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  1. They look to be...P23TS-CH's
  2. If you really want to know or if you're science literate. That's the thermaltech coating patent application.
  3. WTB SISP Diagonal Polyester Fishtail in L.
  4. What!? This tech is crazy. Now I can't be super condescending when people ask if a shell is good for cold ass weather.
  5. They've been talking about combining the face/membrane/backer into a single layer for a while now. Only a matter of time until it's really a single integrated layer.
  6. Absolutely, I really appreciate the application to "techwear." I typically just buy stuff to try out the fabric (pertex quantum/shield/endurance, thermore, primaloft, gore softshell/windstopper/windstopper active/goretex/gtpro/paclite/gtcknit, hyvent, schoeller wb400/dryskin/cchange). By no means do I put the pieces through stress testing or even aerobic activities—it's just wild to see the progress of technical fabrics. I am wondering if W.L. Gore is going to grant full warranties on the experimental pieces. As an aside, wouldn't it have been cool if the jacket designations had J62-XX or something like that. Just a thought.
  7. @Inkinsurgent I remember a while ago when gore softshell was implemented then disappeared, hopefully this tech gets some traction. It seems rather weird to release a high-loft technology during spring/summer though.
  8. SHAKEDRY™ is the single layer face/membrane GTX tech. The backer looks absolutely new—high loft microfiber backer.
  9. Just the validation I was looking for.
  10. Same as before, I think those are the face fabric backers rather than a characteristic of the entire garment.
  11. I am just glad everyone isn't just paying these retailers without questioning their international sale process. Some retailers are great, others, not so much.
  12. You can report them to HM Revenue but that's snitching.
  13. Point them to this. EZ PZ. Run down why it qualifies.
  14. BTW recent hoods are interchangeable. You can put the J53TS-GT hood on the J1TS-S.
  15. How does one get on this list?