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  1. kriztopher


    It’s a very understated piece, like you said it’s just a regular DS hoodie, but the cuffs are made with mesh material which is a very nice touch. I don’t own any DS shirt, but the S21 actually change my mind and I definitely will get some DS shirt in the future release.
  2. kriztopher


    Thanks. I feel cold easily so I am always on the lookout for the warmest possible mid layer. I was hoping that the J72-AK could beat the J58.
  3. kriztopher


    I am in the market for a mid layer. Can anyone comment on the J72-AK in terms of warmth? How does it compare to J58 and J74? Also, anyone with inside news on that new J1A with the flipped collar? I think it would look much better with the collar stand up.
  4. kriztopher


    If you flip it backward and attach it with the tag facing the front, it’s like a tec sys logo tape. Having said that, I didn’t buy it but hope someone will and show us how it look.
  5. kriztopher


    I didn’t think of taking out the laces before, they are very thin and feel very friddly when trying to tie them. Might try taking them out next time
  6. kriztopher


    Look like it’s gonna be karate master vs ninja
  7. kriztopher


    Yea, I agree with you. The larger pattern is alright, but the smaller one... just like those safari pattern on some of the other nike shoes
  8. kriztopher


    Is there anyone who has the same feeling as me, that the white j68s is for us to custom dye our own colour, following the recent trends of LF100 and off white presto.
  9. kriztopher

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Thanks for the photo. Always want to get the blazer but they sell out so fast in the previous seasons, hope I get lucky this time
  10. kriztopher


    Saw these before, in my opinion the black/white look much better
  11. kriztopher


    Want that J68-S, J68-WS, is the ss18 drop ever going to end?
  12. kriztopher

    Urban Techwear

    Not everyone is feeling it, but it’s my kind of wackness too. I saw a comment from Matthew himself, the vibram strap on is removable. Would be interesting to see it removed.
  13. kriztopher


    Thanks man. Yea I aware of the fit description, just never own a profile fit acronym jacket so it was nice to hear from others who has it
  14. kriztopher


    Appreciate your feedback, I have better idea of how this fit now
  15. kriztopher


    Your fit actually look better than the product shot. Being a biker myself, I am quite interested in the J69. Hows the fit of the jacket, is it really close fitting?