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  1. swooc

    Seriously though, where did everyone go?

    still wearing my ebbets cap hoping one day to be called out in the missed connections thread (10)
  2. food place suggestions? hole in the wall to fine dining, i'm good with all.
  3. swooc

    swooc - nothing for sale atm

    <--- page 1 for details. please PM me if you have any questions. i want to keep the thread clean. thanks!
  4. swooc

    Best laptop

    anyone know whether most jdm notebooks have an english option in the bios/uefi options? specifically vaios?
  5. swooc

    What is your Wallet?

    any suggestions for a small card holder with zip compartment? scotch & soda has one that i like, but i want to see if there are other options. i like this one from ebay as well. anything similar but better quality? http://image4.pushauction.com/0/0/6a6cda61-caec-4eed-9980-1399f68e0f20/92270d26-e501-4f54-8fcb-f9fa07b33533.jpg
  6. swooc


    anyone owns both nc and ps? are the ps a little roomier up top? my nc are 28 and im after something slightly roomier up top on a pair of ps. not sure if i should go for 28 again or size up to 29. not interested in the pns. to give you an indication on how close fitted my nc are, the top button is almost ripping through the button hole from stretch .