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  1. arcteryx veilance

    Articulation is perfect, no knee bags like the voronoi. Excuse my short legs
  2. arcteryx veilance

    Quick thoughts: Great construction. I think a c-knit pant is really awesome. The copy is deceptive, the tag states 6% elastane in the lining the outer has no elastane and there isn't that much give in the fabric. The waist adjustment can go down 1.5cm each side for 3cm per notch. At each hem it's 3.5cm at each adjustment point with 3 buttons. The front pockets are normal styled but zip. The back pockets are like the indisce pant with the fabric flap that keeps that panel line. Good job veilance!
  3. arcteryx veilance

    I have them in hand. Made in canada. Fit is like a combination of apparat and align. Seams are perfect, the new grosgrain + button revision is better than the apparat as well.
  4. Acronym.

    One aspect of this coat with liner integration: the jacket cuffs scrunch up because of the length—the place where the liner snaps is higher than where the jacket loops are. This difference isn't present/as pronounced with the J1A/B/TS, J28, J53TS, or J56.
  5. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTS (bold is F&F payment 50 off for BTC payments) 3A-3TS, Laminat, OS, 8.5/10 (patina, no real fabric wear), bag + sheet, $600/625 + shipping if you're 'bout it, $900/940 + shipping if you're just reseller (gotta prove you're not through community reference or showing me some transactions) SOLD to a community member P24A-S, RAF Green, Medium, 9.5/10, bag + sheet, $910/990 + shipping if you're bout it, $1210/1260 + shipping if you're not. Also willing to trade this for a P24A-DS (I'll add cash if you'd like due to rarity), P23TS-CH (cash to equalize on your end), or P10A-CH black, same-ish condition all medium. WTT J43A-GT, Medium, 8.5/10, bag + sheet for J46-WS medium or J51-WS medium or J50-WS large.
  6. Acronym.

    Hey! If I want a coat that was sized for a vegan, I'd rebuy a veilance monitor. Medium. I like the length. I'm medium in most acronym. Also, I think if I sized down it wouldn't fit some insulators.
  7. Acronym.

    1. Where are you using the pants? 2. What are you anticipating doing in the pants? 3. Is colorfastness important?
  8. Acronym.

    I am a L in most SISP, this piece included. It's pretty high loft and unlike down it's not compressible. Also, this fleece is a fucking hassle to get on and off, contrary to the product photos with the long slanting zipper it doesn't zip apart—it stops like 3 inches from the hem for some unknown reason. I would recommend sizing up if you're between sizes. Don't get me wrong, I still really like the fleece, it's just....quirky.
  9. Acronym.

    So I got my J61-GT in recently (again, your boy is 5'9" 180lbs 39/40r suit, 32-33 waist, mesomorphic body type) here are some first impressions: FABRIC/MATERIALS: GT pro is GT pro. The nickel ykk is a nice touch but it makes me feel like I'm clashing when I wear the DAF1's with the bronze finished ykk zippers. Not really a big deal. FEATURES: Hem to hood two way zip closure. Neck button, bottom press stud closure. Gigantic hood with velcro adjuster. External waist shockcord adjuster. No velcro'd magnets at collar, so we don't have to know how they work. The longest interops zipper ever. Zip in liner compatibility. Four outer pockets with water resistant zippers. I really appreciate the back quarter zip pockets like the J46. They're fucking gigantic and well placed so you don't have item overlap. FIT: it is "anti-fit." It's all around larger than any other Acronym coat I've had my hands on, think future evil mods coat. It's like 1.5–2in longer in the arms and overall length than the J39. Around 1" in the arms and 5-6in in the length from the J61-WS. It feels roomier in the arms and body than both as well but I haven't laid it down and really compared with other jackets. I've worn a J58-WS, last FW's SISP Pertex bomber (651940404), and the most recently SISP fleece assymetrical fleece (671960306) which is more voluminous than both with it and it's accommodated all. OVERALL: This is a menacing jacket by sheer surface area. The cut and fabric make the hood more structured than the WS version and cause it to sit higher on the neck making it appear more like a monk's cowl. Fairly unique piece, this is the definitive version of the 61: more like Blade Runner: The Final Cut than Apocalypse Now Redux. Here are some pictures for reference. Wearing Mykita Vice sunglasses (OS), Stone Island Shadow Project N01A3 (OS), S15-DS (M), J64TS-S (M), P23A-DS (M), Nike Huarache Free Carnivore SP (9.5).
  10. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTT J43A-GT, 8/10, medium black for J51-WS, medium.
  11. WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    B, how could you wear TNF with Veilance!? Straight perpetrating!!
  12. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I'm late with my feedback since y'all already know these guys are trustworthy but big shout outs to @kampongkid and @Xu Jianfeng and @solographik; AAA+ transactions. Also big ups to @Voyager for holding stuff while I was out of town. Don't be afraid of dealing with these guys, 1000% trustworthy and friendly.
  13. The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB H4-AK
  14. Acronym.

    New and improved. Gen 1.4: Acronym FAQ: Where do I buy these sick garmz? See vendor thread, BST thread, eBay, Facebook BST, various secret chat groups ;), and Grailed. When is stuff released? SS20XX~Middle of March–Beginning of April, FW20XX–20XX+1 Middle of September–Beginning of October. Do other sites carry 3A stuff? Not since SS16. Only ACRNM.COM, drops intermittently in addition to around the time of general line releases. Why is the retail price/resale so high? Health-goth and athleisure is so last year—WGSN said techwear is in, duh. Supply and demand—that and the importers have to pay duties. Can I get my duties down? Look for Voyager's post in page ~355–360. If you have particular questions, you can ask me. What do current names mean? XXX-X Current Naming Convention for Garments: 1. First X: (J)acket, (S)hirt/sweater, (LA) long arm/(KA) short arm for ACRNM shirting, (P)ant, (H)at, (NG)Neck gaiter, (SM)Shemagh 2. Second X: number design indicator 3. Third X: (A)/(B) variant—A usually indicates additional features while B reflects pared down variants—these variants also do not suggest release recency (P24A preceded the P24), (TS)Tecsys, (R)accagni—could conceivably indicate revised but the jacket may have a generation indicator also. 4. Fourth X: Supplier/type/origin designator (S)totz, s(CH)oeller works, (DS)Dryskin, (GT)Gore-tex, (WS) Windstopper, (SS) softshell, (BR)ugnoli cotton, (C)otton, (PB) Gore Film Out experimental shell—pure speculation but maybe this is made in Putzbrunn in Germany?, (K)omatsu Nemen experimental fabric, (MP) multiprene, (AK) Altiknits Cashllama, (PS) Powerstretch Can you tell me about the comparable fabrics? Pant Fabrics CH: schoeller microtwill is cotton and aramid blend (mild fire resistance so as to qualify for protective clothing HS code)—some iterations treated with coldblack UV/heat protection. DS: schoeller dryskin is nylon. S: stotz etaproof is long staple cotton. Pant Fabric Qualities: Weather Protection: S>CH>DS Breathability: DS>CH>S. Fabric weight is CH>S>DS. Colorfastness: DS>CH>S. Abrasion resistance: CH/S>DS. Stretch: DS (4 way)>CH (2 way minimal)>S (none). Jacket Fabrics GT: Gore Tex Pro fully nylon construction, 3L microgrid backer, air permeable ePTFE membrane, nylon face fabric. WS: 2.5L fully nylon construction, air/water permeable ePTFE membrane backer, nylon face. S: stotz etaproof is long staple cotton; interestingly,functionally waterproof but not certified via standard permeation testing. SS: schoeller wb400 soft-shell fabric. Additional Special Fabrics LP: Loro Piana doeskin with 2 layer storm system, on the J38-LP and J54-LP; wool face with membrane backer. K: NeMen collab fabric on the J28 and J43, polyester/nylon/polyurethane blend, Komatsu membrane. MP: "multiprene" nylon face with foam polyester backer, on the J55 and LA5. PB: "film out" aka shake-dry, two variants one with flannel backer (J63) and one with gridded fleece (J62); key feature here is that the membrane and face fabric are integrated. Jacket Fabric Qualities Weather protection: GT>S>WS. Breathability: WS/S>GT. Colorfastness: GT/WS>S. Abrasion resistance: GT>WS>S. What do all these weird features mean? ACRONYM INTEROPS: right back side water resistant zip for interfacing with 3a bags usually terminated at the hem with press buttons ACRONYM SOUND: cable routing for headphones. ACRONYM TEC SYS: standard molle attachment webbing for external attachment. AuxZip: liner integration. EscapeZip: YKK proprietary zip that allows for quick doffing with a pull at the collar termination of the zipper. Fast Hood: roll-in one piece storm hood with 3D collar ridge to don and doff quickly ForceLock: Velcro backed magnetic strip for holding IEMs on collar Gravity Pocket: two way 5mm zipped pockets on the interior forearm arm that feature a in-sleeve press pocket that allow for item deployment with a swift downward motion. JacketSling: sling for wearable carrying jacket without holding it, consists of a slider, pull, and elastic. Newer models feature backside carry rather than only the interior carry. SpeedLock: shockcord hem that allows one handed tightening, webbing pull. How do I wash this stuff? As a general best practice with performance technical fabrics: 1. Run the clean cycle on your empty washer. 2. Double rinse your washer if it’s old. Fabric softener and harsher chemicals can negatively affect material performance. 3. Use technical fabric wash if possible, otherwise use a water based detergent. 4. Zip up jacket and turn inside out to prevent buttons getting fucked and run not on hot. 5. Double rinse. 6. Hang dry. 7a. If you’re experiencing wetting out (when the water doesn’t bead), you may need to reactivate or redistribute DWR, keep inside out and tumble dry low heat or iron on low. 7b. If you’re experiencing wetting out still, you may need to reapply the DWR. if using spray, remove from washer, apply liberally, tumble dry if needed (some sprays don’t require heat to reactivate). If you used 2 in 1, tumble dry if needed. What I do—YMMV: Sell before you wash it, duh. Just kidding: For jackets: single wash cold, double rinse. For S/CH: single wash gentle cycle, no spin—don’t really want premature abrasion though generally these fabrics are pretty hardy. Manufacturer says proprietary coatings. DWR reapplication should be fine. I use a steamer to get the wrinkles out after air drying. For DS: single wash cold, double rinse. Manufacturer says proprietary coatings. DWR reapplication should be fine. For GT/WS/S: Everything is DWR'd, this is a coating on the face fabric that allows the water to bead out. With abrasion this comes off, to reactivate wash, reapply, and depending on what DWR, tumble dry or iron. I use Grangers. For PB: since no outer fabric and no DWR is used no tumble drying or DWR is needed.
  15. Tech Fabric Care

    Yeah, adding to this, if you have a clean cycle do that before washing your overly expensive tech garments. 2 in 1 is fine.