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  1. Recommendations on where I can get a real thick plain blank hoodie? Really liked how heavy my old supreme hoodie was but don't really like branding. Reigning Champ and Wings and Horns are fancy and I just want something plain and grey or black
  2. What are you listening at right now

    No one here gives a fuck but this has to be my favorite song ever composed. I listen to it at least twice a day and can genuinely say it has been one of the biggest pieces of helping me ease out of a dark mental space
  3. Chicago Meetup

    Pitchfork lineup this year is great.
  4. skateboarding saved my life

    What shoes do you guys skate? I like the look of blazers, busenitz, half cabs, and the matchcourt slips but care more about comfort and durability than I do aesthetics. Currently wearing authentics and can tell these won't last through me trying to learn how to ollie.
  5. Anyone seen this navy/white colorway anywhere? Feel like this would be an easy find but have been searching around to no avail nike-air-force-1-low-nai-ke-white-navy.jpg
  6. skateboarding saved my life

    Anyone here start skating at an older age? Moved to a new city recently and just picked up a board and just cruised around and did shitty ollies. I tried to skate when I was younger but didn't have the patience and am realizing I had pretty severe anxiety that discouraged me from a lot of things. Any tips starting out? Not expecting to get really good but I'm already having a lot of fun
  7. what are you watching today?

    This was great.
  8. I have a bottle of Comme Des Garcons Wonderwood cologne that I am unfortunately allergic to. I can say that it's at least 3/4ths full based off of shaking the bottle and probably more but I don't want to give a false estimation. I had previously sold, packaged, and went to ship the bottle to a member on MFA on reddit (lol) but found out that I cannot ship colognes to Canada. Let me know if you have any questions. Selling for $55+shipping
  9. Fragrance Thread

    Anyone in the states want my bottle of wonderwood (50mL)? Pretty sure I'm allergic. Can tell based off of shaking it's at least 3/4ths full, probably more but don't want to short anyone. Will sell for $55