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  1. kriztopher


    I am 180cm 72kg and got a medium. They fit ok, but every time I wear them, I always wonder how a large would fit. I think a large would give me a little bit more flexibility, wearing higher up on the waist with no break / wearing on the hip with a full break at the hem. The medium that I have could only give me a no break or showing ankle.
  2. kriztopher


    Length of p36 is very strange, seem like E is wearing them very low on the hip. Wondering how are you guys wearing these beltless pants? I feel too insecure to wear these low on the hip
  3. kriztopher


    I feel you, 3a-13ts probably is the heaviest shoulder bag I can withstand. I like the 3a-5, but have to give it a pass.
  4. kriztopher


    Personally I think the jacket is fine as is. But a 2 way zip would make it much more interesting, as the cut of the jacket tends to flare out at the lower section, having the bottom open would be more appealing to me. 2 way zip let you close the collar and open the bottom which can’t be done by the snap button.
  5. kriztopher


    Mine are the same as yours and I think you are right, I don’t realise before you posted this. You can just about see the bottom slider. I think they will have to recall them just like they did on the j63a.
  6. kriztopher


    I like to wear it popped as well. Took me a second to try to zip the thing
  7. kriztopher


    Thanks. Good to hear
  8. kriztopher


    The fabric pattern near the edge (around 1cm) is different and looks like it would stop the fraying. My explanation is that without the binding, the back of the jacket become more soft and smooth, less chance of developing “panty line” at the back of jacket. That being said, it’s only my speculation. I hope it is normal and I am not alone in the world.
  9. kriztopher


    Received the j84 in raf and I really like it. Very minimalistic yet the boxy cut is very stylish, should be a very versatile piece. However I notice something strange, can anyone who got the j84 check if you have the same. See the photo and the back piece inside the jacket seem to be missing the edge binding. Not sure whether it is intentional.
  10. kriztopher


    J78 would be perfect if the front pocket can be open from both side, like the interior pocket. It’s too much of a hassle to access the pocket wearing it under a shell when I am so used to the pocket on the j74 and j63a. Sometimes I feel like the j78 is only meant to be a stand alone jacket and not suppose to be worn under a shell.
  11. kriztopher

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