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nice topic!

good pick on uniqlo, the styling on those looks is very inspirational.

I usually save images when I see something that gets my attention, either a cool outfit or just a cool pic, silhouette, individual piece of clothing or maybe nice styling. heres a few:




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hey guys, when you post these you might want to use ALT text for your IMG elements. i dunno how bbcode handles these but you can just as easily use the non-wysiwyg so that peeps at work can know what you're posting like "<img src="IMG.img" alt="HERE IZ GHEY PIXX 4 U HAHHHAA FAGG LOL">" just take out the quotes plz.

or you can just provide a short caption describing what you posted.

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im with cheap...the limitations of drawing inspiration from a laundry list of pics/fits/photos ect...is far too structered. I like to take it as it comes. To addapt and try out different things everyday is the only way to go.

sometimes yout ake things and just run with it....

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