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  1. Make sure you stow the jacket carefully, obviously movement inside will cause friction but most of this can be mitigated by careful packing. You shouldn't cause a great deal of damage unless the jacket is getting consistently compressed/jostled about but since it's your baby, I'm sure it'll be fine. Also, s/o to your gf. Keeper imo.
  2. Edited to reflect your info! Thanks!
  3. Acronym FAQ: Where do I buy these sick garmz? See vendor thread, BST thread, eBay, Facebook BST, and Grailed. When is stuff released? SS20XX~Middle of March–Beginning of April, FW20XX–20XX+1 Middle of September–Beginning of October. Do other sites carry 3A stuff? Not since SS16. Only ACRNM.COM, drops intermittently in addition to around the time of general line releases. Why is the retail price/resale so high? Health-goth and athleisure is so last year—WGSN said techwear is in, duh. Supply and demand—that and the importers have to pay duties. Can I get my duties down? Look for Voyager's post in page ~355–360. If you have particular questions, you can ask me. What do current names mean? XXX-X Current Naming Convention for Garments: 1. First X: (J)acket, (S)hirt, (LA) long arm/(KA) short arm, (ACRNM shirting), (P)ant, (H)at, (N)eck gaiter 2. Second X: number design indicator 3. Third X: (A)/(B) variant—A usually indicates additional features while B reflects pared down variants—these variants also do not suggest release recency (P24A preceded the P24), (T)ecsys, (R)accagni—could conceivably indicate revised but the jacket may have a generation indicator also. 4. Fourth X: Fabric/origin designator (S)totz, (CH)weiz—schoeller works, (DS)dryskin, (GT)gore-tex, (WS)windstopper, (SS)softshell, (BR)brugnoli cotton, (C)otton, (PB)gore experimental shell, (K) Nemen experimental fabric, (MP) multiprene Can you tell me about the comparable fabrics? Pant Fabrics CH: schoeller microtwill is cotton and aramid blend (mild fire resistance so as to qualify for protective clothing HS code)—some iterations treated with coldblack UV/heat protection. DS: schoeller dryskin is nylon. S: stotz etaproof is long staple cotton. Fabric Qualities: Weather Protection: S>CH>DS Breathability: DS>CH>S. Fabric weight is CH>S>DS. Colorfastness: DS>CH>S. Abrasion resistance: CH/S>DS. Stretch: DS (4 way)>CH (2 way minimal)>S (none). Jacket Fabrics GT: Gore Tex Pro fully nylon construction, 3L microgrid backer, air permeable ePTFE membrane, nylon face fabric. WS: 2.5L fully nylon construction, air/water permeable ePTFE membrane backer, nylon face. S: stotz etaproof is long staple cotton. Fabric Qualities Weather protection: GT>S>WS. Breathability: WS/S>GT. Colorfastness: GT/WS>S. Abrasion resistance: GT>WS>S. What do all these weird features mean? ACRONYM INTEROPS: right back side water resistant zip for interfacing with 3a bags usually terminated at the hem with press buttons ACRONYM SOUND: cable routing for headphones. ACRONYM TEC SYS: standard molle attachment webbing for external attachment. ForceLock: Velcro backed magnetic strip for holding IEMs on collar JacketSling: sling for wearable carrying jacket without holding it, consists of a slider, pull, and elastic. Newer models feature backside carry rather than the interior carry. EscapeZip: YKK proprietary zip that allows for quick doffing with a pull at the collar termination of the zipper. SpeedLock: shockcord hem that allows one handed tightening, webbing pull. Gravity Pocket: two way 5mm zipped pockets on the interior forearm arm that feature a in-sleeve press pocket that allow for item deployment with a swift downward motion. AuxZip: liner integration. How do I wash this stuff? Use technical fabric wash. It's water based and doesn't leave residue that affect the fabric characteristics. Generally: For jackets: single wash cold, double rinse. For S/CH: single wash gentle cycle, no spin. Don’t reapply DWR, proprietary coatings. For DS: single wash cold, double rinse. Don’t reapply DWR, proprietary coatings. For GT/WS/S: Everything is DWR'd, this is a coating on the face fabric that allows the water to bead out. With abrasion this comes off, to reactivate wash, reapply, and depending on what DWR, tumble dry or iron. I use Grangers. EDIT: Consolidated a lot for the culture.
  4. The regular working dog ones are not that far off in price.
  5. WTS: 3A-MZ3-SVR, 9.5/10 no real wear but placed on jacket.
  6. Tax.
  7. Okay, so it's 55F in Seattle today, higher humidity with little wind. I'm wearing a SISP nyco shirt today and the 62. I walk 3/4 of a mile to work and I was sweating toward the end. I'm not sure this jacket will work in much hotter climates.
  8. Danii, it's gotta be the Nautic Cobra now. You know, for weatherproofness.
  9. If it makes any sense I feel like i have a greater range of motion in the 62 than the 53. The underarm gusseting is more complex in that regard.
  10. Fits TTS, slightly larger in the upper body than the J53TS-GT (I'm a 39/40R in suiting and weigh ~180lbs). Another thing that isn't mentioned is the arm liner is not fleece but a smooth backer.
  11. I love the conduct—I think it's because it reminds me of a favorite mainline Arc piece, the Alpha SL Pullover (now discontinued). I sized up and it fits similarly. I think that it's probably one of the more fitted veilance pieces and does really well as an emergency shell. The materials are great and the pocketing is similar to other pull-over anoraks—I think the Patagonia Torrentshell has the some configuration. I personally love the kangaroo center pocket, even stuffed to capacity.
  12. Really love the 62 material. Some picture updates: Here is a comparison: PB, GT Pro, Pertex Quantum Y, Multiprene Here is a shot of the beautiful luster on the material, I think it gives a better idea of the thickness of it too.
  13. Makes me feel like Diddy in this.
  14. Got my 62 in. Love it. The detailing is great. The patterning is really complex for a simple silhouette. The star of the show is the fabric.
  15. How about Buzz Rickson's x Acronym x William Gibson, reproduction M65 in stotz to bring the brand full circle.