the stroke game is awkwardly treach-erous. Hip hop hooray.
  8. dovo

    Miscellaneous Musings (Limited Edition)

    anyone have any experience with drop shipping? or any money making schemes? Need quick money to pay for my spine surgery
  9. dovo


    If there were ever a thread that needed photographs. I dont have time to google these heauxes we need pics.
  10. • Get in better shape (reach 200lbs) • Take more trips (camping mostly) • Pay off my debts • Kop Jawnz • Photograph more • Read More • Tattoos • New place • Make sure everyone close to me knows how much I appreciate them • Be solely about that life livin * hope everyone reaches their goals this year. feel free to add more as they come to you and to post pics when you reach them. Ball out; this is your thread Non crossed out goals carrying over into this new year. Added to the list • After recovering from surgery really build up my core and strength (reach 200 lbs) • Eliminate the negative aspects of my life (whether it be a person place or thing) • Meditate • More camping once I get better • Build a motorcycle (its all ive been dreaming about since I got hurt. I yearn for dat sense of freedom that I lost due to a pretty bad back injury)