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  1. wavehead


    can anyone with a pair of w34 50s hemmed to around 28inches tell me what the leg opening is?
  2. wavehead


    anyone interested in brand new (not hemmed) pair of w36 1946 1003xx? (from last season not the newest release, same new ww2 denim w/ a few different details). was going to get them tapered a little (leg opening just a bit too big for me), but it seems like a shame so i’ll just get a pair of 1101 or 51 DD-1001.
  3. wavehead

    Full Count Denim Thread

    maybe some retailer can get full count to make a cut like the 1108/(old)1101 with bigger thighs and hips (eg closer to 13 instead of 12 inch thighs). i love the 13.7oz fabric enough that i’m still wearing my pair of 1108s because a better cut doesn’t exist in their current lineup (who can pull off an 18” back rise??). i doubt the arcs/tabs are ever coming back (why they wouldn’t in japan is beyond me), but full count’s “flagship” denim is a bonafide classic and i don’t want this to be my last pair in it.
  4. wavehead

    New Contest Suggestion [Poll]

    *chant* warehouse warehouse warehouse (i actually just managed to buy a pair of the 1946 denim so i’m looking forward to getting those in the mail... new denim, banner denim, or even the 12oz “2nd-hand” denim that has only been used in one-wash state a few times would all be great)
  5. wavehead


    a 50s cut that would stay closer to 8.2-8.5inch opening after a shorter hem would be fantastic. maybe a very slight reduction in rise (hopefully not much shorter - eg. sz34 FR 11.5-12, BR 15.5). i imagine inoue would sell a ton of those. i have been meaning to get a pair of 50s and taper them a bit for that kind of fit, but it would be a bummer to miss out on that incredible roping from TCB’s chainstitch.
  6. wavehead

    New Contest Suggestions

    been wanting to see how new 30th anniversary denim fades... it doesn’t appear to have the same texture (especially the horizontal warp slub you see so often in “classic” XX/66 denim), but that’s just looking at the raw/one-wash pics so i could be wrong. it would be fantastic if someone could offer a few inseam lengths to preserve the taper of a cut when it’s worn shorter kind of like resolute does (although i’m 5’10 and i don’t know how many people care about this). might be too hard to pull off, but it could be limited to something like 28, 32 and 36.
  7. wavehead


    is the rise on the XX smaller than the TCB 50s? some XX cuts seem to be somewhat shorter and others don’t so i’m curious how this one compares.
  8. wavehead

    New Contest Suggestions

    we haven’t really seen the new warehouse denim fade yet so i think it would be a nice choice for a contest, but i’m also just kicking myself for not getting a pair of the 46 1003xx. tender isn’t my thing, but i can see it making an interesting comp.
  9. wavehead

    New Contest Suggestions

    i would love to get a pair in the new warehouse denim and the 46 seems like a pretty nice cut that should work for most people. something like the fw47 cut seems to have a much higher rise and i'm not sure if i could pull it off. i have been wondering if WH will bring the new denim back for the january catalog, but when i asked (about a month ago) they would only say they had nothing planned (other than the jacket). would be great to see some pics of how it fades as i think a few people on here got the 46.
  10. wavehead

    Full Count Denim Thread

    question about the (old) 0105 - from measurements i’ve seen it looks like the waist is bigger on these compared to 1108, etc? so for an actual 34inch waist would a 32 or 33 work? been wearing 1108s (w34) for about a month and the 13.7oz denim is just as great as everyone says it is, but the thighs/hips are just too tight. can’t find any 1101s so i am thinking maybe 0105 will work with a slight taper.
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