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  1. wavehead

    Freewheelers, Bootleggers Reunion, Bubo, etc.

    what chambray are you wearing? looks pretty nice (i always liked blue buttons on indigo chambray).
  2. wavehead


    i found a pair of the 1951 DDs on rakuten i’m thinking about grabbing, but i am going to have to get a hem... anywhere i can send them that will get a decent approximation of the original roping? i wish i didn’t sleep on the one-wash 2nd hand 1101/1100... perfect fit for me, just the right length and that classic 66/XX coin pocket wrinkle.
  3. i didn’t go for this pair because i was too picky about the back pockets, but the denimbridge fabric looks fantastic. i hope i can get a chance to pick up a different pair from them - anyone ordered from DB?
  4. keeping the rise from being too high is a good idea... i personally have always preferred straight-tapered fits as they do seem to be the most versatile (IH 633, FC 1101, etc). i have found at my size (33/34) i really don’t want the front rise being much higher than about 11.5”, back rise 15.5. likewise the thigh (for me at least) needs to be 12.5” minimum and 12.7-13 is even better, but as you know the hips and rise have a big part in that. hemming to a 28-29” inseam the width is ideal somewhere around 8-8.2” (8.5 inches being the widest i can pull off). a big tradeoff in how much taper is lost after the hem is how much knee room will be left - in that respect id rather lose the taper than have it come in too tight at the knees.
  5. wavehead


    looking at the warehouse slim belt in natural... anyone worn one of these? i’ve never actually spent real $$ on a belt so i don’t know what is/isn’t worth it, but my current one is falling apart and i haven’t found any i like thrifting.
  6. anyone know if indigoproof can do a hem like this? need to get a taper/hem and not sending a pair to two places.
  7. wavehead

    Studio D'artisan

    the fabric looks wonderful, but it also looks like it’s very high tension... does it breathe well at all?
  8. wavehead

    Studio D'artisan

    anyone know if there is much shrink on the FOX t-shirt/henleys? love the green color in particular but unsure of whether to go L or XL
  9. wavehead


    anyone have any experience with the 4601? some places call it a “bamboo” fabric and others say it’s loopwheel. i have last years version of the 4065 (2nd hand) tee they just released and as much as i love it... the collar stretches out pretty easily. the 4601 on the other hand looks to have a really tight collar and i’d probably want it to stretch.
  10. wavehead

    Sugar Cane Denim

    anyone have the whitesville pocket tee? how thick/warm is it? considering getting a 2 pack of the heather shirts, but been looking for a decent heather pocket t and haven’t found any that stand out. not a fan of heavier shirts that don’t breathe well so that would be a deal-breaker.
  11. wavehead


    i really hope this happens at some point... would pay for a custom build to get 50s denim in that cut if i could. has inoue said anything about doing something like this in recent times? i know someone said it was a possibility, but that was before the 50s slim came out.
  12. wavehead

    WAYWT 2019 (denim edition)

    yahoo auctions? what sz is that?
  13. wavehead


    looking forward to pics of this pair - would love to see the fabric/texture closeup as well. anything you can tell us about it compared to banner denim and others? is it breathable, how does it pucker/marble, etc? wonder when we will see more cuts with this denim.
  14. wavehead

    Full Count Denim Thread

    looking for a sz33 1101 (the old version... with or without arcs/tab), if anyone has one please get in touch! almost ordered a pair of 1101w from standard and strange, but after asking about some measurements on a sz33 they realized the cuts have changed for their newer stock and it’s pretty drastic on the 1101 (i thought it was just the 1108). it’s just not going to work for me... front rise and back rise are way higher so it’s not like i could just taper. i don’t think anything in the new full count lineup fits me. 1108 thighs are too small, 1101 and 0105 rise is too high. anyone know of any other possibilities? i imagine getting someone like indigoproof to lower the rise on something is crazy expensive if it’s even doable.
  15. wavehead


    i was under the impression the 50s thighs in a sz33-34 were closer to 13” than 12”, but the previous page has someone posting a 12inch thigh for a sz34?? is this right?