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  1. kriztopher


    J103-WS with lining like the j99u-ws, I am definitely down for it. Anyone know what does gtv feel like compare to gtpl?
  2. kriztopher


    I just received v91 and wow, genuinely surprised by how versatile it can be, armhole / hem uncinched for a loose fit and cinched for puffy look. Definitely the best piece from this season. Hope they make an unlined version for the summer.
  3. kriztopher


    I am the same height and I happen to have p37-ds and p23a-s in m. For me, the length is just enough and it would be perfect if they’re 1 to 2cm longer. So if you find your p37 a bit short, maybe p23a size L would be a better fit (you can always wear them higher on the waist if you find them a bit long). On a side note, the site list errolson’s height 183cm and wear size m, but I was told by a retailer who have met him in person, that he look shorter than me. Keep that in mind when you use his fit pic for reference.
  4. kriztopher


    Hope they sorted out their ordering system. Last time I ordered and received no email confirmation or tracking details. Got me worried for a bit.
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