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  2. I just bumped into a guy visiting my city from LA. It was the first time I saw someone else wearing acronym (we were both wearing the same prestos) so I had to have a quick chat with him and his girlfriend! Got a compliment on the jacket too, was cool finally being able to talk about the brand with someone in person, no matter how brief.
  3. Nice 25L waterproof duffel from Mission Workshop!
  4. Arc'teryx Phase AR Neck Gaiter Acronym J47-GT Mission Workshop Fareo ΛOKU 202004 Arc'terx Gothic Glove (The touch screen pads are shit) PeakPerformance Civil Pants Nike SFB Field 6'
  5. I think it'd be interesting as almost a base layer for the head under a hat/hood, even with a gaiter too (less intimidating when you can see the forehead instead of just the eyes as with a balaclava). I wonder if there are any ethical implications with wearing a female muslim garb being a non-religious male, but I think you could do some interesting things with it.
  6. I have always really liked the aesthetic of Agent Smith's glasses in The Matrix Reloaded onwards. You can still get replicas today but I wish I copped the genuine articles from Warner when the films dropped. The brand has been completely liquidated since then (this is my understanding, at least, from all the trawling I've done trying to find a pair with a price tag > $25) I was too young to really appreciate them then! Anyone got some supersunglass suggestions now that summer is approaching (for us Northern hemisphere dwellers anyway)?
  7. I tried the Arris in Douro today. Really like the cut and the double pockets. If I wasn't such a monochromophile I think I would have bought it! Didn't take a picture sadly!
  8. Another amazing sock dart mod, this time with HK snap hooks (courtesy of Eske Schiralli,
  9. What do you guys think of this jacket? It's from HERNO. The sartorial sub collection is called Laminar and its the Field Jacket. There is a hidden zip on the front water-protected zip, and the two front pockets use magnetic closures. You can find better picture online but I thought I'd share it here.
  10. This kind guy in the local techwear shop gifted me this unfinished victorinox D-ring and paracord, which I'm gonna complete into a bracelet. Not sure but i think the paracord is custom too.
  11. Do you think they'll ever release the Supermarine Fuck It hat again?
  12. I'm seriously considering doing this mod: which i feel is a nicer execution of:
  13. Oliver Just moved to Zürich, Switzerland Software Engineer My first jacket was from ISAORA. I discovered Acronym with the GT-J20; I wanted to get my hands on one until I realised how rare the jackets can get. A few google searches later and I was here, and I really started to get the bug for techwear. I haven't turned back since!
  14. For the Urban Outdoor/Techwear amongst you: Recently discovered a shop called 'KEVIN IN THE WOODS' Location: EUROPAALLEE | LAGERSTRASSE 82 Zürich, Switzerland Got a realy nice collection, brands including: Mission Workshop Nemen Halo Newline Ecoalf Alchemy They've also told me they're getting ISAORA in next month (Which is great because the last ISAORA piece I bought had to be shipped from America)! You can find their instragram here:
  15. First pic from the new apartment, found a shop selling a few urban techwear brands. ACRONYM J47-GT Mission Workshop Fareo Mission Workshop Signal Nike SFB Field 6" ΛOKU 202004 Belt