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  1. cureOne

    how to be sufu enough?

    dexx more like DIXX
  2. cureOne

    WAYWT shit talking thread

    hahahahahahha seriously lollin @ dis
  3. cureOne


    I need a job, anyone in NYC hiring? I am cool and have a good resume, and mild internet celebrity status.
  4. cureOne

    Pullin' Cards... Methods Nyc

    you aren't selegna, you can't start this thread gtfo
  5. cureOne

    WAYWT shit talking thread

    I thought the same thing when I saw that, to his credit though he looks fine, I'm sure many posters would want to look like fab...
  6. your name is from a children's anime show so you lose sorry broseph
  7. yo cotton duck you need to get your brows done homie, shit is lookin caveman steez
  8. cureOne

    Diamonds is a loser

    Just kidding he is small and canadian and very polite
  9. cureOne

    ITT: suck still's dick

    i boned a chick named aliyah, i thought of the dead singer while i was smashing it too.
  10. cureOne

    Are there any rollerbladers?

    How the fuck DARE you!!!!!
  11. nah son he posted a thread about wanting people to do his homework for him and I said i'd do it if he posted that picture, and he did and i was like 'HAHA YEAH RIGHT NIGGA' but the thread has been purged it seems
  12. can i post this picture in every thread you make?
  13. What happened with this guy. Remember when you first posted the thread and I told you he just didn't like you and you were like 'nah' But then later you said he was obviously avoiding you because he would pick up his phone if you called from another line etc. etc. Also icarus is back and i need to change my avatar
  14. view across the water from bk edit: why can't i put pictures inline wtf
  15. cureOne

    Which of these is the coolest

    shut up jack photography