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  1. kriztopher


    On the topic of typo, why is J29-LP not name as J44, the collar and zip arrangement obviously is from J44. Have they got the model wrong
  2. kriztopher

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Thanks @mikon_nikon, it was a pleasure, everything is simple and straightforward. and thank you @Wklcarl for helping us with the trade.
  3. kriztopher


    Not sure if I should have size down on the shirt, and was surprise to see the logo on c version is done by stash
  4. kriztopher


    Not long now until we have multi colour pants. Probably p30 with multi colour cargo pocket and swappable cuff sleeves yikes...
  5. kriztopher


    Basically the reason why I got the p37, with a slightly wider hem and a more straight cut. Definitely one of the more toned down pants.
  6. kriztopher


    J69-gt has the cinches at the cuffs. It actually has a second cuff edge (not sure how u should call it) and u are able to fold the Velcro inside the cuff to hide it. That’s how I like to wear, more streamline. The only other jacket I know which has the same cuff is j67-fo.
  7. kriztopher


    I waited so long for these shirts in ds material. LA8 and LA6 are two different styles of shirt and I am happy they made two different fits. Personally I wouldn’t size down on the LA8, just get the LA6 if u want a slim fit shirt. Now can we have some short sleeves for a true summer acr fit
  8. kriztopher


    While the new collar on the j28-ws is nice but I also feel it lost some of its identity with the exclusion of fast hood. Would be perfect if they somehow made the bucket hood stowable.
  9. kriztopher


    I would definitely get these camera insert if I am going to use the Acr bag as camera bag. I have two of their camera bag and they are pretty nice. https://www.wotancraft.tw/en/product/waterproof-shock-resistant-insert-large
  10. kriztopher


    Its fairly common problem for 2 way zip, actually the worst one I have experienced is from riri. I have given up altogether on zipping up that jacket.
  11. kriztopher


    I have them in the same size and I have no problem with that. Honestly I don’t think they are that much different in size. If u want a looser fit maybe go up half size in the dyed pair.
  12. kriztopher


    I have both (bamba 2 hi), the dyed pair definitely feel tighter initially. I figured the fabric will stretch out over time, but I haven’t wear them enough to find out.
  13. kriztopher


    Maybe it’s the puffiness, I feel the j68-pl raf looks a lot better than the j68-s raf
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