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  1. Do you think they'll ever release the Supermarine Fuck It hat again?
  2. I'm seriously considering doing this mod: which i feel is a nicer execution of:
  3. Oliver Just moved to Zürich, Switzerland Software Engineer My first jacket was from ISAORA. I discovered Acronym with the GT-J20; I wanted to get my hands on one until I realised how rare the jackets can get. A few google searches later and I was here, and I really started to get the bug for techwear. I haven't turned back since!
  4. For the Urban Outdoor/Techwear amongst you: Recently discovered a shop called 'KEVIN IN THE WOODS' Location: EUROPAALLEE | LAGERSTRASSE 82 Zürich, Switzerland Got a realy nice collection, brands including: Mission Workshop Nemen Halo Newline Ecoalf Alchemy They've also told me they're getting ISAORA in next month (Which is great because the last ISAORA piece I bought had to be shipped from America)! You can find their instragram here:
  5. First pic from the new apartment, found a shop selling a few urban techwear brands. ACRONYM J47-GT Mission Workshop Fareo Mission Workshop Signal Nike SFB Field 6" ΛOKU 202004 Belt
  6. Does anyone have an opinion on 'gun belts' I've been watching a few US EDCs and they've been recommended quite highly even when you don't conceal carry (such as a European like myself) they all have that sort of milspec nylon feel to them but they're designed to specifically hold the shape of your waist and not flop around.
  7. Not urban, but if anyone has any ideas about techwear brands suitable for skiing/snowboarding please send me a private message. I know Nike ACG used to do snowboarding trousers and my ISAORA 3L riding shell is intended for this purpose. Not sure how transferable my Acronym jacket will be. (haven't done much research yet but they're usually just goretex/other waterproof shells with some having an inner elastic band to keep warmth in and water out I think?)
  8. The first jacket I saw from acronym was the GT-J20. I was wondering if anyone had it, and what they thought about it?
  9. I hope so. Wish I didn't sleep on the P10A
  10. tl;dr - winter boots/shoes for the city Hi guys, I'm looking for some boots or shoes suitable for a cold European winter. Not snow boots, but able to keep the warmth/dry in if it should snow in the city. Will probably get my heat from socks (won't start that whole topic again, don't worry) I was considering Lupineks or SFBs. Would like some other suggestions (other than Nike would be cool) Must be monochrome, preferably medium height (not a fan of highs)
  11. You should upload a picture of your folded jacket so we can give it marks out of 10
  12. Oops, didn't intend to cause such a reaction!
  13. Friend of mine just sent me this. Apparently Spike Lee wears acrnm
  14. I was always under the assumption that the item itself is not the arrival scan, but the actual van that is placed on is scanned when it arrives.
  15. I use the gravity pocket to dissuade myself from checking my phone every five minutes. If it's a phone call, I'll feel it and answer, and everything else can wait.