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  1. visvim ss16

    not so sure about this, was expecting some more plain without logo/icon.
  2. yesterday larose cap vis down jacket white mountaineering pants common projects
  3. visvim ss16

    to make it easier for everyone
  4. VISVIM FW15

    from the product book, the bootcamp pants is the only one
  5. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    yo bro check your pm
  6. VISVIM FW15

    i think looser fit looks slightly better. especially if you want to wear jumper etc under it *to make it easy
  7. Visvim Community Sale Thread

    cardigan still available
  8. VISVIM FW15

    yep same sizing, i got both hi and lo skagway wondering about the sanjuro coat as well. in these two pics, arms fit a bit different. was it because of the sizing? or the model has different weight etc or because one of the model wearing tee and the others wearing like wool jumper.
  9. VISVIM FW15

    how much? would like to know
  10. Recent Purchases 2015 OFFICIAL VERIFIED

    these past two months givenchy slip on eye van glasses rick owens pant common projects achilles the pool x ion turntable larose baseball cap wtaps stamp tee
  11. VISVIM FW15

    anybody here know the sizing of foley compare with skagway? i think the sanjuro jacket looks good with wool jumper like this. but yeah not sure if it a good winter jacket, i prefer to pick up the thorson jacket instead.