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Some good ass films being brought up in this thread.


Antonioni's "L'Avventura".

I always thought Antonioni's characters dressed well. Monica Vitti will always have a place in my heart:


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Ridley Scott - Bladerunner

Godard - Breathless

Sergio Leone - For a Few Dollars More

Chan-wook Park - Oldboy

Bertolucci - The Dreamers

Last one isn't the Dreamers its "Les amants réguliers", same theme, same main male character, 1000 times the movie.

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gold framed aviators, khaki trench coats, button up shirt tucked into high waist khaki pants with brown leather boat shoes and slick side parted gel hair while holding two guns killing 500 men in a small mansion while dodging a billion bullets and only get hit 10 times...easily beats the slick look of a fitted skinny suit and tie while cuddling with another woman :)

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JERMAINE usually wears some interesting things like jackets, he was killing me with hilarity playing as David Bowie. This is a neat jacket:


I usually wear things like Jermaine... when I grow my hair and chops out I usually look like him. Even in the next video where he goes into pastel overload, he still has epaulettes on his damn shirt. Very cool.


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