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  1. bacton

    Levi's Vintage Clothing

    Tried to snag a pair of raw 66s but I noticed it says the fabric is imported. Such a bummer. Was hoping for some cone denim.
  2. bacton


    Does anyone know of any stores that carry orslow in Tokyo?
  3. bacton


    ^ never mind. Seems like the rigid 105 isn't selvedge
  4. bacton


    Are the rigid denims sized the same as their one wash offerings? I.e. Will a rigid 2 shrink to a one wash in size 2?
  5. bacton


    Can anyone with the 1105 ltd comment on the taper? They have one size 31 left but they're stating the leg opening would be 18cm after washing. Seems much more dramatic than I originally thought.
  6. bacton


    How's the sizing on the 15th anniversary 1105? There's a pair in my size on yahoo auctions but there's no measurements and I heard this run ran small.
  7. bacton

    Full Count Denim Thread

    How does the fit of the FC 1101 compare to resolutes 710? I know the sizing is a lot different. I'm TTS+1 on the resolute and it looks like I'll be TTS-1 on the 1101. My fear is too much room on the top block and a loss of taper with a hem under 30".
  8. bacton


    How has everyone been sizing the 30s jacket? I'm a comfortable 38 in the ranchman.
  9. bacton

    Samurai Jeans

    Does anyone know when the 710bk 17oz-II will be hitting stores, I.e. Denimio or 2nd? I want to avoid doing a proxy direct from samurai.
  10. bacton

    RESOLUTE by hayashi-san!

    I'm trying to nail down the inseam sizing before I order a pair of 710s. Has anyone noticed any more shrinkage in the inseam on the one washed version after washes?
  11. bacton

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Do the 1101s shrink to tag size? I'm usually a size 31 but I've been seeing a lot of conflicting size charts. Some seem to make it seem like a size 30 measures closer to 31 inches in the waist.
  12. bacton


    Yeah If it's not too much trouble! I would be interested to see if they have a similar top block. I've tried on the 800s and really love the denim. I was mostly wondering if you think the 50s have a similar thing going on in terms of fabric.
  13. bacton


    Hey surfer, how does the denim on your 800s compare to the tcb 50s? Same size in both?
  14. bacton


    Does anyone know if the 505 fabric is sanforized or just one washed?
  15. bacton


    Anyone know if warehouse is planning on doing another run of the 1105 this year? I was looking for a size 31 but it seems everyone's sold out.