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  1. I think the most surprising Acronym piece would be a piece without pockets.
  2. WTB Spoilers for SS17
  3. Depends on pants or jacket. It's fairly easy to find the HS code, not at home so I don't have my cheat sheet. I know it's jacket > of cotton > water resistant. USITC should be able to get you to the right code.
  4. Basically cost equivalent if you pay the wild customs charge without doing your homework.
  5. Fuck that, Haori coat out of Stotz with Hakama P-26s out of DS (just 3/4 P25s)—on second thought, Stotz Kosode, WS Haori, DS Hakama.
  6. I'd love to see Errolson do a long length split hem merino shirt or a decent technical fleece (I mean high loft fleece not softshell). Hell, they could do a loro-piana button up overshirt and I'd be ecstatic. DS and WS are cool as shirt materials but I don't really like the current iteration of DS as a winter base layer. Additionally, I'd like to see Acronym incorporate polartec alpha, I like how well it functions for aerobic activities while retaining enough heat when cold.
  7. To be more pedantic about Gore Tex ("GT"): the face fabric can be whatever with a GT jacket—Nanamica make the cruiser with a cotton face with a GT membrane. The expanded polytetrafluoroethylene ("ePTFE") membrane is the GT technology. I realize "Gore-Tex" is a metonym for waterproof fabric but we're 'bout that minutiae here, right? GT fabrics are usually sandwich constructed from outside to inside with outer layer, membrane, inner backer. GT Pro is the most "balanced" with breathability and durability with a 40 or higher denier face and the current microgrid backer (construction: face/membrane/backer). This is the heavier wearing crinkly GT that is required because the membrane layer isn't coated with polyurethane ("PU") for protection. GT w/ C-Knit features the circular knit "backer"—the skin facing layer that has a little loft for soft feel and lighter weight with a standard non-air permeable membrane (construction: face/membrane/backer). Paclite is a 2/2.5 layer fabric with just face/membrane rather than the face/membrane/backer construction. Active is another GT technology—not really familiar with it other than I have a Arc'Teryx Norvan that has super beading and lesser wear resistance. As far as I know, W.L. Gore controls/collaborates with the garment licensees for the fabric/garment making. Edit: With regard to water vapor escaping through the membrane—breathability isn't really appreciably different across the Gore-Tex line in my experience. It has to be a swamp in the jacket to really have perceptible differences something like >90% humidity. Also, to be clear to those who don't understand technical fabrics, they provide no warmth other than your bodyheat. If it is cold outside, you can maintain a sort of microclimate but when your bare skin touches the inner backer—there is no additional insulation and you will feel the cold. Additionally, you won't notice breathability when it's super cold or super hot out.
  8. I just want to say that I meant cool as in acceptable to me. Hah.
  9. Yeah. S/O to the hypebeast interviewees, they been on ACRNM for a hot minute. Exposure is cool, hopefully it drives the brand into the future. I hope they can cope with rapid growth/market.
  10. Never hated on any of them. They're still part of the community!
  11. ALL IN GOOD FUN DANII. You're definitely not swagless!
  12. Deleted the pizza carrier listing—joke got stale and I was afraid someone would actually buy it. I actually agree with chaosen et. al. If I'm going to sell the pizza bag, I'm gonna pass this along to a fellow tech nerd/futurist cosplay aficionado instead of a swagless fuccboi. Y'all know who I'm talking about—those dudes with a MCM backpack that always wears Stan Smiths.* *See also the dudes with the wild undercut, man bun, or e-sports K-pop bob haircut. Additionally, dudes who also get styling inspiration from celebrity instagrams with a narcissistic need for external validation.
  13. I agree with you on the sufutechwear folk policing itself—self regulation is the platonic ideal of a community. We've got post-conventional morality poppin' in Sufu. To be clear, if anyone approached me from Sufu, I'd entertain real amounts of money. I don't want to sell my 5TS, I was satirizing the pricing strategies of current resellers. Honestly, hypothetically, if someone bought the bag at 4.5k, I'd assume they were not part of the cognoscenti of considered purchasers to whom I feel a sort of kinship (you guys). By extension, I'd also feel like they had had more money than sense and I would not feel bad in the slightest for hype-pricing.
  14. My snowflake sensibilities have been triggered. Do you mean gouging? Are you suggesting there is exploitative pricing for items of conspicuous consumption? Like ethically dubious pricing strategies for veblen goods? I would ask you to stop and consider the ethics of price gouging in the context of conspicuous consumption: can you unethically price luxury goods? Anyway, I'm sorry if you actually meant "gauging" in the context of me trying to find a price for the 5TS. In any case, I'm not really intending to sell my 5TS for anything but that pie in the sky price; it was more meant as meta-humor that was coincidentally timed with that hypebeast article. I love my bag. I mean it'd be nice for some prices to come down so the upper-middle class can get some of this stuff but complaining about a price spike on Acronym is the most first-world problem ever. The price creep is ridiculous, I was trying to highlight that by putting my bag for $4.5k, I do apologize if sarcasm and satire isn't really evident on the internet.
  15. Really though—great timing. Let's get this pizza bag sold. An aesthetes lifestyle can be satisfied in other overpriced ways.