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  1. Shout out to mayonnaise, I got my 'double tail' belt (dunno what to call it) from him yesterday and absolutely love it! really really like it and would recommend to anyone looking for this kinda look.
  2. Do you think we'll ever see a return of the facet gloves? Or something similar?
  3. inov-8 ROCLITE286 GTX
  4. WTB P25-DS size L name your price.
  5. WTB: J25-DS, size L No highballing plz
  6. Hey, I'm in the comments :3
  7. /vent removed/ Does anyone think Nemen/Acronym will do another collaboration soon? Anyone you'd like to see a collab with in the future?
  8. Super happy with the zipper too, thought it was a really bright silver, but it's more or a gun-metal. I loves it
  9. Sorta. They have a physical database in their design shop, with a copy of every single piece they've created before.
  10. Interested in maybe getting hold of these in size Large at some point in the future, what sort of prices can I expect? P20-S (black) P25-DS
  11. Whilst we're on the topic of the older models... Does anyone have the GT-J20? What's it like? It's the jacket that made me discover the brand.
  12. That's an interesting point. For all of the #techninja, they'll hear you coming a mile away in your gtx.
  13. Owners of the P10TS-DS: how apparent is the tecsys webbing? In the stockist photos, it looks really obvious (different materials absorb light at different levels in the photos) is it more subtle in real life? Is there a significant colour difference?