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    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    I miss these p15s sometimes.


    There was some stuff that happened this season that is either: 1) best guerrilla marketing ever OR 2) total screwup on website admin. I'm leaning toward total screwup on admin.


    I This is precisely the reason people won’t share the information with some people. Because they can’t keep it to themselves. Like, this isn’t gonna be the place to chase internet points. Logically, what’s the endgame here? You gonna bot the drop and increase hype and visibility? You want to ingratiate yourself with random resellers or newbies? This is a silly place to publicize the information if you want to purchase at retail. Talk about it on Discord or WeChat, Kakao, or GroupMe.




    I know we're in the midst of SS but it's been awhile for my favorite Acronym recent release. The J61-GT. I live in the Pacific Northwest and have had this basically since release FW1718. Wear: Looks new. Took it to Iceland. Random hikes in the Pacific Northwest when it was raining. Walk to work when it's really shitty out. Worn quite a bit, no liner damage, no face fabric damage. Used really only during the colder months with and without insulators. Fit: 1. For fit, I'm 180lbs 5' 9" 42" chest, 32" waist. It's an A-frame parka so "fit" isn't really fit. It's quite oversized compared to most Acronym coats and the full length is exaggerated for someone of my height. The hood does make it ring wraith-y. The shoulders fit well even with broad shoulders. The midsection and hood cinches do well to manage the fabric. I've accommodated the J58-WS and the J74-PX under this without much restriction. No real rise with hands above the shoulders, no fabric pull or restriction with moving across the body either. Features: 1. Coverage: The biggest feature is the length and coverage. When we talk about function with #techwear, it seems it's more an excuse to purchase space-ninja gear. We can kid ourselves all we want, there's no reason beyond futuristic aesthetics and fun to have >10 pockets. The J61 is a rain coat. It performs excessively well for it's use-case. It's full length with the ability to basically close the jacket to top of the hood. Combined with the hood cinch, the jacket is really capable in all precipitation conditions. Further, while the main zip is a normal ykk nickel plated one and not an aquaguard or other water-resistant zipper, the main closure has a large area of fabric overlap. As such, I haven't had significant any water ingress. I literally stood under a waterfall in Iceland without water getting in. 2. Storage/ETC: 4 pockets and InterOps. Two at the front midsection and two toward the back, like the J46. These pockets are closed with auto-locking water resistant zippers. I adore the back pocket location to shelter my hands while the front ones are mainly for storage. Finally, the interops zipper along with the length make it usable with more bags without the jacket pulling excessively. This is a typical problem for Acronym jackets and seems rectified with the expansion zip included in the J76. Honestly, I think InterOps works best with camera gear. Other Comments: 1. Zipper: I would love a polymer zipper on this, this is my biggest gripe. I understand the full face zip is intended here but a little more discreet would be nice as well. 2. I hate manipulating the top button with gloves. I think a fidlock at this position would be magical for the times I want to wear this like a little red riding hood cape. I also would like a mid position press stud instead of button at the top and one at the bottom. 3. Hitch tabs would make sense here. I feel like a small addition like hitch tabs could assist with just a little more "function" and variety as well. 4. Internal forcelock. Basically, I've grown accustomed to the magnets. I understand they can't be external as to kinda ruin the look but I'd like them near my neck. They could easily go on the fabric that shields your face from the zipper teeth.


    Y’all will be fine. It’s water resistant to like 70-80cm hydrostatic head. “Waterproof” starts at 100cm. Basically there.

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS: (+3% if invoiced) Acronym J46FO medium, 9/10 sheet + bag, $1450 shipped conus.

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS: (+3% if invoiced) VEILANCE Mionn IS 3/4, black, medium, condition 9/10, $200 shipped conus. VEILANCE Indisce, black, 33, condition 9/10, $175 shipped conus. Acronym J46FO medium, 9/10 sheet + bag, $1450 shipped conus.


    I'm so proud of y'all.


    If it's shipped from CN US would get a great pass from stuff under threshold which, last I checked, was $2500 for something like 10 bucks in duties. Since it's shipped from CZ we're getting the euro rates and threshold. The "trade war" that the US is currently embroiled in, could change that. So yeah, future remains to be seen.


    Character customization presets: Smooth-brain-sufu-space-ninja #techwear: OUTER: J36-S/G, J28-GT/E, or J1A-S/GT/E/PL/V/WS, TOP: Guerilla Group Meme tanktop BOTTOM: P10/A-S/CH/E/DS P23TS/A-DS/S/CH + modulars FOOTWEAR: Visvim 73 or ACR x Nike Presto 99%-Bradley-Cooper-Limitless-brain #techwear (simple styling): OUTER: J41-GT/V, J32-GT, or J76-GT TOP: S15-DS, S16-WS, S8-C BOTTOM: P20-S or P15-S or P17-S/DS FOOTWEAR: SI:SP slip on Galaxy-brain #techwear (self explanatory): OUTER: LuluLemon Lab Calyx TOP: Uniqlo DryEx shirt BOTTOM: Tapered Kmart Cargos. FOOTWEAR: Nike SFB or Adidas City Sock EDIT: FIXED FOR FORMATTING AND OTHER ITEMS

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J46-FO, medium, black 9/10 w bag, sheet, and tags. $1600 shipped conus.

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I think it’s reasonable to consider “community” in the selling price—I’m all for flaming when you go here and resell. It’s grailed default behavior but, here, more is expected.


    I met Rio Ferdinand when I was like 12, now forever blowing bubbles.


    Yo, try being a West Ham supporter, worst colors, at best like 3-4 at worst bottom half. Did I mention worst colors? Development squad for good teams. Lastly, Tottenham has been fire the past few years and we're slowly inching toward relegation. To keep on topic, I think the discussion is fruitful because we can break the biases against some global economic realities and distinguish xenophobic criticism from valid ones.