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  1. Whilst we're on the topic of the older models... Does anyone have the GT-J20? What's it like? It's the jacket that made me discover the brand.
  2. That's an interesting point. For all of the #techninja, they'll hear you coming a mile away in your gtx.
  3. Owners of the P10TS-DS: how apparent is the tecsys webbing? In the stockist photos, it looks really obvious (different materials absorb light at different levels in the photos) is it more subtle in real life? Is there a significant colour difference?
  5. I won't I won't. It's growing on me every day
  6. Make the swoosh black and sandpaper Nike air the box logo on the back
  7. Makes sense. Thabks!
  8. Can anyone think of a way to turn a silver zipper black without interference of its function and without removing it from the fabric? Can you electroplate something attached to a flammable thing? I'm pretty sure I know the answer...
  9. When someone casually walks into that bathroom.
  10. I'd love to see some photos of the J47R-GT that aren't from a stockist. I can't seem to find any. Could maybe one of the guys in the sales thread share some pictures with us?
  11. Just got my tracking number :Ddddd
  12. You know the expression 'preaching to the wrong choir'? That's how I'm beginning to feel with these HB posts. Clearly a few members of staff there really dig the aesthetic, and it's perfectly understandable they'd want to post about what they like, but you skim through the comment section and there is seldom a nice thing said. I've nothing against the exposure, and I follow most of these guys on Instagram myself, but I'm of the opinion that HB isn't the right vector for Acronym, or techwear generally; their audience (except from maybe a slim subset) just isn't interested. Does anyone else have any thoughts on that?
  13. I absolutely love the look of it. Copped it to replace my J47-GT!
  14. Will be selling a large J47-GT shortly once my upgrade arrives. It's well used (though still good condition), I am the second owner and I haven't washed/treated it (though still waterproof and only been through a couple torrential pours) Also can't seem to find the 'blank' logo tape, currently wearing it with the arcnm tape. Happy to provide pictures on request and I'm not looking for a significant Also would like to throw out an interest check on my J25-WS in medium. Good condition apart from a few pin sized holes in the hood that you can only see under direct light. Sadly I don't have specsheets/bag for either of them. Again happy to drop down the price if this poses an issue. Shipping from Switzerland to the EU only.