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    The tokito one? Love that jacket.


    Damn, we're still having the how to wash technical clothing discussion?!


    I mean, I get what you're saying but what we like about designers is their design language and development. You forgot about the NG8 being the NG1/2. Also, the P22 is a straight legged culotte and the 69 is more like a coaches jacket. In terms of hits, people tend to buy the ones that are closest to his older stuff so the other newer things just sit. I think that's why he needs to keep releasing those items. Iterations of J1/28/36/47 P10/23 will sell out into the foreseeable future, why would he stop? The 59, 66, 73, and 74 are pretty new but people would rather buy "old" new stuff rather than the "new" new stuff. Honestly, re: the 3As, who knows? He's successful, probably running a larger business, I ain't mad at the man eating.

    arcteryx veilance

    I disagree on the waist sizing down, veilance is pretty consistent on waist sizing and I've bought almost every pant they've released in the past 4 years save for the field pant. The fact that it's an align is misleading though because of how much larger it is from the knee down than the nyco align. I used mine all through Iceland so I could look moderately better than everyone who looked like they were hiking everywhere. With regard to the "burly" fabric, it's the same as the gamma rock pant abrasion panels so I'm very confident it'll last a long time.

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Price lowered $1950. Holla.


    J73 is a shell since it lacks insulation. You've answered your own question.

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS J46-FO, Medium, 9.99/10 with bag/sheet, $2050 CONUS F&F, add 4% for invoice.

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS (plus fees if invoiced, CONUS shipping included) Veilance Sequent LT, 33, new with tags (can't find the gore tex one but the veilance one is still on hand) $400 Veilance Indisce, 33, black, 9/10 (worn 2/3 times, no wear) $300 Veilance Mionn 3/4, medium, black 9/10 (worn 4-5 times, no wear) $275

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J39-S, Black, Medium, preferably in 9/10+ condition. P30-CH/DS, Medium, preferably in 9/10+ condition.


    To my knowledge, Retailers don't have to deduct vat. Zero rating is an option when conditions are met.

    Acronym FAQ

    DON'T WANNA LOCK—SO PLEASE DON'T ADD UNRELATED STUFF OR RANDOM COMMENTARY TO THIS THREAD. ACRNM INFO IS FINE! RE: THE FAQ, PLEASE RESPOND WITH ACRONYM SPECIFIC CHANGES PM CORRECTIONS/ADDITIONS TO SECTIONS. I WILL REVISE AS NEEDED. DISCLAIMER: ERLSN doesn’t really verify a lot of this so it’s largely speculation as to internal Acronym labeling etc. Where do I buy these sick garmz? See vendor thread, BST thread, eBay, Facebook BST, and Grailed. When is stuff released? SS20XX~Middle of March–Beginning of April, FW20XX–20XX+1 Middle of September–Beginning of October. Do other sites carry 3A stuff? Not since SS16. Only ACRNM.COM, drops intermittently in addition to around the time of general line releases. Why is the retail price/resale so high? Health-goth and athleisure is so last year—WGSN said techwear is in, duh. Supply and demand—that and the importers have to pay duties. Can I get my duties down? Look for Voyager's post in page ~355–360. If you have particular questions, you can ask me. What do current names mean? XXX-X Current Naming Convention for Garments: 1. First X: (CP) CaPe/cloak? [unverified] (H) Hat (J) Jacket (KA) Kurz/short Arm (LA) Lang/long Arm (P) Pant (NG) Neck Gaiter (S) Shirt/Sweater (SP) Short Pant (SM) SheMagh 2. Second X: number design indicator 3. Third X: (A) Advanced [unverified] usually indicates additional features (B) Beta; alternative version? A/B? [unverified] version reflects pared down variant—these variants also do not suggest release precedence : P24A preceded the P24 (H) Heavyweight [unverified] reflects a heavier fall winter iteration of a summer release (R) Raccagni/Reverse Seam/Revised [unverified]—could conceivably indicate revised but the jacket may have a generation indicator also. (TS) TecSys 4. Fourth X: Fabric/origin designator [seems to be focused on the main fabric rather than the insulation in some cases] (AK) Cashllama; Alti-Knits (BR) Cotton; BRugnoli (C) Cotton; various OEM textile manufacturers [unverified] (CH) Works Industrial Twill Confoederatio Helvetica (Swiss Confederation); Schoeller (DS) Dryskin; Schoeller [sometimes high density nylon jersey; unknown OEM textile manufacture; some pants come with Heavyweight designations; unverified] (E) Epic amphibious cotton; Nextec (FO) Gore-Tex Infinium [Film-Out]; W.L. Gore (GT) Gore-Tex; W.L. Gore; Pro 3L and 2.5L variants; W.L. Gore (GTPL) Gore-Tex with Paclite Technology; W.L. Gore (GTV) Gore-Tex Volt [unverified] 2.5L; W.L. Gore (K) Nemen experimental 3L; Komatsu [unverified] (KM) Alti-Knits Merino [unverified] (KR) Cashmere/KashmiR; unknown textile OEM (L) Leather backed with a Komatsu membrane; unknown leather OEM (LP) Loro Piana Storm System; Loro Piana (MP) MultiPrene; unknown OEM textile manufacturer (PB) Gore-Tex Film-out with ShakeDry experimental 2L; PutzBrunn [unverified, W.L. Gore had some positions there]; W.L. Gore (PS) Polartec PowerStretch, Polartec (PX) Polartec Alpha; Polartec [maybe refers to PerteX face fabric? Unverified] (S) Cotton; EtaProof Stotz (SS)WB-400 Schoeller SoftShell (WS) WindStopper; W.L. Gore Can you tell me about the comparable fabrics? Pant Fabrics (CH) schoeller microtwill is cotton and aramid blend, mild fire-resistance [don’t know if it’s legitimate FR like some combat pants; you’re welcome to test for the culture] some iterations treated with coldblack UV/heat protection (DS) schoeller dryskin is nylon; HD jersey is nylon as well (S) stotz etaproof is long staple cotton; be aware there are different weights between the pants and jackets and also among the different seasons/iterations. Fabric Qualities: Weather Protection: (S)>(CH)>(DS) Breathability: (DS)>(CH>(S Fabric weight is (CH)>(S)>(DS) Colorfastness: (DS)>(CH)>(S). Abrasion resistance: (CH)/(S)>(DS). Stretch: (DS) [4 way]>(CH) [2 way minimal]>(S) [none]. Jacket Fabrics (FO) ePTFE air permeable membrane/face fabric, nylon backer. (GT) Gore Tex Pro: fully nylon construction, 3L microgrid backer, air permeable ePTFE membrane, nylon face fabric. Gore Tex/ Gore Tex Volt: 2.5L fully nylon construction, printed backer, air permeable ePTFE membrane, nylon face fabric. (WS) 2.5L fully nylon construction, air/water permeable ePTFE membrane, printed backer, nylon face fabric. (S) stotz etaproof is long staple cotton. Fabric Qualities Weather protection: (GT)/(FO)>(WS)>(S). Breathability: (S)>(WS)>(FO)>(GT). Colorfastness: (GT)/(WS)/ (FO) >(S). Abrasion resistance: (GT)>(WS)>(S)>(FO) What do all these weird features do? (AUX ZIP) liner integration. (CABLETAPE) cable management feature on the arms of some early softshells (ESCAPEZIP) YKK proprietary zip that allows for quick doffing with a pull at the collar termination of the zipper. (INTEROPS) right back side water resistant zip for interfacing with 3a bags usually terminated at the hem with press buttons (SOUND) cable routing for headphones. (TEC SYS) standard molle attachment webbing for external attachment. (FORCE LOCK) Velcro backed magnetic strip for holding IEMs on collar (JACKETSLING) sling for wearable carrying jacket without holding it, consists of a slider, pull, and elastic. Newer models feature backside carry rather than the interior carry. (SPEEDLOCK) shockcord hem that allows one handed tightening, webbing pull. (GRAVITY POCKET) two way 5mm zipped pockets on the interior forearm arm that feature a in-sleeve press pocket that allow for item deployment with a swift downward motion. How do I wash this stuff? Use technical fabric wash. It's water based and doesn't leave residue that affect the fabric characteristics. Generally: For jackets: single wash cold, double rinse. For (S)/(CH): single wash gentle cycle, no spin. Don’t reapply DWR, proprietary coatings. For (DS): single wash cold, double rinse. Don’t reapply DWR, proprietary coatings. For (GT)/(WS): Everything is DWR'd, this is a coating on the face fabric that allows the water to bead out. With abrasion this comes off, to reactivate wash, reapply, and depending on what DWR, tumble dry or iron. I use Grangers. A word on waterproofing Waterproof is a marketing term. Water resistance is generally the operative language in determining a fabric's resistance to water ingress. Those 10K ratings on weather gear measure the resistance of a small piece of fabric against a certain height of static water. Like, come on, if you're under ~32 feet of water you've got different issues. As such, it's meaningless in most situations. Windstopper and Stotz are shower proof; I think Stotz takes something like ~700mm of water under static pressure before appreciable ingress. While I'm saying that Acronym gear is sufficient for most applications, you have to understand its limitations. Acronym will be no more weather resistant than other outdoor and will likely be worse than purpose designed inclement weather gear. To wit, the zips are sometimes the YKK aquaseal but they're not like a drybag—there will be ingress if you're open ocean yachting.


    I'll do a FAQ. Again. Will solicit input.


    Yep. Medium—corrected to show. My bad!


    So first impressions on the J74-PX in medium. Hard medium on all ACRNM. Again, I'm 5'9", 180lbs. 40" chest measurement, 39R US suit size. Walk ~3/4 mile to work, walk my dog 1.5–2 miles a day. Live in Seattle. Current temperature ranges from 45–60F rainy, though not right now. Fit: Sized perfectly. Less constricting than the 50/51/58 fit. Looser shoulders and looser midsection comparatively. No riding up as the hem isn't as constricting—terminates a little past hips. Sleeve hem also slightly looser. I think the fit is perfect. The hood is ample with the perfect angle to avoid pulling your head down to create nerd neck. I would not size up at all. Finish: Aux zip works. Fabric is more dull than recent SI:SP pertex iterations. Ripstop reinforcement not visible if there is any. Face fabric is so thin that even getting the slight flap in the zipper doesn't prevent zipping. Main zip appear to be vislon polymer zips and pulls. Two-way closure is always finicky but tolerable. Arm and front pocket storage have locking reverse coil vislons. Function: Alpha is good for 45-50 when moving. Let me be clear, if you're looking for straight static warmth, this is not the jacket for you. If you're in like 30F, you will be cold with this as your only midlayer. Weight is great but not as light as an Atom SL, probably best comparable is Dyadic Comp Hoody and it's roughly 100 grams less. Better than both I think. Great insulation; Climashield tends to make me overheat on my morning walk to work and walking my dog; Alpha has not. Face is definitely not windproof entirely but that's probably to facilitate breathability. Recent Acronym with the exception of the J28 have been quite trim even cut for insulators so this loft is preferable to me—low restriction in radial arm movement and through the midsection. The front and back entry front pockets are a revelation as well. My favorite part is the hood though, it makes my 61GT have some structure to it and keeps my bald head warm. Probably an acronym piece that I won't sell. If you know me, I've cycled through quite a bit.


    I’ve always thought it was quantum. Hah.