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  1. I wouldn't size down, It's deceptively svelte.
  2. The technical jargon is part of the fun!
  3. I think I said this sometime in this thread. I have a mini review of the J55. Basically, it fits looser than most acronym of the same sized. Thermal properties: wear it as an outer layer until it hits lower 50F okay as an insulator under a shell until really cold, like 30–35F. J58WS is rereleasing I think. With that, for much more loft the J58 is much hotter. I think I wouldn't rock a J58 unless it was sub 35F—it's just too damn hot. Keep in mind I'm usually layering with good base layers not just tank tops or plain cotton tshirts.
  4. It's a real sheet—otherwise the offering won't work!
  5. As promised. Praise be to Errol-sama.
  6. Oops.
  7. J39 reup was a godsend. Still have to film my spec-sheet burning even though it wasn't black.
  8. IIRC garment dyed teflon impregnated Batavia (cotton gabardine). Don't know much else to tell you that isn't already evident from looking at them. On the legs, two large flaps with side zips that can be folded into concealed pockets below. On top of the pockets are a series of small pockets with snap fastening and a flap pocket with snap and side velcro, hiding the Stone Island Shadow badge.
  9. Yeah, I saw that it was attached. I was speculating on the thickness of the compartment. I'll bring my Nomin to the Arc store to settle size tomorrow! On the Haedn iterations, am I the only one who finds the Haedn subline lackluster? They're a super graph cardigan/field overshirt for me. The technical heritage outerwear foray doesn't feel "right" to me and I don't think it's Veilance's lane to be honest. I'd like to see a more adventurous design like a proper full length trench. I really liked the Sinter, I wish they perfected that design, the shawl collar 3/4 length coat was a unique piece.
  10. Some additional things to note about the new Nomin: it's got slightly more padding on the straps and the adjusters are actually concealed much like all other veilance adjusting hardware. The main compartment is now the back compartment (the furthest back). Like someone else said, the side carry strap is gone and the laptop sleeve is now incorporated into the compartment closest to the back panel with the top portion a smaller dedicated compartment for wallet/keys/etc. I don't know dimensions but the laptop section seems to be able to accommodate less than the 1.0 Nomin. In that respect, Veilance seems to be cleaning up the aesthetic. For me, it's lost a little bit of character, the new Nomin is sleeker, appears symmetrical, and overall a more cohesive piece, but I think it's not as fun as the older Nomin. I feel it's regressing to the mean. I do not really like Veilance more rounded as their design language is largely geometric, the pronounced paneling was part of what made the Nomin fun, an architectural back piece. I don't want to just look like an all black camel!!
  11. Thanks for looking regardless. Appreciate the effort. Any other long coats from the previous seasons in L?
  12. Any grey double layer parkas in sz L?! I think the item code was 651970403.
  13. Cobrax snaps would be a great move.
  14. I was thinking Acronym incorporates a lot of systemic features, e.g., tecsys/gravity pockets/jacketsling/interops/forcelock, now integrated liners. SI:SP has teleport pockets, articulation tunnels, gateway pockets, and across-the-line insulator/shell integration. There are some things that I'm nostalgic for, like fidlock hardware and sleeve tabs were largely phased out—they were a good feature for a lot of jackets. Additionally, with the large move toward Super R main closure zips, escapezip doffing has been less prominently featured. I also really liked the vehicular zip feature despite the use being very limited. What feature do you guys miss? What feature would you like to have? Now that I have my hands on a J39, I really like the fidlock retention strap—I think alot of midlength coats would do well with it. I also prefer the integrated hoods rather than the detachable or drop hoods now prominently featured. Finally, I really like the articulation tunnel idea SI:SP uses for sleeve length adjustment.
  15. Can't comment on comfort temperature-wise. It's about mid 90s in Seattle right now so it's not optimal for this kind of shirt. Fit, it's closer to the component shirt rather than the field shirt. The polyester doesn't seem to have as much give as the field shirt or component since it isn't looser "air-woven polyester" like the field shirt or backed with wool paneling like the component. Regardless, the on-skin feel is quite good. I think what makes the component the best "techwear" shirt is the hybrid composition with the wool back paneling for temperature regulation, it remains to be seen whether the operand has similar qualities or some other worthwhile application: it's currently advertised under the rain subsection so maybe weather resistance is its calling card? All in all I think it's quite good on fit and the fabric is interesting. For reference, I'm 5'9" 180lbs around 40US/50IT off the rack suit size.